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  1. Aw hell. Well I got to say that you were an amazing friend and colleague for sure! Even though you may be leaving MilRP, good luck with PoliceRP!
  2. bisoy14


    +support Even though this map was very laggy, I would still prefer it over our current map. This map has given me a lot of good memories with you guys so It would be nice to see it come back.
  3. The time has come for me to leave. I know for some of you this might be heartbreaking others might just not care. Currently as it stands, I used to be quite an active commander even joking about how I was the most inactive commander back in the day. However, times have changed and seems like life is catching up to me. I know I could of done a better job at leading USMC, however I felt like I did a very good job of shaping and paving the way for a new High Command. Really though, it has been quite the ride. It's only been about 11 months since I've first played on Gaming Light and it was a very good experience leading, meeting, and creating memories with you guys. For that I really must thank you. I regret not being a Gen before I resign but it's fine. Some words for some special people to me. Sam- Thank you for sticking with me till the end. You really helped me out when I was the only high command of USMC at the time. Warwinner- It's kinda funny seeing you grow up even though we're about the same age. Keep up the good work though. Jrandom- Some times you could be a handful although, you did give me a fun time whenever you were on. Kopa- A interesting man indeed. He really was a inspiration of me becoming a Officer and eventually becoming the Commander. Konrad- Another one of my inspiration of pursing being an officer and joining USMC in the first place. Scheffer- First time I met you, I was kinda scared. After hanging out for a while I soon found out you are a really cool guy. John- Thank you for giving me the chance at admin. I don't think I was the best at my job, however it certainly was quite the experience. Rad3c- I really enjoyed those little duels and comments we had about the flaws of our weapons. Arnold Duck- Comedic guy right here. I still remember when you had 100+ kills back at Gahzi and I said that RU weapons were OP. Good o'l days. AWG- Your voice is really nice. Also thanks for teaching me how to fly. You rock! Kilo- We had a lot of laughts didn't we? Kinda sad when you left though. Tumz- Really chill dude right here. Helped me get to where I was. Quinn & Furno- Thank you to the both of you for becoming great VCMDRS. I salute to you and keep it up you guys! Richard- My man, one day you might get GOA. Until then, stay positive my man. Senior- My main man Senor. How couldn't I forget about you? You and me were always on when back in the day. Sorry If I didn't put you in the list. Maybe I forgot about you I'm not sure, but in any case I have been thinking of resigning for a long time now. Hopefully USMC will thrive after my departure but I still will be on from time to time. So don't fret, keep up the good work guys! Semper Fi!
  4. o m g. They did it. They brought back Ghanzi thank you my man. uwu time to get sniped from across the map.
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    Meme Post

    Can the Navy be in here?
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    FORECON Job Quads

    The one on the bottom is faster than the one on the top. Also yeah I'll fix the format sorry
  7. What you want to see? - That FORECON Get these quads Why should we add it? - Since all the other USMC jobs get this quad What are the advantages of having this? - It's alined with the other quads plus it's faster than the quad we get which is the one USAF and Army get Who is it mainly for? - USMC Links to any content - N/A
  8. Also, I'm leading it this time so yeah. Ya'll should come.
  9. John killing it with these updates. Thanks John!
  10. bisoy14

    FORECON Jobs

    What you want to see? - USMC Commander able to whitelist FORECON jobs Why should we add it? - It's easier than having a super admin+ whitelist someone for it. What are the advantages of having this? - For simplicity sake. Who is it mainly for? - USMC Links to any content - N/A
  11. I'll let this linger around for a little while. For other people to give their opinions. Good luck solider!
  12. Did I hear officer immaturity? I want names I want them now Goddamit.
  13. Eyy theres my FORECON jobs i've wanted neat-o thanks John. :)