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  1. Gotta agree with this. Purge flying around with jet packs seems out of place.
  2. Had something like this on the old map don’t see why we can’t have it again. +Support
  3. Wait you don’t know what goomba stomping is but you know it’s from Mario? So then you do know what it means. -Support I think your just going around every server and just being either rude or breaking very simple rules and complaining your getting caught. Or idk maybe you enjoy this.
  4. I could only see this working for dueling tournaments (and in those cases you could just put down a dupe for it.) -Support not really needed but a good intention.
  5. Just join the server most likely you won’t have any white lists just tryout for new stuff
  6. Your dog is with the greats now!
  7. SawickM

    Hey Guys

    You must stay focused my brother.
  8. Would be stupid to not give it to him! +Support
  9. -Support I believe this was suggested before and denied. The problems you seek to fix/address with this addition won’t work, meaning adding a new sub battalion won’t just magically make people join. What you should rather do is host sub-battalion specific missions or SIMs, exclusivity means everything to the average player base. If you have people notice there is attention and care given to the battalion and it’s sub-battalions for example missions specific to those groups then people will join. The traction you will get from a new job will be fleeting because once people join it and notice there isn’t any special role or dedicated trainings/missions people will just leave. A good example of what I’m talking about is 501st ARC or Regimental engineers. If you give Sentinels, Intelligence Officers and Sharpshooters specific roles, trainings, missions etc. that will give people a reason to join.
  10. From what I understand you were a great Versio and that’s something hard to find. Unfortunate that I didn’t get to work with you.
  11. This pic goes hard feel free to screenshot.
  12. I’m unsure if you were supposed to share this information with us.
  13. Nah like fr no cap
  14. 1. Your In-game: SawickM 2. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62241714 3. The player's name in-game: Nova VCMDR Kio 4. The player's steam name (If you know it): [GL] [C1-668] KitsuneChan 5. What did the player do: Accused me of pedophilia in a discord with some of his friends. Mind you I am 21 years old and have not had any relationship with underage members of the community or IRL in any regard. Infact I've been so enraged by other members doing it that I've ousted them. 6. Evidence (REQUIRED): 7. What do you believe should happen to the player: Well when I did this exact thing I was banned for abusive behavior for 2 weeks and I was removed from staff and RP even though I was right so maybe something similar or more than that. 8. Any extra information: I will hope fair treatment is served as it was to me and Kitchan is punished appropriately. As for comments that say "this wasn't involved in the community so he shouldn't be punished" these screenshots were from the "IST" discord or the Imperial Sith Trooper discord, a discord made for the members of the Imperial RP custom job "Imperial Sith Trooper." So in a way it is a part the community as it mostly consists of community members. Shout out to the homies for giving me these screenshots (Kitchan don't bother responding tbh I don't wanna hear from someone that does this shit)
  15. You can add it at a later date all you need to do is make a new post and create the lightsaber. All rocket launchers are an additional fee and do not count as a primary. Unfortunately the mandolorian hand rocket is broken on the server and only works with admin cheat(infinite ammo give ammo etc.) All “pike” or “staff” lightsaber hilts are an additional $40. I believe the wooden staff hilt is a donation item and is unavailable for custom jobs. Hope this answered some of your questions!
  16. Thanks for your input with all do respect this is a ban appeal so by definition you actually do have a say in what should have transpired/ should happen now. This is the reason we have the forums and this section of it. I meant no disrespect by saying he has been admin longer than the usual time I was merely referring to that fact in a way to point out that maybe his judgement is sometimes wrong and he can’t be trusted with a higher rank. Also the entire reason I made this appeal was to bring to light how bias and petty he is acting towards me ever since I left staff and RP and I am no longer his superior in any regard. In the last few months whenever I get on the server I am constantly watched by him as he is waiting to try and punish me it’s sick in a way.
  17. This still doesn’t explain why you banned me even though there were 3 others with me (all of which were previously high ranking staff) again not saying I shouldn’t have been banned but you specifically targeted me for some reason not only banning me but muting and gagging only me aswell. Also as stated previously no one complained that I killed them on bridge and I was welcomed on bridge. And if I remember correctly you were killed multiple times by the others in my group.
  18. 1. Steam Name: SawickM 2. Ingame Name: Sawick, Tony Bologna, Jesus Christ, Master of Ceremonies, Lord of Time etc. 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62241714 4. Ban Length: It was like a month or so (Longer than what it should have been) 5. Admin that Banned you: [GL] benjacobs 6. Reason for Ban: MRDMX2 and LTAP 7. Dispute: So I was on the server (the time was like 2:30AM EST or 3:00AM) on a CC walking around with a VIP of DT’s (Ben Jacobs was one of those DT) and after I became bored I shot a rocket at my feet and killed 8 people (I was on bridge and none of the DT or Naval cared because you know I’m me and people like me for the most part.) Prior to doing this though there were many times a member of the group I was in killed multiple people with RPGs including DT, RG, Nova you name it they got blown up (it was kinda the theme of the night) I’m not saying it made it excusable but I can’t help but feel like Ben Jacobs has something against me for whatever reason. Anyways I digress, before I shot the rocket that killed those 8 people I specifically said “ban me for a week or whatever I’m getting off” that right there is not LTAP. LTAP (leaving to avoid punishment) imply I’m trying to bypass being banned which I wasn’t I know I was getting banned. Also I don’t know in what world the ban for MRDMX2 is a month long ban but I know for certain when I was SuperAdmin it was never standard to do that. I leave you with this, all of the DT I was with (I was in their TS channel) were laughing and we’re fine with it, and maybe there’s a reason Ben Jacobs hasn’t moved past Admin for months (just something to think about.) I don’t want to be outright unbanned but like maybe shorten it by 2 weeks or something. Also side note my reserves were taken way back for an incident that was actually kinda proven to be good thing and besides the minor trolling I’ve done since I have been a good member of the community (as I have always been.) And if I could get those back so I can play on my IF job that would be great (I’ll apologize or whatever you want.) Much love from your friend Sawick.
  19. SawickM

    So a donkey

    Frog “cannot share that Information with you” try again later.
  20. You know I don’t think Name should get banned or demoted. However I do think it wasn’t a cool thing to do so what I propose is Name receives a Strike in both High Command and staff that will be appealable after 3 months. That’s all I’ll say about this and what I suggest seems fair to me. Although Ducks and Keegan do bring up some good points. I believe Nimo will do what’s right in this situation.
  21. Here is you old ban appeal. (Been nowhere close to 2 years as you claim it hasn’t even been close to 1 year) as I stated on you last ban appeal you were constantly causing issues and your last ban was for Mass racism. I don’t think someone can just “mature” into a completely different person as you say you have. If you wanted to still play the server you should have thought about being a better person long ago. -Support
  22. You put this in the wrong section I’ll report it to have it moved for you. A couple of things could have happened 1. Not enough of time has passed since you bought it. 2. You get the WL to the Cadet job not the regular RG WL. If none of that works an SMT member will be able to help you out.
  23. The perfect example of what a Marshal Commander should be -Active. -Dedicated. -In touch with the player base. -Reasonable to talk to. -Unbiased. +Support (Also if you -Support this app with something stupid like “That’s a lot of warns” your a fucking baby and should grow up or leave.)
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