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  1. Huge +Support really good staff member, would be a good gm too.
  2. The CC known as “Outer Rim Warband” is super mingy and an IQ Custom class they are almost always under KOS or AOS for doing dumb stuff this rule would help deal with them
  3. HUGE +SUPPORT Very friendly Serious when needs to be Hamish Only active IC Good Dude Good Luck ~ Knight
  4. Well that is called battalion hopping which is a minor offense so they rank locked you that is just how it works
  5. If you are on a rank lock that means you messed up so yeah the whole point of a rank lock is to teach the person a lesson Every battalion has it where certain ranks can't get promoted as much Enlisteds get promoted daily NCOs twice a week Officers once a week like its the servers rules
  6. You are right but most of the time it isn't just St's i've seen numerous other battalion members being executed for standing there
  7. You know how there is boxes next to the thing like a few feet from the door. Well if you sit there NO WHERE NEAR THE DOOR you can be arrested or killed so if the line moves back people can sit there since the line is up if you're in the vicinity of that little corner area you can be killed that is why most people who are fresh joins leave the server for either A. being arrested for being there no where near the door, or B. being killed for being no where near that door. If you have played DarkRP you would know that KOS signs only mean if they're passing the line, KOS can also happen if they loiter RIGHT NEXT to the line not 10 feet away that is not loitering.
  8. Time played wont get you anywhere it is putting effort into the battalion you are in that gets you somewhere people might have high activity or has been on the server for a while but they don't get promoted for lack of effort people that put in effort gets promoted so the only way to feel good is to do good so -Support Not only for my comment but lack of detail in which you are describing
  9. +/-Support No Effort Events are not at all explained any only 1 sentence long Very Low Forums Activity Can Grant Possible assistance to the Gamemasters From ingame experience pretty chill guy Active ingame If a chance were to be grated he would do well with LOTS of training