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  1. +Support I've been seeing this guy going around breaking rules a lot lately and just general minge.
  2. From what I've seen Dredgen is mature, respectful and professional. I think he would do good things on support! +Support
  3. Tyler228


    This man is a good guy.
  4. Name and rank: Trooper Tyler John Active,Semi active,Not active: Active Suggestions for state: More TS Signed by: Tyler John
  5. +Support -Very Professional -Active -Mature
  6. RANG MY GUY! I'll definitely hop on and we gotta chat on ts soon and catch up.
  7. Hello, I don't know if anyone remembers me but im Tyler or Tyler John or Tyler The IV, I used to play alot and was a Super Admin on PoliceRP up until September 2017. Life happened and I stopped playing but I missed it here and alot of people I used to know seemed to move on but I recognize a few names. Any who to wrap it up I am going to be playing again and hopefully maybe try to apply for staff again. See you the server!
  8. To start playing PoliceRP again and possibly get back on the staff team.