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  1. What do you want to see? - Adding body groups to the 501st heavy job. (this can be done by changing that model of the 501st HVY) Why should we add it? - Because currently there is no way to differentiate 501st HVYs from Enlisted, HVYs should have their own look. What are the advantages of having this? - Easier to tell if a trooper is a heavy rather than a regular trooper. Who is it mainly for? - 501st HVYs Links to any content - (501_lieutenant)
  2. +Support -Current 501st shields don't work -Lets 501st attack with a shield out
  3. +/- Support Stops unqualified people from using TL Nothing to do off ship Don't need a whole battalion for one job Side Note Your idea of having it as a specialty role seems like a good idea to me because it gives another job to navel on the ship (Much like HVY or SCT) just give naval or another battalion the specialization. HWS? (Heavy Weapons Specialist)
  4. Rank You are Applying For: 2LT In-Game Name: Bubba SteamID: STEAM_1:0:138586101 Current Rank: 1SG How long have you been in your current rank?: 1 Week What timezone are you in?: EST How many Warns do you have?: I have no warns Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I should be promoted to 2LT because I am ambitious within the 501st Legion. I am always finding new ways to make improvements to both my self and the regiment. I have been taking initiative on finding ways to make myself better officer material. Such as becoming certified to train new recruits, running SIMs as often as I can, and getting to know as many people in the regiment as I can. I think that each of these makes me a great officer candidate. Training new recruits is a vital part of helping the 501st legion grow, this means that we can do more interesting things on and off of the ship. Running SIMs often will improve the enlisted's skills in combat as well as giving them something to do during non-peak hours. SIMs will also help the enlisted work much more cohesively together which will make us a much more effective regiment. Getting to know as many people in the 501st will help me better understand how everyone likes things done or the individual skill levels of each person. To summarize, I should be promoted because I am working hard to try and make the 501st Legion and I believe that becoming an officer will help me better the 501st legion and myself. (214 Words) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  5. +Support -Gives 31st another job -Improves combat experience -Much better than kill binding
  6. I think that this would have a better place in a IQ SOP rather than the MOTD.
  7. That is stranded for any battalion switch. It not only stops people from battalion hopping. It also lets people get used to their position as depending on what battalion you switched to it can be a big change. The DNP period is to give you time to get used to the battalion.
  9. What do you want to see? - Move the IQ bunks AOS/KOS line back such that purge are in the hallway when guarding rather than in the elevator room Why should we add it? - It more clearly defines where the Purge are guarding so that they aren't killing people in the elevator room What are the advantages of having this? - It would mean that less people get killed for just being in the elevator room outside of IQ bunks Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  10. I have made improvements to my application. Thank you for your constructive criticism.
  11. 1.Whats your ingame name?: Bubba 2.Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:0:138586101 3.Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes, I have read the SOP 4.How long have you been on the server: About a month 5.How many warns do you have?: None 6.Why do you want to be a 2LT: I want this branch to become better as a whole and be more respected. I also want to be the very best I can in this regiment and I think this is a good way to become better as an ST. 7.What Timezone are you?: Eastern Stranded Time 8.How well do you command this Regiment?: I command this regiment well. I think this because I take in to account the skill of each ST and give them a job that best suits the individual. I have proven this during patrols that I have guided and a few events. I have also shown my leadership skills by becoming assistant lead of the heavy specialization and I am trying to improve the sub class as a whole. I have made improvements such as rewriting the heavy SOP/Training Guide with Bubbles. This new SOP focuses on teamwork within the sub class, and gets them to accomplish more complicated tasks, together. 9.What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I stand out from other applicants because I have taken my time as an NCO to learn how the regiment works as well as getting to know other STs within the regiment. I have learned things as an NCO that I think I can apply as a 2LT such as, how to work as a team, and how to train troops. These skills will be useful as an officer because I can help the troops work better as a team, this will ensure their success inside and out of the ST battalion.