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  1. It has been a good and long run for me, and I've met amazing people that has been really supporting for me, usually I am not the kind of dude to write these things but here it goes I will be resigning from all RP but will still stay as a GM for some time. It has been amazing and I really hope everyone has a good summer/ year as I will probably never join back into RP again. I have some fun / semi big events planned ahead and as I said, i'll still be staying as a GM for a while. Apple - The good old times in Shock, shock was my first home in GL, and you became one of my good friends from the times that I was in shock. I only have good memories with you and I also wish you the best. Zee - My man, Zee, You were amazing to work with in shock and I truely hope you someday become a Marshal Commander or higher. I am sorry for dipping shock the way I did, but I think that it was for the best at the time I left shock. You helped be thru stuff and if I ever choose to return, it'll be shock that I am coming back to. Astro - Thank you for the good times in naval, and enchoraging me to strive for more. But in the end, it all comes down to motivation in which I did not have anymore. See you around, you better become something big, as you have really worked hard for everything you do. Mann - Same goes for you, See you at thrawn one day, or even higher. You have been really amazing and I truely hope that you understand me for suddenly retiring. I know I said that I'd try to make a comeback, but all motivation is lost. Bub - Bub, you have been literally my best friend and mentor, from the times where I was just a little TMO, to becoming CMO and really working hard and succeding in making a stable and one of the biggest MO Teams ever. I only could do this due to your motivation that you've given me, and I hope you have a good one! Board of Admirality - For the rest of you guys, it has been an honour working with you guys, even tho it has not been many months. I have enjoyed every last step and hope that you guys make Naval an even better place. Sam - My old buddy, I will remember you for the good times we've been thru together, become something more, believe in yourself and you'll someday become more. Cammin - My time in 501st might not be that long, but it has been enough for me to be remembered and for that I can thank you. You've really been a good friend, and a fellow ArK trooVA, I know I am disapointing you as the ORIGINAL ArK trooVA to retire, and therefor I hereby promote you to the leader of the ArK trooVA's. Have a good one, thanks for the fun RDM times. Doom - You were the guy that got me into ARC originally, and I really thank you for giving me this chance for my short time in 501st, You were amazing to work with and I wish you the best. Rest of Naval - Cya all, it has been an amazing time with every last one of you guys. Hope you attend the events that I will be hosting as you guys dont wanna lose another ISD 501st boys - Thanks for the fun, and chill times. 501st has been a chill place for me, We have been thru a lot, and I mean a lot in 501st bunks just alone that has given me PTSD for the rest of my life, but I really have enjoyed every last second of it. For the rest of ya'll, if I missed you I am sorry. I just have not been myself the last couple of days. But at last goodbye to everyone,
  2. I would love to work with you in the board of admirality, you are great and overall a good person to work with.
  3. ACCEPTED! Please speak to a Vice Commander+ (Or me) for your Officer Training
  4. I praised Allah before joining this wonderful Alliance, how can I make this right agian
  5. so true clarence, but I gotta - support due to him being named Beans, glad I am not shock anyore.
  6. Edited the application, wanted to add more to it.
  7. Admiral Garrick versio holds power over IF; and by saying multiple I meant IF/Naval. I should've formated it better but he does hold power over IF being the overseer of it.
  8. 1, What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : My ingame name is: CMO Rear Admiral Nex 2. What Regiment are you applying for? I have thought about it for awhile, and I have come to think that I would be applying for Admiral Garrick Versio 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I have decided to divide this up into multiple questions. Activity: I am on almost every day, almost never AFKing ingame in which I have made many friends and I usually stay ingame for 4-6 hours with breaks inbetween of couse. But onto the branches activity, I would love to improve some of the naval activity with some things. Firstly, I have been trying to inplement new types of quotas for supervisors, in which they engage more with the naval enlisted, I have tried coming up with ideas for the board of admirality but they have not been accepted so far, in which I would love just to try to inplement it for just a week as a trial to see if it improves activity between enlisted-supervisors. Leadership skill: I would love to try to improve the way the supervisors/low command are hosting sims with naval in which they use their leadership skills more and lead more in events, I have been for the last two weeks letting both enlisted and supervisors lead pits during events(I use radio still) and during sims. This is something that I do have proof of that it works, I have ever since been asked almost every day by lower ranked to host these kind of simulations. Notes: I would also just love to be apart of something more, be able to do more stuff and actually get my ideas heard by others in which recent has not been the case, 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I currently have over 1000 hours on the server, which equals to above 6 weeks ingame play time. I have been on the server for 6+ months, and if you count my old steam account that got deleted , 1+ year. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? Again, I'd love to divide this into different questions as I feel like a question like this is not enough to explain it all. Responsibility: I see the Responsibilities as Admiral Garrick Versio as great. He holds power within multiple branches of Navy, being an Admiral within Naval, and being the overseer of IF plus being the father of Iden Versio. Being an Admiral, Garrick holds a lot of power within the Navy and co-leads it with the whole of the board of Admirality. He is to be skilled and looked opon, not make a bad example for the Enlisted/Supervisors. Role within IF: Admiral Garrick Versio's role within IF is to both Oversee it and to actively engage with IF and it's command members. As I am right now, Chief of a speciality(MO) in which I have proven that I can comunicate with another command team, and actively help with improving their branch. Garrick Versio is to assist in planning missions, host simulations and tryouts for IF, and oversee everything that is done by this battalion. Supervision: Admiral Garrick Versio is one of the highest ranking naval personnel, in which he has to also oversee naval and lead it. He is to be an example, help improving the branch and making it a better place for anyone, striking anyone that does not follow the rules, and removing unworthy members of both IF/Naval. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : Again, I'll divide this into multiple questions for the best answers. Reputation within the server: I actually myself didnt at first want to apply for this position, but I kept getting asked by many people to apply and I kept being encouraged to apply. I do believe I almost only have a positive Reputation within this server as seeing I always stay neutral in drama, I never engage in anything mingy and being apart of the GM team makes me bond with more people by hosting events. I really have enjoyed my time on this server and I do see me staying here for a couple of years, be it I get kicked or demoted, I'd always strive to get back to the server as I really love the community and I have a feeling that they love me back (no homo, only homie way) Activity: I know I have already said something about my activity but I believe that this is a very important question and should be written a bit more about here. So my activity within the server has been really good, seeing I've gotten over 1000 hours on the server, I play almost every day, mondays usually off due to boxing lessens, and as being an European (Danish) I can't be on in week days busy american hours. I do value College more than the server, but I really do enjoy and would love to play more on the server after exams. 7. How often can you be Online? : As I said before, I can be on almost everyday, hours at a time but with breaks in between. Only downside is being a European which means I cant be on late for me on American times. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Yes I do, Sadly one but that is months ago and it was for Fail RP. Thank you for reading thru my application, and please answer honest, don't be bias just because you are my friend because I would love some critics too.
  9. HUUUUGE + SUPPORT !! - Active - Lead Naval in its downfall - Done amazing things for Naval - Helped revive it - Knows his shit - Dedicated - Great guy and an amazing guy to work with in Low command+ - Good Leader in events Notes: No bitches but you'll get it one day
  10. + Support!! - Active -Past Senior Commander(Admiral) - Been in the community for a while, longer then many (I know he went into reserves but he back) - Been amazing ever since he left reserves - Deserves a shot at NHC.
  11. Sad to see a such skilled man go, wish you the best in the future and hope that you'll return one day. I've enjoyed every second working with you, and finally at last beating SO in which has the most members (MO) Thank you for all of the good times, and really just overall being the amazing and perfect Captain, you would've become a great Low Command, and I sure hope you return one day and get that position! Welp this is my goodbyes to you o7
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