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  1. While I greatly enjoy the idea of a group of 4 939's working together as a pack. Dealing with two is enough for both RP and Staffing purposes. - Support unfortunately.
  2. ....+support (congratulations, your the first person I have +Supported... I usually do -/+ Neutrals) Anyway + Established member of the community + On the Staff Team, showing that he is a man capable of dedication and commitment. + Why he wishes to be a ET member, is detailed and genuine. + Event Idea is sufficiently detailed regardless of how hard it is to implement + His favourite SCP is also sufficiently detailed. + Surprisingly have seen on the server before, but haven't had much interaction + Forum activity is nice. + No warns - Event Idea would prove quite a challenge to implement. Its important to take those factors into consideration when making events but we can drill that into you.
  3. -/+ Neutral + Reason for being a ET member seems genuine. + Zero warns + Already established member of the community - You side-tracked on why you wanted to be a ET Member, arguably because you were filling in the word limit. - Event Idea is lacking detail, where did the foundation get the disk? Who placed the disk in? How are you going to construct a arena? Is there any more information on the monster other then 'big monster'?, Is this a MTF event only?, is this event riding on the idea that the MTF can use the Micro? Why is there water in 093? Where is this taking place? Why did the event go from killing one monster to being dropped in a arena? Event has to many variables and turns that cannot be accounted for as its not described well enough. I understand we aren't asking for a essay but if you write these you need to explain what your writing otherwise we don't understand. - Haven't seen around (due to timezone differences) - Low forum activity Good luck! (Don't take this personal, I am rather harsh when I go through applications!) Also, could you make the vote private and not public? I believe people may not vote if their name is public and going by the current count it seems so
  4. +Support I often believe in 2nd chances but when you speak to the same individual and provide over 50 chances there is a line that's crossed. Blob has provided consistent amounts of mingery and FailRP to the point I can't remember how many times I have had to speak to him. I also regret how soft I have been on him in the past with the sheer amount of verbal warnings I have provided him with.
  5. - Support Take it like this for example, if someone was to scream to 939 across the hallway then go silent and crouch. 939 is going to pounce on that trucker as if it was a Cat and the person was a Mouse regardless if he crouched after. Just because you go silent doesn't stop him from attacking the location the obvious noise came from. If this wasn't true, it could be massively abused AKA people could line up in a firing line, fire at 939 and when he comes close they all stop shooting and suddenly 939 isn't allowed to kill them, see the flaw there? Now obviously there is plenty of differences in that example and in this situation, one being that you didn't fire or make such a large noise. However, they share the same principle of the argument and 939 does have incredible hearing and 939 clearly spotted you before you crouched as he was darting straight for you 939 locked onto you before you crouched (attempting to bite you even before you even crouched as you can clearly hear his swep). 939 heard you and engaged and even when you supposedly went 'completely invisible' to 939 he still has the ability to feel and since he already touched you before you crouched, becoming invisible is not going to stop him from tearing you apart when your head is virtually already in his jaw and the fact 939 is fully aware of what he is touching even if he couldn't see it. And in the video you can see that the others crouched before 939 arrived and the player didn't engage them and only you. Just because you crouched after he spotted you doesn't mean you gain invincibility. Provided 939 saw you (heard you) before you crouched he is permitted to engage. 939 already had you in his jaw basically and just because you cease movement/noise, 939 isn't going to stop chewing your delicious bones. You were already dead. To make another example, this time using SCP-096, if you starred at him and then quickly closed your eyes and ceased eye contact, 096 doesn't care less if you stopped. He is going to charge you regardless if you stop because the moment you did the action (in this case made noise) your already locked in for death because you are already being targeted unless you manage to hide somehow. Death was valid.
  6. +Support Looks nice but Gmod servers tend to dislike big flashy objects or lights.
  7. -/+ Neutral - Zero Warns - Good personality from application - Caring - Good planning - Demonstrated Lore. - Haven't seen or heard before in the community (mainly due to timezones) - Low forum count (I would prefer to see 25-30 in my opinion, and this was made in September so you had plenty of time to correct) - Given of the limited slots of the event team and the large applications, I'm looking for something to really stand out to me, unfortunately I haven't seen anything in this application which specifically jumps to me as unique. Application suggestions! Future Tip, don't use Redacted for this. The term REDACTED can often be one of the most annoying features about events as its placed or used without sense with this being one of them. If MTF don't know the person they just need to ask like every unknown person over communication. This can be excused if it was a key or secret part of the event but I don't see it working here. I would recommend for future applications you steer away from comparing yourself to others directly like this especially if the question doesn't ask it. Its not a bad thing, however, people may compare your application to others which may be a negative consequence. - I recommend you wrote over the 150 Word limit. The more you write the more dedication that people can glean from your application as well as the amount of effort you placed. - I suggest you do research over previous applications, not to copy them but to glean what is expected of you. - Don't stop at what is expected, go beyond what is expected and it can skyrocket your application. - I always recommend that people attempt to do something unique in their application. A show of who you are, this application is the only thing we have to judge you unless the people know you in game. Because of this adding something unique into it that isn't present in other applications can make you stand out. Good Luck!
  8. + Support Time and time again I have seen Castro dedicate himself to the Staff Team and the community. Castro doesn't hesitate to assist others in need whenever its Discord or in game and handles it in a professional yet chilled manner, a behaviour which is not easy to master. Activity for him is high as I consistently see him on the Discord communicating and seen him in game/TS on occasion and would make a good Senior Admin.
  9. What is your in-game name?: Train Overlord What is your steam name?: Train Overlord What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:95000511 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain): N/A What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly): Around the 8th of June What date did you make your forums account?: 8th of June Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not an RP Rank)?: Moderator/ET How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)?: None (screenshot attached) Have you donated?: Negative. What rank are you applying for? : Senior Moderator Are you staff in another community (BE HONEST)? : Negative Have you read the staff guidelines?: Yes of course. Timezone: AEST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): Castro, Rangiatea and Harrison Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) I believe I deserve and would make an excellent Senior Moderator for my experience gained in Staffing, my community involvement, and my behavior when it comes to Staffing. And as the tradition of my applications, proper explanations are below. Staffing Experience: I first became staff on the 21st of July this year and it has been a very welcoming experience to me and also gave me a very unique perspective of this server, one I didn't have prior. I believe I deserve the rank of Senior Moderator as my experience as a Trial Moderator and a regular Moderator has greatly enhanced my opinion and dedication to this server. Through these experiences, my skills have managed to adapt to the rotation of the server and has been adjusted to handle the unfamiliar situations I was once faced with. Sits and situations I used to approach with a sense of unfamiliarity are now replaced with confidence knowing how to operate the various commands at my tips and how to correctly manage the different rule violations encountered. During my few months as Moderator, I have grown fond of the other Staff Members I often work with and communicate with on the Discord, forums or in-game. I have grown a sense of belonging to this community as a Staff Member. I suppose this emotion attached to me when I finally realized I could now identify the regular players of the server even if I didn't have any prolonged interaction with them but residing in a small populated time zone, I suppose that isn't highly surprising. It's because of my experience that I have come to familiarize myself with the commands, punishments, regulations of the server as a Staff Member with the assistance of the more experienced Staff Members aiding me. And I believe I deserve Senior Moderator, because if I was to gain Senior Moderator these experiences will only grow higher and as such my ability to Staff will rise alongside. Community Involvement: When it comes to involving myself in the community, I consider myself to play an active part. My activity in-the game is always consistently displaying a high level of activity while maintaining my behavior and stance as Staff. When I am present in-game it's important, to which I understand and act appropriately to maintain a presence in the server rather than keeping to myself. I have discovered many benefits to maintaining an active presence rather than hiding away or ignoring players in OOC as it not only acts as an encouragement for the players to play by the rules knowing a Staff Member is present but also allows myself to get to know and interact with the community consistently although sometimes, I speak to much *insert here*. And on the other side, we have TeamSpeak, discord and the forums. While not as active in replying on the forums then on the server, I do always check the forums multiple times daily cruising through the various sections even if it isn't relevant to me. When dealing with players on the forums that are *attempting* to pick a fight or ranting about their hated Staff Member or experience I never ignore it or only add fuel to the fire by responding with sarcastic, derogatory and non-constructive responses (even if its justified) but rather respond in a positive and constructive manner to attempt to rebuild the relationship that was broken, calm them down and hopefully change their perspective of the server and the Staff Member. When it comes to Teamspeak I usually reside either in the Event channel when hosting events, Staff Member channel when speaking to other Staff and in one of the General channels for open communication to make sure I balance myself being open to others who need to me for whatever reason. Behavior/ Maturity Lastly, my behavior. As a Staff Member of the server I am are expected to uphold yourself in a calm, relaxed manner when managing sits and uncooperative players making sure not to lose your nerve and act irrationally. When it comes to administrating, I find this 2nd nature but rather than just acting in one specific way. My behavior and maturity during staffing adapt and evolves depending on the situation and the behavior of the players. I do this because sticking to one tone tends to alienate myself from the players depending on how they are acting if I approach every situation from the same perspective. When dealing with less serious offenses and both parties are humorous, I tend to replicate this by relaxing and loosening my maturity to fit the situation while making sure that I am performing in lines of how I should be. Because being the only serious tighten person in the room can harm the sit. However, when dealing with more serious situations such as repeated offences, player disrespect and more stronger offences my behaviour changes to a more strict, stern and serious Staff Member to enforce into the players that the situation is serious and when those players know your usual light-hearted tone switched to this it can have quite the effect to them. And of course, this behavior sticks even when I am not administrating. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Firstly, I would politely speak to him/her on calming down, freeze them if they are moving/shooting me, grab their SteamID in case they LTAP (you can still speak to players using "X" inside the log menu making this quicker) and then gag them if they don't cease the cursing/mic spamming. After muting them I would elaborate on the offenses they have committed involving Timestamps, kill count and the charges associated with them (Mass RDM and Player disrespect) and alert that failure to cooperate may induce further punishment. Once I have listed the offenses, I will give him/her the chance to say their side and to advise to cooperate. Ungag them and depending on how they respond either thank them or gag them again. After that, I would check the warns, alert them of their punishment depending on the warns and the precise kill count, advise on how to correct this and avoid in the future and issue a 2.7 hour Ban or contact a Higher Staff Member to issue the same or worse punishment (since we can't minge anymore and bans are required for jails over 1000 Seconds). NOTE: I feel as if I always need to say this whenever I make a application and that refers to my timezone and activity. I reside in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and this time is often disconnected with everyone else (almost never reaching higher then 25 players during 6pm-12am). So, if you haven't seen me online or ingame then I ask that you please consider this when making note of activity (you can always search "AEST current time" and compare from there.
  10. +Support Suggestion is well thought out. I understand in the past Staff has had issues with self breaching, however, the logs of adverts should give Staff the needed information to enforce and maintain this correctly. It's evident if someone is self breaching following or not following the rules with the time stamps of their messages.
  11. -/+ Neutral (im doing a lot of neutrals recently huh...) - Moderator, experience in managing players - His Motivation towards joining the ET is stable. - Pointed out earlier, event idea is lacking in sufficient detail. You claimed you couldn't be bothered adding ideas because you were tired. This to me, gives me a good image of you and it isn't exactly golden. If you were tired or otherwise knew the application wasn't going to be the best and even skipped detail purposely because you were 'tired' shows to me how much you care about the application as well as the ET and I hate to see this practice being applied in events skipping corners. On top of that despite the application being made 16 days ago. You still haven't updated it as you said you would. Quite worrying. - Warnings are worrying but without sufficient detail I can't say further. Could have been over a year ago for a minor offence for all I know.
  12. -/+ Neutral - Already Senior Moderator so he has experience in managing players. - Forum Count is delicious - Established member of the community - Event Idea is short and not very detailed (strange considering you said earlier you already came up with ideas.) - I feel as if for the 'why you want to be a ETM' question you didn't put much effort into. Evident in several ways (from the lackluster content to the phrasing) but notably the last two sentences. Feel as if you placed them there randomly just so you can get past the word limit. Even if you didn't, thanking players and so on doesn't fit the question and saying that, avoiding the question entirely. -/+ Neutral leading towards -Support.
  13. Name: Train overlord Identification (SteamID): STEAM_0:0:95000511 Do you have a Donation Rank (Ex. Platinum, Bronze): No Trello Name (Username): Train Overlord Current Rank: Moderator Do you wish to stay on the Team: Yes Can you stay active throughout the school season: Yes, for me I have been in the school season since before I joined the Team.
  14. + Support Dealt with him today for a separate reason. In my sit he displayed zero seriousness of the situation, consistently attempted to 'escape' the sit, stunsticked staff (912), didn't cooperate with Staff very well and displayed no willingness to play on our servers.