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  1. Well, my time has come to part ways with the server. I'm currently writing this outsime a timmy's so hopefully the wifi works enough to send this. Im tasked onto Op Lazer with the CAF which some of you may know. My contract has been extended to the end of August and could go on for longer depending on the status of COVID-19. I hope everyone is being safe and staying inside. Since im currently on base, and don't know when or how long im going to be home for if that, I think now would be a good time to step away. I'm also starting a new chapter in my life as im moving out on my own, and trying to balance work, getting time off work to move, etc., I wont have any time for the server for a while. Hopefully this virus blows over soon, but until then I'll keep this short and thank all of US and RU for being a great community. I hope to be back one day, and stay safe everyone. Pyro to base, leaving radio channel US General, Out.
  2. In-Game Name: CanadianPyro SteamID: STEAM_1:0:80660111 Rank: Moderator Reason for leaving: Unable to get on due to work. More information in my US Military post. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? I can not, I am currently on base with no access to the server. Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? If possible, yes.
  3. On LOA for about 3 weeks, info on my US Military LOA
  4. Going on LOA for about 3 weeks I believe, I just got a tasking for Op Laser to assist on COVID-19 prevention. Hopefully I don't catch any corona.
  5. Honestly looks like someone stole these from roblox, but other than that it seems great
  6. I will be on leave until April 10th for Operation Laser Prep, more information can be found on my US Military LOA post.
  7. I've been tasked onto Operation Laser with the CAF, it's an operation tied to COVID-19 so I'll be taking until April 10th to organize myself in case I get sent out. I might also get sent out as soon as tomorrow. On Friday I was told I was leaving Monday and then the next day I wasn't, so if I do leave i'll post another LOA with my predicted return dated. This operation is expected as of now to run until August 31st so since i'm under contract from now until further notice or August 31st I may have to take unexpected LOAs if im called out. I've also been working crazy for the past ~4 days prepping my unit for this Op so excuse my lack of activity.
  8. + Would be a great addition to the rangers