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  1. Concept is something I dig 100%. Been in a few Hostage situations during downtime and it makes for some interesting RP. Few downsides. Mainly of how people are kidnapped and method of stealing Radios. Im guessing Radio's are stolen VIA /me when a guard is nearby. And while this usually may be alright. It would be easily abused with no way (staff side) to figure out if it was valid or not. Example, walking up to a AFK guard and do /me Steals radio. Or perhaps walk up to any MTF or Foundation and doing the same command and slipping by. It's too easy. Another issue is the amusement of having the Radios. I can already see D-Class hiding in the lower cells with a Radio blurting whatever comes in their mind generally being a nonsense to the foundation without a Hostage and the Foundation with no method to stop them. Another issue (racking up here), is the methods of kidnapping. Kidnaps in RP are rare and are generally well done thanks to experienced D-class but adding this is going to cause them to become more frequent. New D-Class or mingey ones are going to do Kidnapping raids and it will spiral out of control. Staff sits are going to be increased dramatically with rules such as 'fear rp', 'power gaming' and similar rules are going to clash with this suggestion and someone is going to walk away unhappy. D-Class thinking is rather simple and easy to predict. For the most part, there is only one thing D-Class want to do "ESCAPE, ESCAPE, ESCAPE, KILL GUARD, KILL GUARD, SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM (not saying this is for everyone, more focused towards the other side of behaviour of D-Class). However, the addition of radios given how easy it is compared to the current existing options and entertaining is going to shift their attention to 'STEAL RADIO, STEAL RADIO, STEAL RADIO, FAILRP, FAILRP, CALL STAFF'. Only to be let down when Staff can't prove anything. While I dig the concept on paper, unfortunately it would be more trouble then its worth to add. Im more then happy to change my opinion if rule additions prevent these issues from occurring. - Support
  2. People don't obey to this instead using Foundation as a first go-option. And even if Staff picked up on it, it's hard to prove. We already have a rule established to preventing this. Also, the possibility of someone breaking a rule shouldn't be a reason to deny suggestions. Otherwise, many current features of the server wouldn't exist if we are worried about people going against the rules Staff exist for a reason. It's easy for Staff to catch. All it takes is a nice swoop down and look. + Support,
  3. You might want to edit the highlighted blocks of text. It makes reading it significantly harder and can't be good for the eyes.
  4. Not from the forums or TS, just in game I believe.
  5. No, he has plenty of other methods to prove too everyone he has changed without being in game, two of which stand out to me. 1): Presence on the forums - being banned in game, doesn't mean he is excluded from the entire community. If he wishes t prove to everyone he has changed, making a heavy presence on the forums is a great way to do so. It allows him to interact with the community and regain their trust by showing he is dedicating himself to coming back. 2): Presence on TS - Similar to the forums, how about he hops on the TS? Reconnect with the community and interact with the players he betrayed and regain their trust? Maybe make some apologises directly to those he affected the most. Conclusion, there is plenty of ways he can prove he changed. Doing the above actions speaks more volume to me then making a quick 10 minute body of text. Disappearing from the face of the earth for 10 Months then suddenly popping in, wishing to return doesn't instantly mean he has changed. Just means he could have easily forgotten about this community not really attaching to it and only recently remembering about the community existence, if he did wait 10 Months to make one he could have used this time to fix what he broken and prove to the community he is changing, instead of going in a private browser the entire duration. Its my belief, he should have attempted to fix the mistakes he had created in the community, apologise directly to those affected and show at the very lest a attempt to reconnect with the community before making a application to return to it. He simply failed to show initiative. Saying he needs to be in game to show his changed ways seems more like a excuse to cover what he could have done. - Support, didn't take the initiative to show he wishes to return (unless he has done the above things and just wasn't mentioned on the application)
  6. I do have a question regarding this weapon development, how did you manage to modify the 049-2 Virus? A virus that we the foundation, are completely clueless on how it exactly operates? SCP-049 has been uncooperative in the nature of how it creates the 049-2 Virus and the remains from 049-2 Bodies aren't helpful. On top of this, im also curious on how you managed to prevent the deceased subjects from becoming 049-2 if this is a modified virus. Not only did you manage to recreate the SCP-049-2 Virus something that I was unaware we even knew about, but you managed to modify it. How exactly? ~ *REDACTED* // I absolutely enjoy this document as its made quite well, but the only thing that bugs me is that this weapon is based off the 049-2 Virus and the issue is that the foundation doesn't even know the ingredients / methods of the 049-2 virus especially not to recreate it to the point of modification.
  7. I personally believe it's nice and wouldn't mind if they were added.
  8. Well, I might as well bump what I said as its relevant to the fine tunes of it.
  9. While I greatly enjoy the idea of a group of 4 939's working together as a pack. Dealing with two is enough for both RP and Staffing purposes. - Support unfortunately.
  10. ....+support (congratulations, your the first person I have +Supported... I usually do -/+ Neutrals) Anyway + Established member of the community + On the Staff Team, showing that he is a man capable of dedication and commitment. + Why he wishes to be a ET member, is detailed and genuine. + Event Idea is sufficiently detailed regardless of how hard it is to implement + His favourite SCP is also sufficiently detailed. + Surprisingly have seen on the server before, but haven't had much interaction + Forum activity is nice. + No warns - Event Idea would prove quite a challenge to implement. Its important to take those factors into consideration when making events but we can drill that into you.
  11. -/+ Neutral + Reason for being a ET member seems genuine. + Zero warns + Already established member of the community - You side-tracked on why you wanted to be a ET Member, arguably because you were filling in the word limit. - Event Idea is lacking detail, where did the foundation get the disk? Who placed the disk in? How are you going to construct a arena? Is there any more information on the monster other then 'big monster'?, Is this a MTF event only?, is this event riding on the idea that the MTF can use the Micro? Why is there water in 093? Where is this taking place? Why did the event go from killing one monster to being dropped in a arena? Event has to many variables and turns that cannot be accounted for as its not described well enough. I understand we aren't asking for a essay but if you write these you need to explain what your writing otherwise we don't understand. - Haven't seen around (due to timezone differences) - Low forum activity Good luck! (Don't take this personal, I am rather harsh when I go through applications!) Also, could you make the vote private and not public? I believe people may not vote if their name is public and going by the current count it seems so
  12. +Support I often believe in 2nd chances but when you speak to the same individual and provide over 50 chances there is a line that's crossed. Blob has provided consistent amounts of mingery and FailRP to the point I can't remember how many times I have had to speak to him. I also regret how soft I have been on him in the past with the sheer amount of verbal warnings I have provided him with.
  13. - Support Take it like this for example, if someone was to scream to 939 across the hallway then go silent and crouch. 939 is going to pounce on that trucker as if it was a Cat and the person was a Mouse regardless if he crouched after. Just because you go silent doesn't stop him from attacking the location the obvious noise came from. If this wasn't true, it could be massively abused AKA people could line up in a firing line, fire at 939 and when he comes close they all stop shooting and suddenly 939 isn't allowed to kill them, see the flaw there? Now obviously there is plenty of differences in that example and in this situation, one being that you didn't fire or make such a large noise. However, they share the same principle of the argument and 939 does have incredible hearing and 939 clearly spotted you before you crouched as he was darting straight for you 939 locked onto you before you crouched (attempting to bite you even before you even crouched as you can clearly hear his swep). 939 heard you and engaged and even when you supposedly went 'completely invisible' to 939 he still has the ability to feel and since he already touched you before you crouched, becoming invisible is not going to stop him from tearing you apart when your head is virtually already in his jaw and the fact 939 is fully aware of what he is touching even if he couldn't see it. And in the video you can see that the others crouched before 939 arrived and the player didn't engage them and only you. Just because you crouched after he spotted you doesn't mean you gain invincibility. Provided 939 saw you (heard you) before you crouched he is permitted to engage. 939 already had you in his jaw basically and just because you cease movement/noise, 939 isn't going to stop chewing your delicious bones. You were already dead. To make another example, this time using SCP-096, if you starred at him and then quickly closed your eyes and ceased eye contact, 096 doesn't care less if you stopped. He is going to charge you regardless if you stop because the moment you did the action (in this case made noise) your already locked in for death because you are already being targeted unless you manage to hide somehow. Death was valid.
  14. +Support Looks nice but Gmod servers tend to dislike big flashy objects or lights.
  15. -/+ Neutral - Zero Warns - Good personality from application - Caring - Good planning - Demonstrated Lore. - Haven't seen or heard before in the community (mainly due to timezones) - Low forum count (I would prefer to see 25-30 in my opinion, and this was made in September so you had plenty of time to correct) - Given of the limited slots of the event team and the large applications, I'm looking for something to really stand out to me, unfortunately I haven't seen anything in this application which specifically jumps to me as unique. Application suggestions! Future Tip, don't use Redacted for this. The term REDACTED can often be one of the most annoying features about events as its placed or used without sense with this being one of them. If MTF don't know the person they just need to ask like every unknown person over communication. This can be excused if it was a key or secret part of the event but I don't see it working here. I would recommend for future applications you steer away from comparing yourself to others directly like this especially if the question doesn't ask it. Its not a bad thing, however, people may compare your application to others which may be a negative consequence. - I recommend you wrote over the 150 Word limit. The more you write the more dedication that people can glean from your application as well as the amount of effort you placed. - I suggest you do research over previous applications, not to copy them but to glean what is expected of you. - Don't stop at what is expected, go beyond what is expected and it can skyrocket your application. - I always recommend that people attempt to do something unique in their application. A show of who you are, this application is the only thing we have to judge you unless the people know you in game. Because of this adding something unique into it that isn't present in other applications can make you stand out. Good Luck!