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  1. I think I remember you but I am not 100% sure. I really miss MethRP tbh
  2. So, I want to start this off with this is totally my fourth introduction. I've been with the community on and off for aboutttt five years and sometimes I regret leaving on and off but i'm trying to come back and maybe just chill on the forums because gmod isn't really my thing anymore. Soooo here are some things about me. I play football and i am a left tackle and I also play d-line I'm still just a junior in highschool but I would've built a better house in MethRP or PoliceRP than you would have in my prime while playing on the servers I was staff on a lot of servers but I am obviously not anymore (i'm not trying to brag or anything just want to show why I am pretty close with big zeeptin and maybe some others if they're still here, not really sure who is still here.) Might be 9th in my class out of about 600 (kinda stupid) I really used to like to play gmod but it's not my thing (used to have like over 6000 hours, mostly on Gaminglight servers) Tell me some facts about you guys and I will totally look at them since its the weekend!
  3. Bam Roasted. Anyways, welcome back Snar! I don't know if you remember me but I remember you
  4. If I had a computer good enough I would try out Arma but you know laptop gang is where it is at xD
  5. Dude, You should've seen how addicted I was to gmod haha. So much time spent on thsese servers. Star Wars Fallen Order is a pretty good game tbh. Kinda wish you could explore more on it though.
  6. Just seeing what games you guys enjoy playing. Personally, my favorite game is probably like Modern Warfare or GTA V, both I play on the Xbox because my crappy laptop definitely cannot run either of those games since it can barely run gmod lmao. My favorite game throughout middle school and my freshman year of highschool was gmod (Might've had over 6000 hours on it, mostly on Gaminglight servers. Can we get a throwback to MethRP? It was the best server and will always have a special place in my heart. I still remember when I got Super Admin on it xD) But yeah just reply to this and tell me what games you guys enjoy playing!
  7. I used to have like 6 weeks on PoliceRP but I decided to lose my old steam account and I also haven't played in around 2 years so I guess that doesn't really count. So now I have about 3 minutes xD. I'm thinking about trying out SCP-RP because that looks pretty fun!