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  1. Lore Name: Res Util Supervisor Earl Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:154568701 Rank: (GenRes):Researcher (Util):Supervisor Activity Level: Daily
  2. Rank: Researcher Utilization Supervisor Earl Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Level D personnel involved: None. SCP: 912 Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-912 may become aggressive in certain circumstances where it feels threatened or it feels that an individual is violating the law. One security officer should be present to command SCP-912 not to arrest personnel involved, nor to harm them in any way. Question: Can and will SCP-912 confiscate weapons from unauthorized individuals when told to search them for such? Could such an ability be used to ensure stronger security in the Foundation? Background Research: SCP-912 functions as an autonomous officer, serving our Foundation primarily at the D-Class cells. I believe that if he could be used to search individuals at D Block, it would strengthen the security of our Foundation. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP-912 will be capable of searching for and seizing contraband from the individuals he is instructed to. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-912 proved somewhat capable of performing searches, but no better than any other average security might. This in mind, using SCP-912 as an additional security would likely produce the same effect as just adding another man to the force, somewhat dulling its worth. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was correct in assuming that SCP-912 would not be incapable of seizing contraband, but SCP-912 has come to disappoint in performance.
  3. This was indeed a good experiment, and does relate to the purpose of efficiency testing very well. I'm proud of you for this, and I hope to see more tests like this in the future. Of what I can recommend, I would advise putting our full in-game name in the Rank bar, to make it easier to determine who you are for others reviewing your posts. Otherwise, very well done.
  4. Schölinger


    Please follow the Research Document template pinned in the thread. The best I can advise in general is to pitch more effort into your experiments and documentation.
  5. Context: This is part of a mass experiment held by Development Assistant Manager Wolfer. Rank: Researcher Utilization Supervisor Earl Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Development Assistant Manager Wolfer, among others. Level D personnel involved: None. SCP: 939 and 098 Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP-939 is a incredibly dangerous SCP, as is SCP-098 when hungry. It is absolutely important to have heavy security present at the test. Around 939, movement should be minimal, and it is important to not create a threatening demeanor towards the 098s. Question: When presented with multiple sounds to replicate, how will SCP-098 respond? Background Research: SCP-098 acts similarly to 939, mimicking sounds to confuse prey. However, I wonder if they will be capable of producing multiple sounds from apparently different sources in the way 939 can when concerning a single entity, or if they will simply get confused. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP-098 will become confused when presented with varying sounds from a single instance of SCP-939. Generally, they have only been exposed to prey that produce their own noises, not entities that can produce sounds from multiple different sources. This should make for an interesting experiment! Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): SCP-098 did not come to conflicts with the instances of SCP-939. SCP-098 spent the duration of the experiment replicating all sounds created by the instances of SCP-939 without failure or confusion. Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-098 proved to be capable of replicating all sounds of the sources given, proving that it has a wider range of vocalization than I had originally thought. This only serves to show a more dangerous side of SCP-098, an SCP that is generally considered safe. While they are not as hostile as SCP-939, it is definitely something to take into consideration that they are capable of reproducing sounds like this, as it makes them more dangerous to handle. Hopefully this can be kept in mind in the future when handling them. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The results proved my hypothesis to be wrong, but this is still good. This information in mind allows us to handle SCP-098 more carefully in the future, taking their danger into greater concern.
  6. Schölinger

    SCP 999 Test

    A quick test like this can make all the difference in understanding how these anomalies work. Knowing that SCP-999 will more than likely not understand to give life-saving treatment over treatment to any other injury is important, as it adds a sense of urgency to dealing with Foundation Staff injuries. A commendable test, lad.
  7. Minus some very small grammatical errors, this is a decent experiment. This goes against the assumption of 049-2s being braindead zombies; an experiment like this goes a long way in helping us understand anomalies like these. Additionally, this could help with security of the Foundation as well, as we now know to expect some intelligence from 049-2s.
  8. Context: This experiment is a follow-up to my previous experiment concerning SCP-049, wherein 049 demonstrated a complex understanding of various medications and treatments. The purpose of this experiment is to further develop my theory of SCP-049's use to us. Rank: Associate Utilization Supervisor Earl Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security JFTO RCF SM Doctor Level D personnel involved: D-2387 SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: The Security will be advised to keep weapons trained on SCP-049 at all times. For ethical and safety reasons, D-2387 will be sedated during the procedure and if the experiment goes awry, the test is to be terminated immediately. SCP-049 will be made two layers of standard latex medical gloves during the procedure to ensure he does not accidentally touch D-2378 directly. To ensure SCP-049's cooperation, he will be promised (truthful or otherwise) future human patients to develop his cure with in the case of a successful medical procedure. Question: Is it possible to utilize SCP-049 as a backup medical staff in an emergency, given that the conditions are controlled and operated within safe confines? Background Research: In my previous experiment, it was determined that SCP-049's medical knowledge was more than likely not a hoax, and that he was being truthful in his boasting. The point of this experiment is to give SCP-049 all the tools necessary to operate, and prove his medical prowess in actual procedure. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP-049 will prove capable of performing this surgery to a satisfactory degree. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-049 performed without fail and without hesitation. His successful removal of the subject's appendix without further harm is a testimony to 049's medical prowess. This being said, it is still dangerous to use him in this manner. Should 049 ever come to service to Foundation in this way, it is to be under close supervision and only as a last resort. Further testing with 049-2's may need to be done in order to sate 049's want to work on his "cure", or else we risk losing reliability of his services. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My hypothesis directly predicted this result, and I am incredibly pleased with such.
  9. This test is a good example of Utilization! Your goal is clear, and I appreciate you giving the full name of the personnel involved. I would recommend getting some photos in the future, or otherwise describing what took place during the experiment. Additionally, try to center your focus on indefinites- SCP-999’s bio already explains the possibility of using 999’s jelly as an antidepressant, so this experiment doesn’t cover new bases. Overall, a good experiment with room for improvement- Make sure to post your future experiments to the Research Discord!
  10. There is a lot to unpack here, but this is absolutely one of the most beautiful, professional reports I have seen written in my entire Research career, Gaminglight or otherwise. Every base is covered, no stone left unturned. The way you organize your document to present your ideas in a neat and legible fashion speaks a lot for the effort you put into this. Clear measures were taken towards safety, and the experiment was approached with a clear goal and procedure in mind. Utilizing SCP-049’s control over 049-2’s was an incredible way of ensuring safety during the experiment, and 049’s cooperation went a ways of helping you as well. One of my most favorite things about this is the premise of comparing 049-2s to victims of 008. This is a concept that touches upon the very unclear reality of SCP itself- it is impossible to fully understand these anomalies. This is something that would likely go untouched because many just assume 049-2s are different, but how could we know without testing it first? Not only that, but this experiment yielded helpful information about 049-2s’ healing capabilities. I could see MedBay being fortified as a result of this knowledge in the case of an 049 Breach. All being said, utterly amazing experiment.
  11. The detail of this experiment is incredible. Using the hole as an SCP is a clever use of what’s available to you, and the topic of this experiment interests me. I do appreciate that you noted the concern of a D Class finding a weapon in the hole. In the future, you might want to describe measures taken to reduce the risk presented if that were the case. Overall, this experiment is wonderful and I’m very much excited to see what else you get up to in the division.
  12. I will accolade that this follows the format for a Labor test exactly. Of things I would recommend adding is a hypothesis whenever you can, as well as a reflection on that hypothesis post-experiment. This allows us to gauge what knowledge was gained from performing an experiment. Overall, this was a very smart experiment, and although 049 was lacking you were professional in the way you handled the situation, not risking any loss of life.
  13. Rank: Associate Utilization Supervisor Earl Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu7 PFC Waffle PT7 Level D personnel involved: None. SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: Hazmat suits are to be equipped as to best prepare oneself against 049. The MTF will be advised to keep their weapons trained on SCP-049 at all times. In order to avoid creation of an SCP-049-2 instance, and due to the nature of the substances being handled, no personnel without a hazmat suit is to enter the CC. Question: To what extent will SCP-049's medical knowledge present itself? Will SCP-049 recognize the medications given to him, and if so could this mean his medical prowess could be yielded to the benefit of the Foundation? Background Research: SCP-049 is a dangerous entity to deal with. Direct contact with him should be avoided at all costs, as previous observations have shown that he is capable of instantly killing an individual simply by touch. SCP-049 is said to be considerably old. Considering SCP-049's age, it will be necessary to give him a sufficient lab to help in identifying the substances. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP-049 will be more familiar with older treatments and medicines than modern-day procedures. If this is the case, his usefulness to the Foundation may be limited. However, if his knowledge is more expansive than thought, he could easily prove as a source of last-effort emergency treatment. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-049 demonstrated a ready capability of working with the tools given. Three out of the four substances presented were correctly identified, two by use of the lab and two simply by sight. SCP-049 readily recognized dated substances that would have existed during his era, and sufficiently wielded the modernized lab to identify substances of the common day. This proves to a certain extent that SCP-049 does have a sufficient medical knowledge to recognize medicines, as well as their purposes. This being said, more research will need to be done on other methods of medical treatment, such as surgery. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was correct. SCP-049 readily recognized older substances, although it caught me by surprise that he was capable of identifying newer substances as well. Perhaps he could serve as good use to the Foundation in the future.
  14. Rank: Jr. Researcher Earl Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security CPL Kashmir Level D personnel involved: D-8342 SCP: 066 Errors and/or safety hazards: All personnel involved are to be equipped with earmuffs. I will advise other personnel participating not to speak. The D-Class will be closely instructed. If any deviation from instruction occurs, the experiment is to be completely halted. Question: Is it possible to replicate the healing factor observed in my previous experiment? Background Research: In my previous experiment, SCP-066 emitted a chime sound when threads of colors blue, red, white, green, and black were tugged in that particular order. This sound seemed to come with the anomalous effect of healing the D-Class involved, who had suffered previous trauma. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP-066 will yield the same results as shown previous, providing a healing factor the tone emitted. This would allow the Foundation to use SCP-066 to its advantage in the future. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: The D-Class participating reported having been injured in D Block before the experiment. Unfortunately, after SCP-066's effect was triggered, the D-Class expressed that pain still lingered. Examination in the medbay showed that the injuries sustained by the D-Class were still present, therefore SCP-066's chimes did not trigger an anomalous reaction. The D-Class was officially treated for their wounds and returned to D Block. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was proven wrong in this experiment. Perhaps SCP-066 is only an audio-related anomaly. Further testing might be necessary to see if SCP-066 can still prove useful to the foundation.
  15. Game audio seems to stop working at random with OBS. I'll perform test-runs in the future to make sure the audio is coming through.