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  1. Thank you for your time in this department. Your 48Hrs have been noted. You will always be welcomed back into EMS.
  2. + Support -Staff said it was all good
  3. In-Game Name: Maverick Rank: Lieutenant Callsign: LT-4 Why do you like EMS: The reason why I want to stay is because I’m becoming a lifeguard irl and the family that is EMS teaches me stuff that I’m already learning in training. But also the family, GL itself has done so much to me and there’s been the highs and lows but I’ve always enjoyed every bit of playing on that server from the very first time I joined to today. And I want to pursue this family and I always want to be in that album of the family and history of EMS. What Could Make EMS Better: N/A Posted for Maverick due to issues of forums not working, and not having complete time to fix it.
  4. - Support -Ban is too old to even be repealed if the case wasn't so clear cut a problem -Yobo said it perfectly, not much else to be said
  5. - Support -Two major rules broken, so the time should be served -Its only 3 weeks, not something longer -Right judgement was made
  6. Asuka

    warns! - Denied

    + Support I have warns from 2016 that i never got removed, haven't gotten a warn in that time, so it doesn't make sense to not be able to remove them.
  7. + Support -Good at the job -Active -Fit for command -Great App. Good luck!
  8. + Support -Active in TS -Mature -Good Guy -Good Application -Good at Staff Good Luck!
  9. +/- Support +There is clear disrespect, it doesn't matter if you're angry and in the heat of the moment, staff should still be respectful on and off duty. -Seems more like a player report since he was not staffing at the time. -Make a player report then this might go somewhere.
  10. I do not know the date that it was added but its true. If you look at other ban appeals that state a year old you can see it says that they are not able to be appealed. There is currently one that is up that says 2 years, it says it numerous times.
  11. - Support -If the ban is a year old then it is not able to be appealed
  12. + Support -Staff member said it was false Will change support if this isn't the case.
  13. + Support -Massive Minge -Broke several rules -No intent to follow the rules and RP (Video makes that clear as day) Special Treatment shouldn't be given for anyone.
  14. Unless that's not you speaking, since I don't think I've ever heard you in game. Since what i hear is "Apparently going down the cliff is FailRP." Then you say "I was sliding down it". So I put two and two together and pinned it as you saying it. Then you state that you can't drive off it, acknowledging that its not allowed to go off it at all. So saying you slid down it doesn't count as stating you went off the cliff i dont know what does