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  1. + Support Every time he's on the server when I am, he's on staff. This man bleeds the administration job. Only a few times have I seen him using a role play job. He's very professional when doing his duties and has even stuck around with me during my trial period to give me some pointers on how I can improve. Overall, his commitment to the job is unlike what I've seen before. Don't get me wrong, all staff are active and darn good at the work, but I haven't seen one main the staff job like Chimp does.
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  3. +Support Every encounter we've had has been a pleasure. Professionalism even when tensions are high. Though I haven't really seen you around much and that's my own fault due to stuff going on behind the scenes with me, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
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    Name: AlexMSD Rank: DHFTO SSGT Duration: Unknown Reason (If Private That Is Fine): Fire Company LODD
  5. Only thing I didn't like was the cluttered coms when all the branches were involved. Nothing Ternith could have done, but having 10-15 MTF all shouting "106 breached" or "CI raid" while in the middle of the event is ear piercing and headache enduesing.
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    If you're going to get it for leasure, then go for it! It's an amazing piece of work that's at a decent price. As a POV response, I wouldn't recommend it. It's really not one of those kinds of cars in my own opinion. The doors are automated so there goes a couple seconds off your response time especially in a field of "every second counts". Having courtesy/emergency lights in it just doesn't seem right in my eyes. I'd recommend getting a beater car for station responses just because such an expensive car shouldn't be put through the stress of a first responder.
  7. Just curious, what happened to make this such a negatively supported subject? I don't like FiveM much because of the fact that I'm not good with downloading GTAV mods.
  8. Your In-game: AlexMSD Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70050224 The player's name in-game: SCP HARD TO KILL REPTILE The player's steam name (If you know it): Did not capture sadly What did the player do: Prop spamming in the 682 CC. This spam caused tremendous amounts of lag to the server as if it was an attempt to crash it. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: Temporary ban (1 month) for PropSpam and Attempted Server Crashing Any extra information: Mod Chimp was present for the situation and aided in extending the players anti-minge above my ranks allowed time.
  9. - Support I was in the corner by D-Block and heard 066's SWEP go off about 10-20 times well within 5 minuets. You need to wait 5 minuets to use it once. I spoke to 912 and told them not to touch you, but you were a bit combative in the sit which prompted me to give you the warning. I'm willing to work with you in sits to meet in the middle and talk things out, but I won't be yelled at/talked over.
  11. The way I saw it
  12. + Support The text posted above the line isn't quite clear on what it means. MTF don't have much involvement in dealing with D-Block so they are not really trained in dealing with assisting GenSec. Though GenSec trains it as "On the line is a warning" and not close to it, it is confusing either way. Talked it out over TS
  13. Shameless bump My most memorable was when E11 heard a D-Boy cracking Gate A. The three of us on at the time all stood a few feet away to surprise him only to see 173, 049, and 096 with him as the gates opened. I still hear my girly screaming from that event...