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  1. Ayyyy Matthews a Manager now way to go
  2. +Support I've been seeing this guy going around breaking rules a lot lately and just general minge.
  3. From what I've seen Dredgen is mature, respectful and professional. I think he would do good things on support! +Support
  4. Tyler228


    This man is a good guy.
  5. Name and rank: Trooper Tyler John Active,Semi active,Not active: Active Suggestions for state: More TS Signed by: Tyler John
  6. +Support -Very Professional -Active -Mature
  7. RANG MY GUY! I'll definitely hop on and we gotta chat on ts soon and catch up.
  8. Hello, I don't know if anyone remembers me but im Tyler or Tyler John or Tyler The IV, I used to play alot and was a Super Admin on PoliceRP up until September 2017. Life happened and I stopped playing but I missed it here and alot of people I used to know seemed to move on but I recognize a few names. Any who to wrap it up I am going to be playing again and hopefully maybe try to apply for staff again. See you the server!