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  1. // Who did you ask to get a SCP transfer from another site? Also, how did you take those photos if you can only see 966 through thermal? // Also, did the D-block breach occur just before you started the test or during?
  2. a Seems kinda pointless. On paper the SCP would be a excellent addition to the server however, in this case seems useless. For starters the models don't match the SCP at all (although this can't be helped), his HP combined with its weapon makes it out to be a pretty weak SCP compared to the others we have. Unbalanced being weak when alone and stupidly OP if we have 8 players on it (which in the first days of its release we will) and I don't mean OP in the attacking sense. No his attack is pretty weak as well if we are just using plain fists its just going to be annoying then a real threat to anyone. And if they are alone they are easy prey to basically anyone given the surface is a wide space and can be easily taken down from a distance. Research value seems to be pretty low to considering the most important and interesting concept on SCP-610 won't even be included which is the flesh itself and its infection traits on the surrounding area which we cant adapt into the game, Researchers would need to be on the surface to test on them. Lore wise its pretty unusual that we have about 8 bobs of 610 running around in a small area on the surface yet there is no signs of 610 infection anywhere nor are they doing anything. And the only effective method of terminating 610 instances is through the use of incendiary weapons so regular bullets in RP wouldn't scratch them so unless your YEETing 457 at it may have a problem. I can't see anything unique about SCP-610 in server form compared to the other SCPS we have. Just seems like a bullet sponge SCP running around with fists and that's it. Nothing more then a small annoyance then a threat. Sorry, but it seems like a useless edition in its current form. Not all SCPS can be adapted well into Gmod and in my opinion SCP-610 is one of them. Oh and don't forget that SCP-610 is impossible to contain. Chambers and walls can't stop the infection. Its isolated in one location only through the use of incendiary devices. It would be impossible for us to secure it anywhere in the server as the foundation wouldn't take an unstoppable infection like this near a site full of our SCPS nor near a town, nor could it make sense if we did. While we aren't exactly a server 100% hard on lore. We try to be as lore friendly as possible and this may be going over the line. -Support
  3. Background info can be used for many things. Either background research such as explaining a little on the known information on 049-2 and how it relates to the test, events leading to the interview itself such as getting the personal, leading to the chamber and placing them inside etc. If you cruise around the forum and find other tests with the same format you can find some useful examples, I listed some below.
  4. Well, a simple shared google document on the meeting agenda should be simple. Being high command the EU person should have consistent contact with the rest of high command anyway so getting in touch shouldn't be all that difficult. All it takes is a simple discord 'send' button.
  5. We don't need to change or edit the existing meetings. We can make multiple meetings for other timezones.
  6. Witcher Gates can be used by all players. You can't restrict its usage to certain jobs as that's not how it was made to be. And I believe there is a issue about Witcher Gates currently occurring.
  7. // Make him Human again? Also how did the D-Class die after the test? Also background info is blank.
  8. Although I am not EU I agree with this suggestion. I reside in AEST and meetings begin in the early morning for Staff and MTF so I have never made it. The only time I could is if its a weekend but even then these meetings are planned on weekdays. I understand the majority of player base is US and its hard enough with the basically zero high command (MTF) on this time preventing progression but if I could at lest make meetings that would be great.
  9. Thank you for bumping this. I can not express how much of a Halo fanboy I am and I would absolutely die to see this server adapt a HaloRP. +Support If we need Spartans. There was about a handfull of active Spartan-II's active in the field or in Cryo sleep which we could adapt. But if we were going to bring in spartans, by far the greatest way to go about this is as you mentioned use Spartan-III's. Spartan-III's were brought around about 14 years before the events of Halo 2. Ackerson made a batch of about 300 Spartan-III's which we could use for the server if we fit it in-between that time (theyalldiedlaterbutwecanignorethatfornow)
  10. Seems as if this isn't the first time he has had trouble judging from the previous comments. Anyway hello, I was the only Staff member actively staffing at the time of the ban. We had nonstop announcements and Nuclear threats for as Th3 said, about 10 minutes but it only stopped because Th3 prevented him from doing it any longer. If Th3 didn't step in chances are this could have continued for much longer. This was serving as a extreme hindrance to the players as I was receiving constant requests into the nature of the announcements. Note that this also happened during a small event-game being held for the players by Th3. At first I assumed it was Th3 doing this and it wasn't until we started to question it at the 10 minute point where we questioned Th3 on what was going on and it was wrapped up quickly. When Th3 directly asked you the reasoning of your spam you replied with "IDK why I decided to minge", not the exact wording as I cant remember but I remember it being much more stupider then such a direct response. You were being a hindrance even before this however by constantly flying into peoples chats randomly down the walls as if you were in a race track and accursed players of Self breaching without any fact to base it on. Whenever or not this is worthy of a perm ban is something I am debating to myself as many people have ended with the same fate and thus shouldn't be different from you but I am also arguing otherwise. Im going -/+ Neutral. I mainly replied so I can get my story out.
  11. I am pretty positive that Australia doesn't have any Chick-Fil-A's, at lest not in NSW. Macca's all the way over here.
  12. Jokes on you, its afternoon.
  13. Can't say I am a fan of either of them unfortunately