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  1. Do you have a reason as to why you say "No" Just trying to understand both sides.
  2. What is your in-game name: Custumz What is your steam name: Custumz What is your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:156478101 Do you have any other experience with staffing: Yes Devour Gaming - Administrator Devour Gaming Revision - Staff Manager Cosmicnetworks - Moderator Gaminglight - Senior Moderator Elitelupus #1-7 - Senior Operator What date did you start playing on the community: February 21st, 2019 What date did you make your forums account: February 23rd, 2019 Current rank on server: User How many warns do you have on the server: One Proof: Have you donated: Yes What rank are you applying for: Trial Moderator Are you staff on another community: No Have you read the staff guidelines at... you will be tested on it: Yes Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time Permission: N/A Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum): I don't much believe I deserve the rank as much as I do think I qualify for it. I believe I would make a good staff member on the GamingLight community. Let me tell you why I believe this. I've been staffing for quite a long time, I have the experience and the skills. I've improved on multiple skills which some I think are worth mentioning. These skills would be teamwork, time management, good communication, and critical thinking. As for teamwork and communication I've been staff on many servers which have helped me improve that skill, for example, Elitelupus is a Gmod community that stretched out with seven servers and that included a lot of staff members that I had to work with determining what servers required help and which staff members needed help. Time management is one of the best skills I have I've developed it over real-life situations. Critical thinking is very important to have defiantly when talking about staffing on GMOD servers I've improved this skill over my many years of staffing and over real-life scenarios. These are not my only skills but these are the ones I would like to highlight to you. My activity lately has been on the rise. I plan on continuously rising this number up and up. But, as you may notice I've been staff on this community before which I would quickly like to address. I was staff for a few months and I used it as a sort of device to get away from the real world at the time. I learned that it was a bad idea in terms of how I handled myself on the server. I'm not saying what I did was bad but it was against the staff guidelines. I got demoted by one rank and after that, I quit for about a year and now I'm back. If you're wondering, I'm coming back because I want to be apart of the community. I think we can all agree that life is pretty boring right now. So, I just want to come back and have a good time with all of you. If I either get accepted or denied I will still be here but I would appreciate being accepted so I can be an even bigger part of this community. As a trial moderator, I plan on learning from people. I can spend a great deal on time on the server. As for why I think I deserve this rank is because I'm better than most can offer. (If you have any questions or specifics you would like to ask please pm me on the forums.) How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you: First I would gag/mute the player. Depending on the severity of what was said I would refer to the guidelines and hand out the appropriate punishment. (Seeing that the violation is not a formal warning {refer to the "Lastly,"} I would include it to the MassRDM ban) Lastly, I would tell the player what rules he's/she's violated and how long the ban will be, then ban the player for five days (Including any other rules he/she may have violated) and warn him/her with every rule that he violated. (As a trial moderator I would keep the Mass RDMer in the admin room {Muted/Gaged} and wait for another staff member that has the qualification to hand out the appropriate punishment.) All situations are different and thus require different treatment. For a much simpler version; I would Mute/Gag the offender, ban them of all offenses violated{If of ranking}, and warn them for all offenses violated.
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    The LOD

    Hello, I'm here today to talk about The Union of D-class.
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    Iceman Staff Report

    Future Readers, Lets get this started with the bad, the only bad thing I did was freeze you off duty. I apologize, the reason I did this was because you aggravated me. All you have to do was talk to me before you talk, saying "Hey, Iceman can you please not do that as a D-Class." Saying something nice can get you a long way. Now, lets discuss the RDM, RDM is Random Death Match. I did not RDM, it would be more of prop-kill. I did it with the intent to make everyone happy, not to kill people. The people killed themselves, if you watch the video that is made pretty clear. I did it because it was a low population and because no one didn't want me doing it except you. I asked everyone in D-Block if it was okay, and they all said yes. What I did was to let people have fun, and I achieved that. I continued to do it for about an hour or two on a torque of 17, which is slower because everyone was killing themselves. Everyone continued to enjoy it and I got no complaints except for you. Like I said in the beginning being nice goes a long way. Thanks for reading ~Iceman
  5. No effort in application = no effort in response. -support
  6. BonkBoeink, -Support Honestly, I believe everyone deserves second chances. I just don't believe you're ready yet. I've been in your exact situation with another server, I believe you deserve another chance as in a human. But, after reading your application I don't believe you deserve a new chance. You put very little effort in to making your application. I wish you the best of luck ~Iceman
  7. Hello Sergeant Majors, This is a role-call for all SM's. Please respond with the following format: Name: Why should you retain your current rank: Are you on the discord and the roster, correctly?: Concerns: If you are on LOA do not respond to this post unless your LOA ends before the required date or you have some special circumstance you have talked to Iceman about. In addition, if you are not able to respond to this post due to forum issues have a low command member do so for you. Failure to do this by 7-10-19 will result in demotion without question.
  8. Lilfrog/BonkBoeink/Future Readers, This is my statement on this issue. I have to say what Lilfrog did was wrong, but after he knew that what he did was wrong. Look, I can tell you for a fact he's not the only staff that has ever done this off duty. I'm not saying this isn't abuse of power, because it is. All I'm saying is he doesn't deserve a demotion or strike, he messed up and he knew he messed up. He even gave himself a warning, which I think is mature because it shows he knew what he did was wrong and he owned up to it. I do believe he should be talked to about this by a high-ranking staff member. Thank you ~Iceman
  9. Bread, +Support Hell, where can I start. You've been staff for as long as I can remember. I may have terrible memory but I really do like you as a staff member. I have seen you always doing sits, and being very active. I cant go on and on because this would be multiple paragraphs but I would like to say I think out of everyone you deserve this rank. I wish you the best of luck ~Iceman
  10. Nexieys, +support You're honestly one of the most active moderators, and I truly do believe you deserve this position. You've always tried your best to help everyone, from trial-moderators to admins. You've always found a way to help out everyone you can. I would love to see you moving up in the ranks. You're very professional, hard-working, and I believe you have a lot of dedication. I wish you luck because I'm very confident you will be the best senior moderator we have. I wish you luck ~Iceman
  11. Jeffe, Gather/loot rate - In my opinion, I like 5x so I would not like to change anything. Blueprints - I agree with your suggestion on blueprints. Donation Kits - Good idea, I don't see a downside to this. Radiation - I would like to see radiation added back as well. Insta Craft - I don't think we should have insta craft, I would like it to stay what it is now. Everything you've suggested may be good for the future, but the way the server is set up now is how I personally like it, it keeps gameplay fast pace and is enjoyable for me along with many other players. Thank you ~Iceman
  12. Willy, Updated Suggestions Daily Server Reward Plugin - Would give an incentive for players to join daily. Private Messages - No negatives and would be very useful. Bank - Good idea, but I believe the bank limit of items should be set very low. Alliance Tracker - Sounds good and would stop you from shooting someone you don't want to shoot. Fishing Mod - Amazing idea and would enhance the communities experience. I would like to thank you personally for taking your time suggesting things, it really helps out the server and helps us have fun! Thank you ~Iceman
  13. Willy, No Escape Mod - Amazing mod prevents players from spawning in a whole squad on them and making the fight unfair, I recommend one minute until you can teleport someone to you while being in combat. Where You Die Last - This mod isn't something I would like in the game personally, but it's not a bad idea. NPC's Plugin - I believe we already have this. Fun Little Ranks By The Hour - This is a really good idea, it gives players an incentive to play. Spectate Command - This would help admins catch hackers, and has no negatives. Bounty Plugin - Sounds like a fun idea. Auto Purge - I believe we already have this, if we don't I believe we should. Player Report System - Gets rid of the hackers and unwanted players, it's a must-have. R-Remover Tool - No negatives except if a staff abuses, up to the manager if he wants to add this or not. Rustcord - It's like logs in GMOD, this would help get rid of unwanted players on the server. An event team is an amazing idea, thanks for the suggestion! Events - All the event ideas are a good idea and would enhance the communities experience. Thank you ~Iceman