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  1. This is a suggestion for a money/paycheck increase and or fix to the StarFighters or any vehicle spawning job in ImperialRP: What do you want to see? - Well, I would like to see a fix to the way money is given and the amount of money it costs to buy vehicles (Fighters, Speeders.etc) Why should we add it? - You should add it because it would make a lot of people happy (Especially StarFighters) - because you do not want to have to pay 1000 GC to buy a TieFighter when you have 1,200 GC and then "Oh, no" You're left with 200 GC and a paycheck of 20 GC. Cause the number of times you need to spawn a TieFighter or Fighter in, it costs too much money with such a little check. What are the advantages of having this? - You can still have fun and not worry so much about how you're gonna but another Tie after this one - or how much money you have left. Who is it mainly for? - StarFighters (Any Job that can spawn a Vehicle in). Links to any content - N/A
  2. + Support Warns seem old Seen him on recently and he isn't breaking rules, just trying to get back the PoliceRP.
  3. -support no poll format not fully completed low forums posts can be mingy sometimes in game said he hasn't read guidelines fill out the proper format and get more active then i will consider changing my support, but right now its looking like you haven't read the post requiered to become a good/decent staffmember. good luck ~Ender (Quoting is broken for me so ^)
  4. -/+ Support Reasons Above: - Mingy at times. - Some issues have been reported. + Low Warn Count 16 Could be worked on, but it is pretty good,
  5. Thank you for your service, good luck in the future! ~Ender
  6. I agree with the other gentlemen, just some more time to get a better understanding.
  7. +Support Active Long-time member Friendly Mature Good Guy
  8. - Support Reasons above and video is private.
  9. Aw, Joe you're the best! I'll hopefully see you on SS. Thank you for your service.