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  1. @Apple AppleNvm we down again
  2. @Apple Apple We losing you but we getting Greg back so we kinda up right now IMO
  3. SawickM


    I never got to ask you that question suggestion and complaint.
  4. Wait for the criminal update…
  5. I’ve personally seen some horrendous things from RG members in the past and a lot of the times I’ve personally reported it with evidence it fallen on deaf ears hopefully IQ HCMD will finally address some of these issues within RG enlisted NCO and officers possibly even taking away some privileges from them as I think they have too much power.
  6. No, you got banned permanently for calling Igneous and several other members of the community “retarded” “mongoloids” and “braindead.” Really? You miss the people you blatantly disrespected and name called for having an opinion they felt strongly about? Here’s your actual issues 1. You have an incredible ego and when you get your feelings hurt you lash out on people and proceed to hurl insults. 2. You constantly lie about what you did wrong or try to minimize what you did wrong. 3. Every time you have appealed it has been a consensus that you are not welcome back, the writing is on the wall move on. 4. You stuck your nose in everything as if your some executive authority on how people should behave on the server, which is ironic because you are basically blacklisted and have no right to have an opinion on what anyone does or thinks on the server. 5. I don’t know who you talked to about your behavior but I’m assuming you skipped a few people, also the promise “I will be a positive aura on the server” is so ridiculous what do you think you are? Some sort of savior? 6. This point is important to this whole situation, you expressed how you don’t want to return in the past which leads me to believe the community you left GL for realized the same thing we did, that you are an incredibly toxic person. 7. Your attempts to get unbanned on other GL servers is an obvious indication your trying to manipulate people into helping you get unbanned on Imperial. Sure you apologized to Igneous but what about the other 30 or so people who you called braindead, retarded, etc. I don’t think you realize that’s why you got banned not because Igneous was offended but because you basically attacked the entire Imperial community with insults. -Support move on find somewhere else.
  7. On top of this the numerous false applications for Darth Vader is where the clip was posted. -Support Edit: Just to be clear I have no doubt LaFoursh posted the clip because he thought it would be funny now because he realizes he donated money to the server and can’t get it back he is trying to spin the entire situation into him being a white knight fighting against the “corrupt and racist regimes of GamingLight” no you just wanted to troll and went a little to far.
  8. Very troubling to read -Support
  9. Who and what are you in SF? Your commander (Marshall) has to approve of these posts to be made. -Support
  10. + Support for this reason alone. Trace has been high officer in every battalion for the most part and is extremely hard working. He has refused to apply for Vice Commander in the past due to him not feeling dedicated in other branches so for him to apply for this means he really wants to be IC command.
  11. This guy has been nothing but cool every time I've seen him
  12. I mean to be fair in the clip he didn’t press the button I think a simple staff arrest would have been ok and then it’s over with. Don’t see how you were abused though he was probably freezing you to open bridge then arrest you but instead he let you go, so if anything you got off easy in my opinion. -Support
  13. As JMT instead of banning minges I would cage them in courtyard and have everyone point and laugh at them till they left.
  14. These models are currently used for Pepper’s Custom Clan. Believe you need his permission to use them. Other than that +Support
  15. Looks like the workshop addon was deleted. Might have to find a new model.
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