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  1. I can agree with the above.
  2. +Support This is the only time he's ever minged. Sorry if I'm not allowed to +Support, but he's never minged before and I believe you should give him a second chance. He's an amazing MTF soldier, and follows the rules every other time. For whatever reason, he thought that since the server was broken anyway, it didn't matter.
  3. For the people who have +Support, I bet none of you have ever used it once. You are saying that the FUBAR, a weapon which requires immense skill and practice to use, is overpowered? The only people who you die by is people who can suffer through the speed debuff, as well as aim for the head, as well as deal with your movements. Most of you who have said this doesn't realize that very few people actually use the FUBAR, and even fewer people can use it correctly. You all die by pure skill, and that's only because you probably can't strafe. Now, no one is able to escape as Class-D, because the second we kill the guards, the MTF swarm LCZ and we can't leave. Even if we get passed it, the MTF is most likely camping the HCZ. Because of this nerf, almost no one can leave the facility alive. Sure, maybe it could one-shot, but that's probably because you can't strafe. Maybe nerf real problems next time, and don't nerf the FUBAR just because someone with pure skill is able to use it. -Support