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  1. Grade: 70 Lore: 10/20 Is not how 1162 exactly works, but yeah it's what they desired in their lifes. So you are not completely far to the lore. Creativity: 10/20 Is something that we already knew, but you can research on how we can use this to help in a branch? You can add the answers in the conclusion. Presentation: 10/20 I know that this is your first report, is not so bad but is like JR's General reports. I Recommend you to use color and pictures (photos or draws) in the report, it will make easy to read and striking your report. Writing: 40/40 Well Written. FOR ME THIS IS A SUB-STANDARD TEST. This is your first test report, I belive that you will make great things here. Keep researching and listen to the advices. I see that you like researching in this SCP, Keep the work on it and Memorize the lore ;3.
  2. Grade: 80 Lore: 20/20 You followed the lore about 999, and didn't create something far from his story. Creativity: 10/20 Is nothing useful, how I can use this?, in what Job this can help?, you can use this question conclusion and it will be more helpful for your research. Presentation: 10/20 Simple as all the JR's Reports, you missed in some points of the report like "Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos)". I recommend you to use color and pictures (photos or draws) to give more dynamic and illustrate your report, this will make your report: easy to read, striking and it will add a good presentation. Writing: 40/40 Well redacted, nothing more to say. FOR MY THIS IS A STANDARD TEST.
  3. Grade: 98 Lore: 20/20 You followed and understood very well the 999's lore. Creativity: 18/20 Is nothing new that 999 can cure or regenerate biological Matter. Presentation: 20/20 It a really good document, it's easy to read and striking. Writting: 40/40 Well redacted and explained, you did a great job. I Give QUALITY to this Test, Keep Working ;3.
  4. Grade: 97 Lore: 20/20 You followed the lore of the 1025 very well, and not making something to far from the Wiki-lore. Creativity: 20/20 Savant syndrome is something new for the 1025' Reports I haven't seen something like that before, I would like to read more about this syndrome. Presentation: 18/20 I would like to see more color, pictures or draws in the report to make it more dynamic. Writing: 39/40 Some problems with "," but nothing problematic, but after all well redacted. FOR ME THIS IS A QUALITY TEST.
  5. Name: Kev P Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:81933551 Rank: Research Supervisor
  6. Grade: Quality. I loved the report, i don't know if i can call it an interview cause you only put the questions and the answers directly, but after all really good, keep researching with 343, he knows about SCP but use some things to make him happy and he will be open to talk, in conclusion: well redacted, great questions, great answers and nice Conclusion. Keep on working.
  7. Grade: Sub-Standard. Simple but complete, unfortunately I can't open the files you put in the report, I recommend not to use the same color in all the text (you can use purple on the points of the format: Rank, Clearance lvl, hypothesis, etc).
  8. Grade: Reallly good. I loved the question, it's well redacted. It's a really good test, well done, continue with this and keep researching.
  9. Kevin Parker

    SCP-999 Test 2

    Grade: Quality. Interesting test, like the background and loved the Observation part, you can add color and some pictures to the test.
  10. Well, I mean just to put some color in the reports in some names, places or the questions/points of the report.
  11. Kevin Parker

    SCP-999 Test Log

    8/10. Is not perfect, not bad, but well done. Don't break 999's heart please, if something changes 999 mentally about friends and foes this will be our end, careful with 999 is not a toy ;3. It has some problems with the format you didn't edit a part of the report, check your report before you upload it, I would like see more color ans some pictures or draws this will give dynamic to your report and will make it enjoyable, and easy to read.
  12. 9/10. I liked the Question, really interesting, you followed the protocol for the security of the personal involved. I'll like to see more color on your future reports and Pictures, this adds dynamic to the report and makes it enjoyable, and easy to read, it has a little grammar errors but good job.
  13. 7/10. I liked the question, but you didn't Fill some points the "background info" is the info of the SCPand where did you base your question, and "the error and safety hazards" is for any expected error, use colors to divided the questions of the answers this will add more dynamic to your report and will make it easy to read for everyone. is simple not so bad, you can get better, work on that and check others reports. Good job ;3
  14. 8/10. I love the tales and things like that, this incident report is good, but need more color and some photos to give it some dynamic and make it easy to read. I dont know how you got the access to 939 as JR, and i don't know if you and the MTF followed the protocols (I don't see that info in the log), the test you was trying to do was a fail and cost 2 lives, next time you go with a keter go with more MTF and a Supervisor, don't do this tests without the knowledge and without supervison of the command.
  15. 8/10. The question and hypothesis is good, I liked the observation part, the way you told the events is good, but the interview part was short and simple. The format is not complete, there are no pictures, i recommend you to use color in your report to make it easy to read and the pictures add more dynamic and you will make a pretty good report, overall good job.