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  1. And how do I fix that?
  2. On the map we a currently on, everything is a shade of purple and I have no idea how to fix it. If someone would be so kind to write in depth instruction because I'm not smart with computers on how to fix this issue so I can play again. Thank you
  3. Ofcourse I remember you Spection
  4. I think I'd rather die then use Vine and Musicaly combined
  5. Dobut it lol Ah no longer wild I swear Who else would be called that and be the boi from Nz
  6. HELLO GAMINGLIGHT For those who don't know me, my name is BaShawn and I am from New Zealand so that would be why you haven't met me before. I have been signed up with Gaminglight and been on Police RP since 6th of January 2017 and I've had my fair share of ups and downs within the community. I have met a lot of people and been in a lot of different departments and I'm glad to be back. Feel free to come and talk to me in game, I'm normally a cop or Shadow company but I'm generally a nice person (I just take RP to seriously sometimes) So big hello to everyone and can't wait to see what Police RP has to offer me this time.
  7. Topic TitleUmbrella Corp - Ban Request QuestionsYour In-game: BaShawn Sharanataro Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92790249 The player's name in-game: DURAMAXDIES3L Umbrella Corp The player's steam name (If you know it): - What did the player do: Multiple times RDM'd Police and Civs to get his friend out of jail Evidence (REQUIRED): - (him walking out of spawn and right away shooting at officers)- (The friend hes shooting at + the Police) What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban and the gang hes associated with shut down Any extra information: This is not the first time the Umbrella Corp have broken rules and cause no stop havoc on the city and I Think it needs to stop.
  8. Can I get a response from High Command with hopes this will happen
  9. So I have been back for just over 2 Weeks now and I notice some things haven't changed and I think that we need to just to add some more realism to the server. Problem 1: Stopping people, In what world would you think it is a smart idea so ram head on or turn into a car that is going 65+ MPH. In real life that would cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and multiple casualties which is not what you want. Solution 1: Wait for them to slow down and pit them safely or plan ahead of where they might go. Problem 2: Blowing up cars, I understand that its the RP way of "impounding" the car but there is no need to impound the car if it is parked nicely in a car park or off the road. Especially if you are at someones house arresting them for murder you don't have any right to shoot up their car just because its there. I think we can all agree this needs to stop cause I can't be the only one logging on to have every car blown up for being parked in places. Problem 3: Police trespassing, I was on for 5 hours yesterday and I had to talk to multiple officers not just in the PD for trespassing. Just because a door is open does not mean your allowed to walk in because if you find anything in there eg. Printers you can't use that as evidence in a court of law because you were unlawfully on the property. Solution 2: Just get a warrant if they have done something, its pretty easy. Problem 4: Traffic Laws, you guys as officers are their to enforce the laws including traffic laws so to do that you must follow them. Stopping at stop signs, waiting at lights, giving way and speeding are all things you enforce so why break them. The only exception is when you have your lights on and you are responding to a crime of some sort. This does NOT mean you constantly have your lights on. This sums up the main issues I've been having with PD and I feel like we all have room to improve even from Commissioner down we all have things to work on to make this server a better place to be. Thankyou for reading - Sergeant Major BaShawn William Sharanataro 5B72.