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8/4/21 Suggestion Update & New Crate


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Suggestion Update & New Crate



  • Three brand new Donator Jobs!
    • Purge Flametrooper: Burn down those scum! With the new Tier 4 Purge Flametrooper, This job has a max of 2 slots, This will be accessible to the Public & will be a great addition to the Inquisitorial Team! This job is equipped with a Flamethrower, SMG, and Sidearm!
    • Shock Intervention Team: A new addition to Shock is the Intervention Team! This is a Tier 1 job that requires no training to be apart of! This special unit of Shock is for Enlisted & NCO's, & is equipped with a unique arsenial, Setting Shock apart!
    • Stormtrooper Gladiator: In the other news, We've reworked Riot Troopers into a Gladiator! This job is equipped with heavy equipment, Riot Shield & Staff! This job requires no training to be apart of and is a new Tier 1 Job! Hop on it & charge those enemies!

Brand New Hilt Crate!

Just this week we added another Crate to the store being the Hilt Crate! This can be purchased through our donation store for the price of 7 Credits per Key. Once bought you can unbox the crate in our unboxing menu using the command !unbox

Possible Hilts

Count Dooku Hilt

Kylo Ren Hilt

Dani Hilt

Pike 1 Hilt - Donation Hilt (Worth $20)

Grand Staff Hilt - Donation Hilt (Worth $30)


High Command Rework

After SMT and SHC had discussed about how we could make the possibility of achieving High Command more balanced between every command member, we came to the decision below.

Fleet Admiral: This rank may be applied for by these branches | Naval, Starfighters, Inferno Squad, and Death Troopers

Marshal Commander: This rank is obtained either through a community vote, or hand picked by Senior High Command. This rank is only obtainable for these branches |  501st, Havoc, Imperial Commando's, Medical, Shock, and Stormtroopers.

High Inquisitor: This rank may be applied for by these branches | Purge, Inquisitor, and Royal Guard

There will also be another High admiral spot added.


  • Loadout for Inferno Command Team
  • Name of Storm Trooper Riot Trooper -> Storm Trooper Gladiator
  • Added different environmental skins to all rebel donator Jobs.


  • None!
  • Heart-Eyes 1
  • Gaminglight Love 1

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