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  1. RJ_

    Binoculars - Denied

    +/- Support A good idea Could help in war Not really needed imo
  2. +Support A lot of things there still from 2018 that are just not needed Makes it a lot more cleaner and less to navigate around Better if important things were pinned so new people know what they are looking for
  3. In-game name: RUMP WO3 RJ MP rank: WO3. Timezone: BST. Main Branch rank: SGT. Are you in OMON: No. How active are you: Active | 3 - 5 Hours a day. Why do you want to be an officer for RUMP: So that I can have more of a role to lead MP as activity in it has decreased, I would also like to help out the current command of MP in attempting to revive the branch in as many ways possible. Why should we choose you over others: (50+ words) I have had a lot of experience in commanding troops, being given the position of command on Imperial RP 3 times. I was previously a 1LT in RUAF for a small amount of time, this shows I am capable of leading troops and having responsibilities. I have increased my activity over time and shown dedication to MP as a whole. I will pump out constant tryouts in an attempt to grow MP as that is my main objective if I am able to achieve the rank of Officer. I am a respectful and know how to give troops proper discipline when needed and will be able to promote those seen worthy of getting higher ranks. Do you promise to not abuse your powers: Yes. Do you understand that you will be in-charge of something: Yes.
  4. RJ_

    Specialty Bug

    Chief Aviation Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Engineering Officer Security Director All unable to change defcons also.
  5. You have to be CPT+ to apply
  6. Although you were a great SF if stuff like this was ever reported *which it wasn't* you would've been stripped of your rank. +/- Support