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  1. Name: Ender Rank: Senior Lieutenant  How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Super Active baby Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: I want to stay in EMS because I put my heart and soul into this Department past, present and future. I love helping everyone out and I am really good with documents and rosters, weird flex but okay. (I help Zagey Baby and Sebby a lot with stuff he doesn’t know) What Could Change In EMS?: Activity, nothing more at this moment.
  2. - Support Title is wrong, no poll. A few questions are wrong, (Rank applying for, Forums, Pretty sure that’s your Offender ID not SteamID). You talk mostly about RP and the last question is wrong because you must bring that person to a sit and talk to them. As a T-MOD you can’t jail, etc for 10,000 nor permanently and must call for a higher up. I don’t believe you are at all ready for staff.
  3. Apply using the application link posted in the section. You can also wait for tryouts
  4. What you want to see? - I would like people to able to ask why their staff applications got denied so they could improve and not be confused. Why should we add it? - To help people about applications What are the advantages of having this? - helps people Who is it mainly for? - People applying for staff/ranks Links to any content - N/A
  5. Accepted! Welcome to EMS Low Command Please speak to High Command to receive your tags and anything else you require.
  6. To back this up as well, I almost got arrested yesterday and had to give them the SOP to show them this. It can be considered RDA, but it isn’t general rule unless your in EMS.