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  1. TITLE: Grove Street Crip Member In-Game Name: Toxic SteamID Being ADDED: STEAM_0:0:174575187 SteamID Being REMOVED: STEAM_0:1:499493692 Given Perms By Phil Paid by: STEAM_0:0:174575187
  2. All applications should be made in their own posts with the titles (name)'s Research Command Application and using the format listed below. Good Luck! Senior Researcher+ Should be the only ones applying for Command. Name: Current Rank: Time in Research (Approximate): The position being applied for: Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? 100-word minimum); What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?;
  3. As well as cameras for Researcher+. Nothing For Junior. Research Head Zone Manager Job. (IF POSSIBLE/ NEW RANK/ I can code it if needed) Job in-game items: Lvl 3 Keycard, Glock 18, Camera, Elastic cuffs. 110HP & 15 armor. Same Research Command Model. Description: You are the research head zone manager. As head zone manager you manage both LCZ and HCZ managers and fulfill all zone requests. ====================================================== Executive Researcher Spawn with Glock. Anything can be subject to change by you (TH3) or any staff member who decides to do so if it is not seen as fit. No keycards or cuffs for Assistant Researchers. ( Camera is gmod_camera) PLUS ALL THAT IS ABOVE FROM OLD HOR GOD!! ~ HOR Toxic
  4. We all love you man. May you have a great journey in any roblox server you join. ~ Deputy Head Of Research Toxic
  5. Massive +Support Hard Worker. Extremely active. Great Guy. Easy to work with.
  6. Name: Toxic SteamID: STEAM_0:0:174575187 What is your ULX Rank?: User How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): About an 8-9 Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): No. How Active are you?: Very Active. As of right now, I am on at least 6-10 hours a day. When school starts I can play for a good 6 hours. How many warns do you have?: 0 Active Warns. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I believe that me being in the Event Team because of the time I have spent with the server and GamingLight as a whole. I have been with the server for a bit now and have been with GamingLight since around May 2017. I believe that I can bring the events that the users on this server need and will want more of. As Event Team, this will be a job for me and not just a hobby. I will be on from sunrise to sunset during spring break (right now for me) and will provide quality events. Another reason I wanted to apply for event team is not a lot of event staff is on at late times and I have seen recently that a lot of members are claiming to be bored and not have anything to do. Along with being an event team, I will bring the utmost respect and excellence in all I do. When hosting events I will take feedback from players and edit the event to make the users happy and content with the event and leave wanting more of the event. I will also change up the event, the way it is run, and what happens with the event. I will also ask who wants to be a part of the event so that people who do not want to get dragged out of RP can still enjoy RP while others are doing the event. I feel as I am trustworthy as well because of the total time that I have been here and still play. I am also HCZ Manager so I'm not sure if that says anything about me being trustworthy but if I am trusted to be a Manager I'm sure I can be trusted to be a part of the event team and bring fun, joy, and just overall happiness with new people on the server or people who are bored and want to participate with or in an event. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): Events Below: People will be taken to the surface and we can do a race with vehicles, MTF/NTF Onsite can attempt to successfully/Not successfully contain SCPS and rioting D Class personnel. Another event that can be used is a bit generic but there can be a Containment Breach of all SCP's as well as D Class. SCP - 008 Spreads throughout the facility due to a rampant D Class personnel that was seeking shelter and ends up opening SCP -008's containment and becomes patient zero causing a mass infection in Foundation Personnel and anyone in its path. SCP - 012 has been lost in transport and a mass suicide is happening within a town and is luring in unsuspecting "special" pedestrians and have the sudden urge to protect it and stop an MTF unit from re containing SCP - 012. SCP - 049 has breached due to a world record earthquake and the generator turns off sending a guard in SCP 049's cell opening the door on accident sending SCP 049 Into HCZ and starting a mass wave of infection in the foundation. SCP - 106's containment and SCP - 682's containment doors malfunction due to the previous weeks when Site-05 endured a massive hurricane and the wiring on the surface sends a massive shock to both SCP 682 and SCP 106's containment doors and sends both of them into the facility. SCP 513 is now being transported to Site - {REDACTED} due to the improper handling of SCP - 513 and in the process of being shipped Dr. Maynard gets word of its transportation and alerts the Chaos Insurgency sending an elite unit attempting to intercept SCP-513 mid transportation and in the process gets into a firefight with MTF/NTF forces in a surprise attack against the foundation and any personnel attempting to transport SCP - 513. A mass riot occurs with D Class personnel and in the process, The Serpents Hand infiltrates the facility and plants a c4 on the generator and eliminating everyone in their path. What is your favorite SCP? Why? My personal favorite SCP is SCP - 024 (Game Show Of Death) because of how fun and interesting that it is due to the "phantom guards" and the funny - joking announcer that can change up the game each time a different user is either put in or walks into SCP-024.
  7. Good Job Snapcat cant wait to see more! I see that corner did a CO-OP test with you. I love these types of tests! ~ HCZ Manager Toxic