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  1. @InFurno316 the date is wrong my guy
  2. I’ll be gone till Feb 4th because i am in a play which has practice everyday and homework is also a problem along with stress soo yeah I will make all of the meetings
  3. You were the best USAF officer someone could ask for.
  4. Well we talkin revolutionary war soooooooooo that means no USAF soooooooooooooooo
  5. Well some branches were founded shortly after the start in early April 1775 EX: USMC November 1775 sooooooooooooo
  6. USAF was made in the 50s soooooo
  7. +support This would help a lot because personally if a marsoc and an sz were fighting and one was not in the squad or if we were in separate squads. If Comms don’t reply I just open fire then I look at the feed and it’s a friendly.
  8. If that happens the enemy hears an AOT line and then I jump the cut their nape
  9. No Fight fire with fire duh
  10. I haven’t been a huge part of anything so no one prolly knows me but I am resigning from security because sometimes it doesn’t cross my mind to post an loa and school and being a COL across the board in milrp (except for di) It’s just hard to get on. Timmemes- Cool guy Aaron- Arguably even cooler - marcus
  11. +support this would be so great it will take me back to times in cs_desert when I wasn’t patrolling I would gamble my money away with Boom. This will be a way more realistic way to gamble your life away because in a military base it would prolly be a makeshift table not a bulky machine. This adds actual skill into gains and you earn your money with skill.