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  2. Name:Dang Rank & Callsign:1stLT LT13 Discord: Tank#5515 Divisions: RND,Shades Activity: Active Suggestions: N/A COMMAND ONLY: I feel I should retain my position because, I have been extremely active and I have put a lot of effort into the branch. Also I have done lots of raids with the military and I have guided them to acquire the best strategy's for raiding the facility. In addition I feel I have been chill and let everybody in military a good chance to prove there selves in the branch. Also I have been to a lot of PTs and have not missed a meeting once. Overall I feel I have put maximum effort into the branch in which I think should retain my position.
  3. +support - I think if the member of the custom class are active the class should not be removed - if the classes do get removed , the owner should get removed and them members should keep the CC slots and just replace the original owner with a new owner who will have to pay a fee. The member should not have to loose there slots because of a owner activity however the owner should loose there CC ownership.
  4. Full Name: Dang Current Position: R Date: 17/03/2020 Location: RND Room SCPs Involved: SCP 049 CI Personal Involved: Propane Supervised by: (only use this is the test was supervised by SVR+) N/A Foundation Personal: N/A Hypothesis: My hypothesis of the test is that 049 with 173s tears can formulate them with a crate of acid to formulate a gas that when placed over people it would turn them to stone and freeze the people permanently. This gas should be effective against people with special gear on. Observation 1-A: So I got a tear from 173 by showing 173 a love story with a terrible death. I then gave this tear to 049 to modulate his formula of a gas in which he used hydroxide in the gas and he added his own secret ingredients. I then let 049 test the gas on Propane in which his skin pealed of and he froze in place and could not move. Observation 1-B: Soldier: sound 1: ARRRRRRRRRR, Cough Cough, ARRRRRRRRR sound 2: Farting lots of gas, AHHHHHHH sound 3: Finally silence and just the silent noise of the gas freezing over his body making a crunching noise. Errors or Safety Hazards: I have to use a subject and wear safety goggles and make sure the room testing in had a ventilation system. Conclusion: Ok so overall the gas is extremely effective and can freeze anybody even when they are wearing special equipment this can be great to freeze hostiles in place however this gas could hit are own soldier so I will still need to test more subjects and different ways to prepare this gas for military uses. Sorry about the English or spelling I am Dumb.
  5. Full Name: Dang Current Position: R Date: 12/03/2020 Location: RND Room SCPs Involved: SCP 173 CI Personal Involved: A donator HVY Jasper Supervised by: (only use this is the test was supervised by SVR+) N/A Foundation Personal: N/A Hypothesis: My hypothesis was the new metal I discovered DOPCTUR metal will travel faster through the air when fired and the bullet will do regular damage like a normal bullet to a human subject. Observation 1-A: So I gave the test subject bullet proof armour to see if the DOPCTUR metal is less effective when used against a soldier with full armour, I also was wearing safety goggles to make sure any particles didn't get into my eyes when I was watching. And I was using a Deale pistol to test the bullet strength in addition I put special metal around the walls to make sure the bullet doesn't make holes in the RND walls.. Observation 1-B: there was no audio log as thee bullet is silent and all you can hear is the soldier moaning in pain. Errors or Safety Hazards: I have to use a subject and wear safety goggles. Conclusion: Ok so the bullet can easily penetrated through the armour like it was nothing and the bullet also explodes when it is stuck in one area which destroyed the test subjects inner organs, I cannot believe how good the bullet was with a single shot doing 100 damage to a personal which is so great however we need more of this metal and 173 can supply it so I will need to find out how to create more! Sorry about the English or spelling I am Dumb.
  6. -Support - Ok so we have a 20 min restrictions to raids and it will take 15 mins to get to D-block from the surface that's not even including MTF A1 CCs RCF and SCPS, So gensec have around 35mins minimum to hold D-block before CI raids, that is plenty of time for gensec to hold D-block and do there job before CI get there. - Also gensec have lots of CCs now which are powerful than all of CI except shades. - You also have juggernauts and Heavy classes which have more HP and armour than 70% of CI which can counter CI raids. - You also have a choke point you can hold CI in which can be very effective to kill CI if used properly. - You also usually have a lot more gensec than CI that are online at one time. - Ci only enter D-block for about 3mins before leaving with the D-class and by that time your NLR is up and you can easily take back D-block especially when D-class most of the time have Wrench's and Axes. - CI have many times raided for SCPS and other high value items and Charlie 5 and for you to say we only raid D-block is a lie. - CI get raided multiple times by Nu7 and E11 for SCPS, and A1 for data and you say all we do is raid for D-class we do a lot more than you realise. - Finally to finish it off D-class 90% of the time are held by gensec without any issues and can be stuck there for hours so if we now have a even longer cooldown I mean you are ruining the fun for the D-class basically ,and some D-class really wanna join CI but they will have to wait Double the time if the cooldown put in place. This can cause D-block to be even more boring than what it is. - Overall I think Gunther you should think of the whole picture rather than just gensec. because this cooldown can effect not just CI but D-class as well.
  7. - Support -ok so first of all "I didn't even say anything." on your first line your statement is straight away a lie in which you said to Jakub and me because I was there as well "Fuck YA" which is clearly staff dis, and Jakub has shown the evidence of you staff dissing. -On your video you say you were not treated fairly we gave you multiple chances in the staff sit to voice your opinion and you did not take them chances, you replied with aggressive and abusive comments towards 2 staff members. -"I was returned and he gave me that warn for staff diss. I'm not sure if I just caught him in a bad mood because right after that I said I was stuck," ok I was there Jakub was not in a bad mood you in capitalized text said "OH THANKS NOW I AM STUCK" showing you were extremely angry not Jakub. Also even if Jakub was angry in which he wasn't you have just made that up, you dissed his branch and his high command then you dissed him personally in the face when he was being calm. I don't blame Jakub for saying his comments that may have been a little inappropriate because you basically abused him the whole staff sit when he was trying to resolve the situation. -"block as he warned me for Staff diss again getting me kicked for no reason." Again you were clearly dissing him in admin text chat its even in your video. So how can you claim its for no reason when you clearly said "Jakub I don't even know how you are a admin" which is clear staff dis. - "The thing is, my buddy didn't get warned, only got removed while me, on the other hand, got a warn and a removal" The main reason why you got a warn was because when we asked you why were you in d-block you lied and said you were leaving even though you killed D-class when it was a partial lockdown meaning you were on the elevator shooting at D-class,which means clearly you weren't leaving D-block at all. That is why you got the warned because you lied. Also to add on you were a E-11 private and you said " I am not MTF so I don't know MTF rules" even tho you are a PVT and a staff member who should know the rules. -In addition you were causing arguments in the staff text chat in game and was making false claims, in which a staff member told you to stop and you still tried to carry on. Overall you have lied multiple times in your false warn report, taking advantage of people by not adding the full context of the story and trying to manipulate people to be on your side. This is not good at all skies and next you need to say the "TRUTH" rather than trying to lie to everybody.
  8. - Also he is always fair and professional in sits.