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  1. Oh frick forgot about that I meant TH F S S and Where did you ping me
  2. Dude you were a cool officer in the Mc hope to see you around sometime again someday. I hope you can go out and succeed in this clown world of the modern age. But through all things you can be strong. “To one who loves his country in all its parts, it is natural to rejoice in whatever contributes to the prosperity and honor and marks the stability and progress of any portion of its people.” Jeff Davis -USMC Marcus
  3. Sorry I haven’t been on here in a minute schoolwork is stressing me out rn and other things goin on I am trying to push through this schoolwork to get on the computer but for now I should be on in the weekends unless I am at a relatives house
  4. Well dang man this really sucks I hope this day would never come but we had some good times and you were a good cmdr and I hope I will see you around. -USMC VCMDR Marcus
  5. In-Game Name: marcus SteamID:STEAM_0:0:150145333 Rank: Senior Mod Length of LOA: 14 days Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Alot of schoolwork and stuff happening and usually when I am done I am too tired to staff or annoyed or its too late (this is so I can get integrated with schoolwork)
  6. In-Game Name: marcus SteamID:STEAM_0:0:150145333 Rank: Senior Mod Length of LOA: A week Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Alot of tiring jobs and tedious tasks that I have to do and when I finish them I am not in the mood to staff
  7. I will be gone for two weeks for two summer camps starting today
  8. type it out in the replies
  9. Seeing a basically nonexistent attendance everyone that did not attend the branch meeting without a valid reason is getting striked. I will think about an appeal if you type out a valid reason for your absence I will think about interviewing you for an appeal.
  10. This is a role call for the United States Infantry that is absolutely mandatory and if you don't respond or provide a valid reason for not being able to respond you will either be striked or removed from the branch entirely. If you cannot reply by the mentioned invalidation date contact me through steam or ts to provide a valid reason for an absence. This ranges from 6/12/19 to 6/23/19. This Role call is for SGT+. Follow the below format and reply with it: Name: Rank: Time on the server: Roster Status: Concerns: (not a mandatory question to answer)