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  1. -Support The very first confrontation I had with you wasn't the best, in fact you gave me and other 31st a very bad first impression, I am not going to explain the whole situation here but long story short you were extremely rude and disrespectful to us and were unable to understand and carry out a simple request. I don't think you would be good in at the position of Game Master as you seem to always want to argue with people and will sometimes be unable to get off your high horse. Also with you recently being banned and the reasoning of it further supports my comment. If you work on these things, like argumentation, confrontation, and just working with people I would consider changing my mind but unless I see improvements I'm going to -Support because of the reasons I stated above.
  2. Major Support + 31st are in need of another EO so that some of the stress is relieved from Hobbs Mature but also fun Fits the role of an EO
  3. Major Support + Amazing 31st Trooper Fits the role of a VCMDR Good experience Would love to have him in the command team
  4. RJ_

    Siths Staff Application

    MAJOR SUPPORT + - By far my favorite Fleet Admiral no cap. - OG player / Trustworthy as he was a Super Admin in MilRP. - Very active. - Very chill but can be serious.