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  1. Thanks to everyone that repied and say something. This means a lot and is hard to bare
  2. Sooo yeah.... It's time for me to step down from my spot of LTG. I've been super bord of the server and being a player of it for 5 years now. I just not on the much at all and with school and sports it hard to always be on plus just being bord as well. I just want to say that I TRULEY love all of you amazing RU I will always maintain memberies of you guys and never let them go. Richard, Awg, Rac, Matrices, Snookie, John, Mike, Kilo, Sam, North, Ace, Brandon, Willy, Hunt3r, Shadow, Blackbeard, Husk/Huk, and Scoot. You guys have truley shaped on how and what I am and for that I espacaily love you guys like you guys, you mean a lot to me. As this is hard to write like super hard..... I'll still come on every now and the and check out my beloved militaryRP. I wish to whom ever gets the next LTG rank that you charish it and hope it means a lot to you as every few reach it. But in all....... RU kick that US a** Retired SZ Lieutenant General Funkey
  3. Dammmm well time for me to go as well...... well not yet Im'a miss ya buddy and I hope to best to you and you're feuatures.
  4. I'm gonna be on LOA because of the holiday so from 12/20/18 to maybe 12/26/18 is how long its gonna last.
  5. I agree with him being demoted or srtiked or re-tought for staff as he did THIS THE WHOLE TIME DURING WAR. Sadly I don't have any evidnce but as most of you know his personailty he didn't stop doing this and contuined to be every annoying through out the war.
  6. True True as its anyoing to use a harrier 3 times on one infitary just to kill him with rockets. I'd also think that the helis/planes HP could be increased or decreased and same for weapon damage.
  7. WAC helis and planes are bad in general but when we were on HAVOC they were ok but dear god where they problems. WAC you can use but weapons suck and health is ok. HAVOC the weapons were AMAZING and a 30mill cannon would act like real 30mill cannon but it was super hard to fly and it had a bunch of problems and its had god HP and the Russian MIG-27 could be ramed into a hill and still fly. I can't give a real opion on LFP's helis and planes as I haven't used them yet but from these heli/planes addons being added they both have ups and downs. I would actully take a heli/plane addon that actully allowes it to kill players with out 6 strafes and has good handleing. I'd much rather lose HP for something that can be flown and use to actully kill ground targets or air targets.
  8. I think boddy groups is a good idea because atleast for RU side the 104th classes look a lot like MARSOC classes for US. Like you can tell from close range but if at mid to long range its almost impossable to tell whos who. This isn't the first time this issuse happen. Back then when RSOF and Seals models were actull models that every player could use was around it was constiant TK and the player model were the same bsides for a couple of red and blue spots. For what I know is that every SZ player model can be changed to have red included into they model via the bobby groups so yeah its there but not fully in the game for everyone. But if its starting to become a bad problems on telling who is who then use the squad systems or maybe just change the player models.
  9. 100% agree with ethir rappling or climb swep.
  10. I agree that tanks and helis should be cheper but me with 100mill is kinda unfair to new people who donate or reach the rank to use helis so I try to give them money. I actully wouldn't mind if they were free because it would help new players. MilitaryRP doesn't have a revolving economy where there's gun dealers and money to be stolen or to be moved around. Money has three peruopes which is for helis,tanks, and quads then theres the ammo boxes and finaly for kidnaping. We just don't have a economy as it doesn't fit the style of our militaryRP so money isn't cycled around as I stated before.
  11. I'm natural on this topic because SU39 frogfoot is a Russian attacker plane or a air to ground plane which make sences but F15E2 is capable of ground strikes it would not usally cary more then one or to air to ground rockets as its more of a fighter but history has also prove it a good air to ground attacker as well. But there is a aircraft that fits the actully role of a attcker better which happens to be the A-10 warthog and it's already in the WAC content pack that we use. APC's in my opion are fair. Yes they easliy take down helicopters and planes but in real life a 30mill auto cannon would shread you to bits like look at the Russian ZSU-23-4. It caries 4 30mills with ground to air rockets and is amazing aint-air tank or SPAAG for the mater. But if the APC is to op we could just nerf the weapon damage of it first before we consider taking away certain aspects from the APC. Another thing I would like to say is that with the current situation of militaryRP not that many player are experincing these problems but when summer roles around this will become a thing. So many we should look ofr better or diffrent alternatives to this problems for the APC.