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  1. I was 15 or 14 when i started and I MINGED LIKE CRAZY most fun ive had on gmod tho
  2. In-Game Name: Dick Grayson Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56410186 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): Moderator How long have you been playing on the server?: Over a Year Have you read the SCP-RP Event Team Guidelines: Yes How many warns do you have? 27 (Screenshot): Why do you want to join event team? The reason I want to join Event team is to give CI Something to do other than raids as CI doesnt get involved in many events for some reason Why should you be trusted to be part of the Event Team?: The reason I should be trusted is I am Senior Command and already a moderator therefore I am a trusted member of the Gaminglight Ecosystem Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Yes Describe an event you could create (Be specific): An event I would love to make would be an end of the map kinda event where it ends the story and It would go like CI RND Opened a portal and all of these hellish monsters come out of the portal and end up spreading to the site to destroy the world (needs polishing)
  3. +Support True gamer chad wants to join rnd
  4. Thanks for the kind words You were the 2nd best commander CI has had since i joined thanks for leading us Join killas
  5. Accepted Go to requesting FTO and post this there
  6. this just isnt a problem +support kill house is so boring
  7. No I will continue to kill non combatants MY NAME IS NOT RICHARD
  8. D GANG ON TOP Gonna miss you goku feet man
  9. -support changing lightweight to have pp gun +supp
  10. yeah i understand this @PandaInShitpostLandExplanation bro?
  11. +Support Everyone who particpated in this should be warned
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