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  1. ACCEPTED talk to a ltc+ for training
  2. NOT FOR WAR A peacetime march
  3. XD During peacetime I thought it could be a cool vid to promote GL
  4. Accepted Talk to LTC+ for training
  5. +Support Responsible Nice Good App All points menitoned are accurate
  6. Accepted Great Community Support
  7. I might be able to make it, I just got a new trombone.
  8. I don’t think this is the right format. This is the correct format:
  9. I know I resigned only a short time ago, but the lack of mp activity I would like to be reinstated into the United States Military Police. I am curious as to what my rank would be, what do you think I should be?
  10. Tali car dealer: *slaps roof of car* this bad boy can perform so many acts of terrorism
  11. You don’t even know what this is Statement Invalid Miss me with that A march to show the shear force of the United States armed forces