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  1. So for the FORECON jobs we get these quads Instead of these Basically I just want a change of quads.
  2. Also, I'm leading it this time so yeah. Ya'll should come.
  3. John killing it with these updates. Thanks John!
  4. bisoy14

    FORECON Jobs

    USMC Commander can't whitelist for FORECON jobs. Not sure it's the same for other branches but we still can't for USMC for sure.
  5. I'll let this linger around for a little while. For other people to give their opinions. Good luck solider!
  6. Did I hear officer immaturity? I want names I want them now Goddamit.
  7. Eyy theres my FORECON jobs i've wanted neat-o thanks John. :)
  8. bisoy14

    RIP Navy

    Ain't gonna lie, I almost transfered to navy when I was only a SGT in USMC but by the time I was going to they already were removed.
  9. More active than me lol. (yes i'm making fun of my self). Welcome Bobby and have fun training and leading my branch. Don't do anything stupid and most inportantly, have fun. Pilgrim outtie.
  10. Acutually, I'd also reccomend 2lt's to attend these meetings. You guys are JR officers but if you don't want to it's fine. Just at least know whats going in your branch. Anyways see you guys saturday. I hope.
  11. Well my dood, we'll still be in touch so don't you think this is goodbye. We shall see each other soon enough.
  12. bisoy14

    My LOA Sadly

    Wows my mom literally just gave me my laptop back. Uh I'm sorry for making you guys all worry. My LOA is over.
  13. bisoy14

    My LOA Sadly

    Alright my doods. Due to some irl reasons that I will not go in dept to, my laptop was taken away. Due this I have missed 2 meetings I was suppose to attend today. I just wanted to say sorry and thank you Lool for posting that meeting summary. I really don't know when I'm going to be back but don't fret, this isn't a resignation letter. Anyways until I am back Sam is going to be temp commander? (this is not set in stone it is up to the gens) Good hunting my doods and see you guys soon! Pilgrim.
  14. bisoy14

    USMC Meeting!

    Sam my man, do you know how long staff meetings can go up to?