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  1. <3 much love atlas
  2. much appreciated matrices, i got the upmost respect for you and i hope u get dhos
  3. u no i will never forget about u especially
  4. Well boys its about that time to end my journey with security. I just dont have the time to put in all my focus on security at the moment. Its been a long road to get to the position i was in and its not fare for me to hold that position while someone out there can do it ten times better. I am thankful for everybody on the security team that helped me become a great DHOS. Lefty, Rang, War, Crimson, Atlas, John, Coolgamey, and Rookie. ESPECIALLY THE BIG BOY JET MAN UR LIKE MY BROTHER LOVE YOU BRO im really going to miss you guys the most. You guys really define security and made it a wonderful team. I hope all you guys go far in security. Well guys this is my good bye. Love you guys. Stay safe boys!!
  5. Tyler123

    Tyler's LOA

    Name: Tyler Rank: dhos Steamid: cant get it right now Loa length: 3/23 - 3/30 Reason: Cruise
  6. - SUPPORT - SteamID is Wrong - Question 16 is wrong - haven't seen you in game - Question 8 is missing a screenshot