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  1. Name:Tanner Brown SteamID: STEAM_0:0:438113461 Current rank: SM How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : 2-3 months Rank Wanted:LT How many warns do you have? 9 Do you have a Working mic? yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): N/A Why should you be promoted? : Lieutenant is a rank that needs dedication, passion, and effort. The rank only the top of the SM get. I remember getting promoted to OFC, getting ready to go along with my higher ups and stopping people that break laws. I was really nervous because i was new to the community and didn't know a lot of people. Through the time as a OFC i have gained knowledge and respect of the citizens, higher ups, and criminals.As a OFC it was my goal to become a SNR, get to take OFC's on ride alongs, and to have my own car(the Crown Vic and the Ford Taurus). The next pd meeting I heard my name when they were doing promotion, I was shocked because i thought this day will never come. I learned more about the community and started to get more involved in the community, and forms. I am apart of a PD group called the Browns it consist with my cousins, the Browns have all risen in rank in PD and gained respect. Now being a SM I want to be more apart pd and be in low command. As a LT i can bring my good role playing,shooting,and training cadets the rules and procedures that are required to be a OFC. One problem that i can fix is people going in cars together. I can also enforce new partnership rules when people don't follow them. Thank you all for taking the time to read my application. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): YES
  2. Where are the guidelines