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  1. God dam Andro..... dropin the heat.
  2. -Support -Yeah well just you wait till they start locking on to players. I will admit I use to abuse the grenade luncher but someone will put this on their CC and abuse it. Just saying.
  3. +Support +Good Friend +Friendly +Racist +Likes N-Word +It's 2020, people are dying due to coronavirus, and well if you guys are actully gonna care that chillies used the N-Word on a 16 year old game than you should re-think what ya doin. The World dosen't cater to your feelings.
  4. Put your suit back on XD. But welcome to the club... I think for the 4th time now? am I right?
  5. Dam... first time I've seen an application this nice in a long while considring the player base. But in truth these apps mean nothing, I still think special forces should be tested and trained in person IMO. +Support -All reasons listed by people.
  6. Funkey

    LTC Noah LOA

    Shut up tagoooon
  7. Funkey


    Once christmas brake is done the server will die again again till summer.
  8. IDK how i am now looking at this but dam AWG chill XD. Any ways Tagooon you are now one of us sorry this is like a month late XD.
  9. Shhh hes my dad, I comented first.
  11. Ok guys so here the plan.... Get on militaryRP on staturday, the day where we usaully have our highest player count.
  12. models/mw2guy/riot/juggernaut.mdl There we go. I got it.
  13. It's a model pack that already on ther server, The model is is just called Juggernaut. Thats the actul model name.
  14. Ok the player model I want is the Juggernaut one. The player model is actully called Juggernaut, The model is the same as MW2 jugernaut.