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  1. Earl here. You were always a massive inspiration to me, W. Hearing this is beyond disturbing to me- I truly wish the better for you. I always viewed you as a friend- you were one of the greatest researchers among us, if not -the- one. You’re good company, and you need to realize what kind of sore it’d leave in our hearts if something bad were to happen. If you ever need someone to talk to, absolutely any time- I’m Schölinger#8918 on Discord. I’d message you privately, but I’m already out of the Research Discord. It won’t stop me from reaching out. Please, be well. -Your fan and friend, Earl
  2. Name: Ofnus Rank: Researcher Callsign: R03 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 10/6/19-Indeterminate  Reason (if private write N/A): My Steam account is busted and won’t allow me to access any of my games. Currently working on the issue.
  3. Honestly, it's been an honor serving with you guys. A number of things have contributed to this decision, most of which shouldn't involve you guys, but I'll get into some of it. The main thing is stress. Managing this stuff has been chaotic, so I figured it would be nice to step down and go on reserves for a while. I'll be focusing on CI RND during that time, as their tests are much more open and there is less to manage. In fact, I'm sorry to say, they tend to be more mature than our branch. I've dealt with a number of stressing factors as a Command here, not just from our branch but from other branches too. I have special gripes against the gunslinging branches, and I often feel as if the server is dying. In CI, I can stay away from the Foundation. That was most of my intent. I get to exercise a bit of revenge here. But that really isn't the main point. In September, I found out a close friend of mine had LCH, a rare form of cancer that had developed in his brain. At the same time, I was going through the crushing realization that my grandfather was on his deathbed, and I was in the midst of a move where I would have to abandon not just him, but the rest of my friends too. That weight has not left my shoulders and is not going to, but being here has definitely help. I have nothing but thanks for the wonderful people that helped shape my experience here, and I fully intend on staying. But not here, not now. Research has become too much. I care for our branch, but I am losing the energy to take care of my responsibilities. Until another time, Earl
  5. I like the lorebit at the start of this document, and your question is a very creative one indeed! This test is likely a first for the entire Research division, so props for that! The results are very strange, and call for further testing to further our understanding of SCP-999’s application in adhesives. Including the consistency of 999’s gel as an important detail, and overall you seem to conduct yourself professionally in what is recorded in this document. By the way, it’s good to see Command still doing testing! Keep it up, man- you’re setting a wonderful example.
  6. Preface: In previous bouts of testing, SCP-999 had proven useful in producing a line of supersoldiers, at the expense of mental acuity. The samples gathered from this experiment have been used for a number of tests, mostly pertaining to physical enhancement, as well as target mental attacks for the sake of interrogation. In the context of this experiment, the sample put to use is intended to reduce the mental acuity of the subject tested upon, something that could be used to reduce the will of an individual being interrogated, without completely lobotomizing them. This could make for a simpler interrogation method without wasting resources on torture, as the subject would be more prone to give out information. Method: A method for achieving the desired effect has been devised through the following steps, to be followed without any deviation or negligence on the part of the doctor involved: Sedate the subject, or otherwise render them unconscious through available means. Shave the hair of the subject to render them bald, if not already so. With a sharpie brand felt-tip marker, make marks curved marks along the middle of the left and right hemispheres. Cut along the lines of the scalpel, avoiding direct contact with the skull. Peel back the skin, and utilize a chisel to remove the frontal hemisphere of the skull. Be careful not to injure the brain in this process. Setting the skull fragments aside, inject a sample of SCP-999-1 directly into the frontal lobe. Direct the tip into the corpus callosum. Replace the skull fragments, and bolt them together with latches and screws. This should hold the skull together enough to prevent death or injury given gentle handling. Give the subject at least 24 hours to recover, then begin your questioning. Observation: A D-Class who had managed to be captured and brought to the surface was chosen for this experiment. Upon initial contact, the D-Class was apprehensive and unwilling to cooperate. Put under, the D-Class was transported to an operating room, where the procedure described above was performed. The D-Class was therein returned to my office, and asked a series of questions pertaining to his experience in the facility. He was incredibly friendly and outgoing, yielding all information he could provide without failure. He seemed confident in his memory and lucidity as the interrogation transpired. Conclusion: Ultimately, with nobody around to recruit the D-Class to our forces, he was released into the world to have a second chance. Alpha Operatives have been stationed with him at an apartment complex, posing at roommates to provide protection and a cover story for the time being. The findings of this experiment have proven, without a doubt, that the method described above can be repeated to efficiently extract information from persons of interest without struggle or failure. I would recommend my fellow members of the RND department try this method, as it is a simple way of pacifying a subject as well as performing an easy interrogation.
  7. "SUGAR RUSH" An experiment performed by RND AR Ofnus AR01 Preface: It's not uncommon knowledge among our ranks that SCP-999 is an incredibly valuable asset to obtain. Thanks to the efforts of our field operatives, we obtained SCP-999 long enough to test for possible methods of employing its abilities. Recovered documents about SCP-999 reveal that it is capable of changing its form when exposed to various elements. This knowledge in mind, I devised an experiment that may allow us to bring forth some more weaponizable tendencies of SCP-999, despite its normally doglike and complacent nature. In addition to this, the use of SCP-999's slime as a performance-enhancing drug came into question. Method: Three Personnel took part in this experiment, including myself, CI LCPL Fear XA20, and CI RNR SR Rabbit S01. SCP-999 was brought to the surface and stored in the killhouse for the duration of this experiment, as well as a D-Class to experiment upon. 15 cc's(approx. one tablespoon) of crystalline cocaine was heated and collected in a syringe, before being injected into several samples of candy corn. The candy corn was then fed to SCP-999 who proceeded to undergo a number of changes: SCP-999 opened its "maw" and proceeded to grow a number of hard, sharp growths, representing teeth. SCP-999 doubled in size, producing slime at an incredible rate. SCP-999 became incredibly aggressive, displaying an increasing interest in the color orange. Perhaps searching for more candy corn? Observation: SCP-999 proceeded to approach the D-Class, baring its fangs at them. The D-Class becomes noticeably scared, but we force him to embrace SCP-999, prompting SCP-999 to bite down on his foot. The D-Class panics, and SCP-999 immediately sets to attempting to consume the D-Class personnel. Through horrific acts of gruesome violence, the D-Class is defeated, and SCP-999 consumes the corpse, noticeably growing in size. Satisfied, SCP-999 complies with our personnel, and a sample is extracted. Perhaps SCP-999 could be used in the future for warfare purposes? Although, this use would be limited in that SCP-999 may not always pick the preferred target. Addendum-A; The Sample: The sample obtained was kept for analysis, containing a mixture of lipid cells and the cocaine injected into SCP-999. CI RCT Nero was chosen to be subjected to this serum, the mixture itself injected directly into his bloodstream. Put under close analysis, Nero proved to have gained enhanced physical resilience, as well as an overall resistance to pain. Perhaps in the future, the same procedures could be carried out to procure supersoldiers. Conclusion: Ultimately, SCP-999 returned to its original state, and was able to be auctioned off to an MTF team. The funding will be plugged right back into research of this SCP in the future, and the betterment of our organization. SCP-999 has proved to be not only useful in containing and maintaining SCPs in our possession, but has shown to be a potential ally in combat as well, whether directly or indirectly. Further testing will be needed to verify this theory.
  8. I understand why you would be curious about this topic, but we already understand that SCP-999 is dog-minded and willing to help all, even the most violent of people. Other than this, your background research is posed as a question. This category is meant more for showing your prior knowledge of the SCP, in order to demonstrate an understanding of them. I appreciate the inclusion of screenshots to show that you did indeed perform the test. The last thing I would recommend would be to refer back to your hypothesis and explain why or why not it was correct after your conclusion. Otherwise, thank you for following the template and keep at it!
  9. Obviously, I was present for the first half of this test. I’m thoroughly impressed, and I believe this marks a turning point in your career as a Researcher. You’ve proven yourself more than capable of experimenting on a Keter-Class SCP. You were prepared and knew what precautions to take, and open to instructions and advices throughout the duration the test. You follow the format in your documentation well, minus some occasional spelling and grammar errors. Still, you clearly put a lot of effort and detail into this test. As an SR, you now qualify to apply for Low Command in the Research branch. If you feel so inclined, refer to the Research section of the forums to see about that.
  10. SCP-096-2: THAUMIEL Classification Form By submitting this form, you affirm that you are of level three clearance or above, and have read through all the terms and agreements listed in document KFY-# Name and Rank: Research Assistant Manager ████ Earl SCP: SCP-096-2. Provide a brief description of how this SCP was located and/or captured: Note: Full credit goes to PotatoPie for conceptualizing this SCP. How is this SCP useful to the Foundation? (Provide documented proof of all claims.): SCP-096-2 has proven incredibly friendly and outgoing, showing he is willing to listen to reason, despite his incredible physical prowess over an average human being. This was proven without a doubt in his very conception, wherein SR Potato created an instance of SCP-096-2 by injecting a blood sample taken from SCP-096 096 directly into a D-Class's veins under controlled conditions. Miraculously, the D-Class's body began to change to somewhat match the body composition of SCP-096, although he was in exceptional health and seemed well nourished, quite unlike SCP-096 himself. The D-Class began to show enhanced intellectual capabilities in addition to physical abilities, in effect becoming, by all means, a superhuman. In all instances of testing, SCP-096-2 proved passive, being more like a turtle with its great physical durability, but lack of hostility. This made it a defensive entity. Further testing was performed in order to determine the extent of SCP-096-2's defensive capabilities, wherein SCP-096-2 was exposed to an anomalous disease in order to determine the strength of his immune system. This disease was SCP-008. An excerpt from the test itself is attached below: Theories about SCP-096-2's potential for utilization quickly sprung up, and a new test was devised in order to judge the capability of SCP-096-2 to follow instructions. An efficient, albeit haphazardous test was quickly devised. I've attached an excerpt from the test below: The examples above, without a doubt in my mind, prove that SCP-096-2 is not only ready and willing to listen to Foundation instructions, but holds a high moral outlook and is intelligent enough to understand his circumstances. This, coupled with his incredible physical durability could prove useful if put to the Foundation's purposes. For these reasons, I propose to you an immediate Thaumiel classification, and perhaps adding SCP-096-2 to the Foundation Personnel Roster. What threats, if any, could this SCP pose to Foundation Personnel?: Although SCP-096-2 has proven incredibly friendly and cooperative thus far, that could change at any moment. SCP-096-2 has already proven to be massively intelligent, and it could easily be a ruse. However, it is within my reason that this is a risk worth taking. SCP-096-2 is not uncontainable. He is strong, but not invincible. Emergency measures could be taken to contain him if he proves dangerous in the future. This form is not guaranteed acceptance or acknowledgement. Correspondence involving the form above is prohibited until accepted or denied. Hey. I got what you asked for. It wasn't easy, but I managed. You should be careful, you know. You're playing with the big leagues, and they play to win. I'll attach it. From what I know, you should use the insignia "XR-2." Please, remember this. We don't want any unnecessary attention.
  11. This is an important test, as it helps us to understand SCP-999’s capabilities of containment and recontainment in the future. You’ve formatted your document well, and show few to no errors when it comes to grammar and spelling. I’m thoroughly impressed, and the only thing I would have recommended would be to get the D Class to ingest some of SCP-999’s slime. This would allow SCP-999’s properties to have a more direct influence on his system. Perhaps something to experiment with in the future!
  12. I will admit, I began reading this test with some sense of doubt in my mind. More often than not, researchers who perform “stress tests” with SCP-1048 are just ordering D-Class to harass the bear and acting surprised when it screams. However, this test diverts from the improper standard. Every experiment performed portrays a regular or mundane activity that could happen on a normal day in the foundation, some of which actually triggered 1048’s aggressive response. This helps us to understand SCP-1048’s perception of us as threats and avoid triggering a negative response in day-to-day foundation activities. You planned this well, and wrote the document even better. Keep up the good work!
  13. Now, this is impressive. I know it’s posed as a Labor test, but considering the involvement of technology, you may have some Dev argue for it. However, I would be inclined to believe the act of controlling 096 itself is Utilization, whereas the process of constructing the device would be development. I was online and present when you were performing this test, and hearing word of it on comms. You actually astounded a lot of other personnel that were surprised to hear this was working. Stuff like that, I enjoy, as it calls some more attention to Research and what we are capable of doing. I would recommend refining documents to avoid run-on sentences, as well as to tune grammar and punctuation!
  14. I would recommend giving the full name and rank of all involved, especially the escorts that may need to account for where they were. I personally attended this test and thought it was delightful. I threw a number of curveballs at you and you responded to each task on the spot and showcasing efficient roleplay abilities. Remember to add dates to your forum post! Other than some minor grammatical or punctual errors, your document was fantastic and includes a great amount of detail all the way through. During the event, you demonstrated a capability of action and good critical thinking skills. All-in-all, I was impressed with your performance during the entirety of this test. Keep it up!
  15. Not only am I astounded that you got any approval for this test at all, I am in utter shock that you went all the way to the 05 council with it, and got approved. In my own sensible opinion, this test is an unsafe idea and is not something that should ever be toyed with. Especially drugging the mind of SCP-343, the creation god, could lead to devastating effects. Imagine he gets high and decides to make some big monster. He could cause a massive breach! This was unsafe and irresponsible, and you got away with it- but please, for the sake of everyone, do safer tests until you’re in the big leagues. Besides from that, you wrote your test alright- and I like that you threw in the scientific term for shrooms. Have at it!