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  1. Although I never had the chance to talk to you, I wish you the best.
  2. Questions: What is your ingame name?: Joe 1430 What is your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:85579605 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Chief Petty Officer Joe What specialty are you applying for?: Chief Engineering Officer What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: High Admiral Rose What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? I will make the 31st Engineering Corps to become more active, train them to be great role-players, and help them become leaders. Throughout my time on gaminglight ImperialRP server, I have gained knowledge and leadership from my commanding officers. With their guidance, I have become a better player and person as a whole. I will use these skills to help the 31st Engineering Corps. For instance, I can make training sessions to improve the players’ role-play skills along with teaching them discipline. This will make players want to frequently come on the server. Also, I will collaborate with the officers and commanders to ensure that 31st Engineering Corps is exceeding the standards and meeting the expectations of my commanding officers and others. I will share many ideas on ways to improve and make the battalion more fun for everyone. In addition, I will make the 31st Engineering Corps a safe environment. This means I will personally with griefers, trollers, and bullies in the battalion and on the server. My goal is to keep a safe environment so palyers can come on the server to have fun. They do not have to worry about being cyber bullied. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I am responsible and respectful towards everyone. I know all the challenges ahead of me and I am willing to dedicate most of my time to complete it. I have many qualities that make a good leader such as positive attitude, communication, and confidence. I am a hard worker who will complete all tasks given to me on time. I will do everything I can to make the 31st Engineering Corps great again. Using these skills, I will become a good leader that people can be proud of. In addition, I have experience as an officer which shows my dedication and passion towards a battalion. Although, I am still an enlisted rank I will strive to prove my worth in this community. Why do you want this rank?: I want to make the 31st Engineering Corps to become one of the best and well respected battalions on the server. From what I saw, people aren’t too fond of joining the 31st Engineering Corps at all. Players do not understand how much joy and happiness they will have when joining this battalion. There are many unique and special battalions that people are more interested in. I want to make sure that the 31st Engineering Corps has that same feeling for players. Also, I want to be there to help resolve issues when commanders and officers aren't online to handle it. As one of the members of this battalion, I can say with confidence that It has been a fun and exciting ride with more adventures to come. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes, I understand. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose is to assist the commanders and officers to ensure a safe and fun environment. I will keep the 31st Engineering Corps in order using discipline and training. This will make the troopers understand who is in authority and the consequences of defying an officer or commander. Every trooper will be well behaved. Also, I will find talent in each and every trooper to make sure their talents aren’t wasted. I will be a role model to the troopers so they take the role-play seriously.
  3. + Support - He is active - Dedicated and passionate on helping 31st grow - A good role model to everyone - However, application could be expanded more.
  4. + Support - Many opportunity to use this addon in events - Seems easy to use - Increase more RP - Gives 31st more things to do
  5. Gosh2k

    Ay0's GM application

    + Support -Decent Application -The events seem interesting and fun - Active - Has good intentions
  6. +Support -Active - Leadership skills -Dedicated - Good role-player
  7. +Support - He is very active. - Application could use some work - Has good intentions for the server - Friendly and helpful
  8. +Support - Purge could use a few more jobs. - More Players would want to join Purge. -Balanced and fair update.
  9. +Support - Purge and Death Trooper section would help players be updated on stuff. - Nova is no longer on the server.
  10. + Support -31st could use an update like this - Players wouldn't have to depend on staff to spawn during events - Seems balanced and fair
  11. +Support -Would be easier than to spawn a new aircraft in. - Increases role-play possibilities
  12. + Support - Job limit should be higher since there are three specialty officers per battalion.