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  1. Your Name : Vindertech/Vinder/Tech/VTech Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:217705960 Your Rank : Experienced Janitor/CC (Containment Cleaner) What is your Level? : 76 Which command member gave you permission? : YourCat On a scale of 1 - 10, How active are you? : Around 8-10. Are you a Containment Cleaner, and if so, What Rank ? : I am CC/Containment Cleaner (not Novice or Senior or anything like that, just CC) Why are you fit for MMF (The longer the better) ? : I'd like to become a MMF/Mobile Mop Force member because I show hard work and activity (which janitorial is needing currently). I am dedicated to be an MMF/Mobile Mop Force and would like to assist those who need help. With MMF on my side, I can prove dedication, harding working, and activity. I'm also respectful to my fellow janitors and would like to help them if I can. Also also I'm really active on the CC logs, and active on the Janitor Logs. (Also please note that I haven't posted a log in three days right now, but I promise you that today, which is 4/21/20 that I will post a ton more logs.) That would be it for explaining why I am fit. What do you believe MMF's Purpose is? : To assist the MTF/Mobile Task Force to terminate/stop/track down CI, Class-D, etc.. from taking over the foundation/attacking the foundation. If janitorial are failing on their rolls or they need assistance of any kind I will go and assist and help, and MMF will try to do the cleaning first. Then finally be ready for anything that would be coming for us (like MTF).
  2. Lore Name: S.M.R.T Bot #2 V1ND3RT3CH, with my escort, GenSec 1LT Creamey, along with a Omicron-9 personnel, who has assisted with FearRP. Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: SCP-049 [EUCLID] Question / Idea: What would happen if 049 was to Interact with a Intelligent Bot? Background Research: SCP-049 is a humanoid entity, roughly 1.9 meters in height, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor. Hypothesis: I would think 049 would attempt to examine the bot, and would answer my questions about the bot's personality. Due to the fact that the A.I is a bot, he wouldn't have the Pestilence. Observations (What Happened During Test): Entering 049's CC, I first told 049 if he had ever seen or interacted with a Artificial Intelligent (A.I). 049 didn't seem to know what a A.I was. I went to the back room to construct the Bot(, the bot will be shown in Evidence/Visual Stimuli). Once I'd successfully build the bot, I brought it out of the back room. 1LT Creamey found a Omicron-9 Private to FearRP 049. As the Omicron-9 and 1LT Creamey FearRP'd 049, I brought in the bot. SCP-049 looked at him and examined him, I told him about the bot. 049 told me that the bot doesn't seem to carry the Pestilence, and if he even did, 049 wouldn't know how to operate him. After those questions, I had enough answers to know that A.I/Bots can't carry the Pestilence, and that Testing with A.I will be safe. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Unknown. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes.
  3. All Janitors will have to respond or risk Removal, all fields must be filled in or you risk your Call being negated, If you dont know how to enter one of the fields ask for assistance from Janitorial Command (Follow CoC) Name : Vindertech Rank : Exp Janitor/CC SteamID : STEAM_0:0:217705960 How active are you on a scale of 1-10 : 10(/100%). Anything you believe would be usefull for JAN CMD to know? : Its all good, I think everything fits well.
  4. In Game Name: Vindertech Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:217705960 Discord name / Tag: VT#8070 How Many Warns do Have?: 13, 11: SCPRP (Old) 1: PoliceRP (Old) 1: ImperialRP (Old & False Warn). Why do you want to join Alpha-1? What will you bring to the regiment? (150 word minimum): Although people call me a minge (who I was more than 6 months ago, and that I do admit), I've taken responsibility and trust by being an ST Colonel on ImperialRP. I also want people to do the right thing too, and I also want to show everyone my responsibility and my dedication to A-1. I want to give out positive attitude to the branch, to both make sure no one feels down or feels like giving up on A-1, and to have a great time on A-1. I also know how to follow orders, and make sure to follow those orders. I will make sure to learn my mistakes and won't do it again. I'm very active on the Gaminglight community & SCPRP server, which both the community & the server needs. To top it all off, is that I hope to make the branch more special and better. Imagine you are supervisor in A-1, you have a Private who is minging and disobeying all rules stated within the SOP. Briefly explain the actions you would take and who you would talk to about this situation?: First of all, I would have a talk with him, telling him to stop breaking the rules or he will be striked and removed from A-1 Operations. If he continues to minge and shit, he will be removed from A-1 Operations, but if he decides to listen to orders and cooperate then then it's a win win. Though if the situation gets really really bad, then I'd blacklist or get someone to blacklist the PVT/Private. Have you ever received a strike from any department? If so, answer below when you received it and the reason for the strike. If not, please enter N/A: Research, 1st was going to D-Block when I wasn't allowed to be in D-Block. 2nd: I was suppose to bring my HOR (Head or Research) Weiss with me for the test, but I took Research Administrator W (Although when the O5 said bring W, I thought he meant Administrator W, but he actually meant Weiss). Then I lost a strike, then I received another strike for being a Minge. What Departments are/ Have Been in?: Departments I've been in before: Researcher/Lead Researcher, MTF E-11 SGT, MTF A-1 PFC and a Medic (in medical). Departments I'm currently in: Experienced Janitor/Novice Containment Cleaner, and MTF-E11 CPL 173E. Do you agree to be active and put forth dedication into the department?: Yes. Did anyone refer you to Alpha-1? Put N/A if none: N/A
  5. Lore Name: Vinder(tech) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:217705960 Rank: Associate Researcher/AR Activity Level: 5
  6. Hey guys, if you've read the title, then you probably know what's gonna happen. I'm resigning. I'm resigning because 1: I'm not getting active enough. 2: I'm sort of struggling in stuff and I can't seem to be on ST. 3: I'm probably going to leave ImperialRP and that I'm, also leaving Naval. 4: I'm sad and I can't see how to make things better, since I got a lot of irl work to do too. I hope everyone understands what I'm going through and I hope everyone to stay happy and have a good time on the ST Battalion. Bakka: You're a good commander and I'm happy you're doing things right for the battalion, and I hope to see you soon. Camden: You're a great person and I hope you make it to commander, and I hope you do the right things, I hope to see you soon. Alpha: I know we don't talk much, but I got to say you do great work as a Colonel and I hope to see you as a vice commander, I hope to see you soon. Void: I know we also don't talk much but I do know you're a good ST and I hope you will do better and do well, I hope to see you soon. Monaco: You're also a great person, and I hope you stay positive on ST and make it to whatever rank you're achieving, and I wish you good luck on Heavy, I hope to see you soon. Crow: You we're a amazing ST commander, and you're a good (reserved) colonel currently, and you do make the right decisions, I hope to see you soon. Matrix: You're a great ST, I hope you do well Scout and I wish you good luck too, I hope to see you soon. Reaper: You're a good trooper and a good person too, good luck on ST and stay good, I hope to see you soon. If I didn't get your name, and I just want to say stay on the good side and good luck on what you're trying to achieve on Stormtrooper, or really any other rank. And I promise, if I do return, I will become a better person, see ya later. ST Captain Vindertech 7696 signing off... -Signed Vindertech.
  7. I agree, good luck, Mickey! -Vinder(tech)
  8. +1 Active & Known Well Worked hard to keep Engineering working better Experienced And Deserves the Rank From: Vinder(tech)
  9. What is your ingame name?: Vinder(tech) What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:217705960 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Ensign What specialty are you applying for?: Medical Officer What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: High Admiral Nolan What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I can improve Medical with activity, which Medical & the Server needs. Create more fun and more interesting RP's and hope that Medical would be a better and great branch on the server. I've been Medical on other servers and it's really fun, I promise to work hard and hope that Medical would be one of the best battalions on the server. I'll make sure the Medical Battalion will not minge, and to make sure Medical will be in good hands with no problems whatsoever. In case if there are any minge('s) on medical, I'll make sure to stop them from causing trouble, and to keep medical in good shape. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I am Active, Experienced and Trusted. I'm a Lieutenant Colonel/LTC/LTCOL in ST (and as well as being the Jump Trooper Leader), and I feel like (the rank I am right now,) Ensign is a good rank to start joining a Sub-Naval Battalion, since it's a trustworthy rank to have and I've also been a E-11 Sergeant/SGT (SCP) and I've been a Lead Researcher (SCP, which by the way, Medical do have Doctors/Researchers). Why do you want this rank?: Because Medical is one of my most special RP talents I can do (in video games that is), it's a lot of fun, and because I want to make Medical more active as well as making sure they don't minge or break rules. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes, and I promise not to abuse my Medical Officer Rank (if I get it). What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose is to heal injured Troopers/Imperial Personnel on ship and off ship, for their safety to the Empire.
  10. You were a good ST Commander and I had fun being great partners with you months ago, I hope to see you again soon and wish you goodluck on your journey.
  11. +Support Active. Respectful. Would make a great trial moderator. Has experience with staffing. Great reason why he wants to be staff. Good Person. Mature. Good Luck! ~ Moderator Vindertech
  12. +Support I like the idea of it, and I don't see any problems with it.
  13. Fixed the Format (I hope, sorry if I screwed up, this is a first for me) (Edit: Now I got everything)