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  1. +Good Format, application is pleasant to the eye. +Very good player, never had him in sits for anything negative. +Good Reputation. +Showed Real Life examples of his ability to work with others. +Really active in game. -Not much activity on the forums, however it can be worked upon. My opinion on this application is clear, Bog I truly do believe you would be a wonderful addition to our staff team over in our server, massive +Support Good luck on your staff application Bog, take care!
  2. + Good app + Active Member of the community +Active on forums +Never seen him misuse his powers +Pleasant Person I don't remember a single bad encounter with this staff member -This could just be me but I never actually see you around, probably because of differing times of activity. Otherwise man, I have no other negative comments, this app has my full +Support good luck on your staff application!
  3. Name: Hang Branch: Janitorial Rank: Operations Supervisor Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 5.5-6
  4. +Spawning props as a class that is not allowed to spawn props at all +Continuing after being told to stop +Actually killed a player with his prop +Froze Trae while he was being warned by him -Low Population on the server -All players seemed okay with it Although I like iceman, spawning props like this is a little concerning to say the least. I'm unsure what kind of punishment Iceman should receive but this kind of behavior is coming from a administrator a person that should already know better. This level of staff should be expected to be one of the last people to start minging off duty. I made my stance on this report clear +Support
  5. +Application looks nice, very well organized and formatted. +150 word minimum surpassed. +High rank in Gensec proves maturity and ability to lead. +Never had issues with you. +Very active, I always see you on regardless of the time of day i'm playing. +Warnings are very old. -Warnings are present, although from different servers this shows a somewhat mingey side of you. Other then that you seem like you'd be a wonderful addition to staff, I actually confused you for staff when I first joined the server. This application has my full +support
  6. Bonk, I have no idea what you've done in the past nor what your recognized for, consider this a unbiased opinion +Pleasant application, looks well organized and made +Active, I've seen you around on more then a couple instances +Apologetic in your own application, showing a willingness to change +Most warnings are fairly old, the most recent warning being July 7th -You have over twenty-two warnings on this server, the most I've seen for a staff application, most people with this amount of warns are long gone as players. -Some warnings reflect a very toxic and negative player, telling players to end their lives, homophobic chat, Racism, and multiple instances of disrespect. -History of leaving to avoid punishment, unwilling to face the consequences of your actions shows immaturity. -Impossible for someone to have a change of heart so quickly, how do we know you won't minge and damage the servers reputation as staff? Bonk, I understand that you really want to change for the better. You truly do possess a ability few players on the server have, your knowledgeable and understand the rules very well. But with the way you conduct yourself on the server including past warnings and actions i'm not so sure I can actually give you support on this application. What troubles me the most are the disrespect related warnings you've received in the past which shows how you truly feel about individuals different from yourself. If your unable to get along with other players and are quick to throw insults based on a persons beliefs/opinions I highly doubt you won't act the same as a staff member. You say you'll change, but unless we actually see that willingness to change in game I highly doubt we'll see you as a staff member. Don't take this comment the wrong way Bonk, but you are not staff material. Prove to all of the people responding to this thread,including myself that you really want to change as not just a staff member but as a player on the server. My stance on this thread has been made clear, i'm sorry Bonk but -SUPPORT
  7. In-Game Name: Hang SteamID: STEAM_0:0:76022091 What is your ULX Rank?: Moderator What is your RP Rank?: 2LT in E11, Operations Supervisor in Janitorial What is your timezone?: EST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 8 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): None, I've had staff positions where I had to come up with events but nothing specific like a gamemaster or event planner. How Active are you? (1/10): Solid 9 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers): 0 Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words): I've already proven myself to be a active member of staff, and a overall good member of the community despite my brief amount of time on the server. I honestly believe I can make high quality events that don't always need to result in violence. Instead encouraging passive role play which seems to be forgotten quite often on the server. As much as I like the event team, doing breaches all the time is going to make the game quite stale. There's going to be moments when other more preferable methods of events will be far better then your typical "Lol all scps breached have fun", As a event planner you need some level of creativity to make good events. And I am certain that I possess that level of creativity needed to make a truly grand event. I can also assist with events such as modeling, bringing, and vehicle spawning which sometimes becomes a hassle for event team members when not enough of them are on to actually assist in the event. I often find one person working on events or just two people, regardless of my own comments I hope I can be a very good addition to the event team such as I have been with the staff team. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): 079 breaches information from the facility to the outside along with 05 councils identities and other classified info moved to a computer located in the industrial area of the city. Forcing the facility to move in and recover the information, CI and citizens (Citizens chosen by the event team) will have to fight back or surrender the information over to the foundation. The facility will be forced to terminate all subjects in possession of such compromising info from the foundation in this event. Press members/News agencies will also be in the city to promote the passive roleplay aspect of the event, spreading the info (in roleplay) worldwide. Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: Yes. What is your favorite SCP? Why? 079, a SCP with a interesting background. Despite being a Euclid SCP it has proven itself to be quite dangerous to foundation security (being the main reason for the game SCP Containment Breach.) An AI that has sentience has always been a interesting topic for me. It knows it can't feel nor understand the motive of humans, despite this 079 is a very talkative SCP and even has a friendship of sorts with SCP 682 in lore. 079 despite his limited memory and abilities posses a serious risk to the foundation. With people even considering termination of 079 to prevent breaches. 079 is not like other SCP's where it posses a PHYSICAL risk to humanity but instead posses the ability to control humanity through its dependence on technology. I'd even go as far to say that 079 is a KETER class if allowed a stronger PC. And that's why I like 079, its motives run deep, despite its lack of emotion it longs for freedom like any other human would if put in this situation.
  8. N o w t h i s i s a b r u h m o m e n t (Hi lil frog )
  9. +Got the ULX question right, many people actually fail that question +If it's true what your saying that means you've been around the community for a while -Application looks rushed and low effort -I do not recall ever seeing you in the server, maybe in a sit but that's it. -No previous experience, meaning we have to teach you from the ground up if your accepted. In conclusion this application is rushed and low effort, I think the people above me already made good points on this application. My official statement on this application is -Support fix your application and add more detail and I will change my opinion on this application. Do not be discouraged however, you always have a chance to apply again. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  10. +Mature and skilled enough to earn the rank of commander in A1 +Has been with the community for a long time, longer then me. +Very well done application, left me satisfied after reading it. +Based on the qualities he presents he will be a amazing addition to staff. -Zero experience with staffing, which actually surprised me, this is the app of somebody who knows what they're doing. I can easily say without a single doubt in my mind that letting you on the staff team will be the best decision this server has ever done, you ooze of quality. You could of easily been Admin+ by now if you applied way earlier. This app has my full +Support Best of luck on this app!
  11. +Sledgehammer one shots security personal. +D-class have no NLR allowing them to already keep attacking in hordes +Gensec always struggles to keep d-block under control, the sledgehammer makes it worse for them -D class already spawn with very few weapons at their disposal In conclusion I will give this suggestion my full +Support d-class already break through security most of the time, the sledgehammer only makes things worse for a already struggling branch of the foundation.
  12. +Gave XP to himself +Proof is good, clear abuse of the XP system and not slaying himself. -Lil frog is a really good staff member, active and always ready to help people. -Even warned and admitted to his own actions, even responding to this report. -More likely he wasn't aware of the XP rule for staff, didint do this with the intent of breaching the rules. We both joined staff on the same day and we both worked together so of course I will have a little bias on this report, however i'm gonna have to +/-Support this staff report. A suitable punishment should be a reminder of the rules, I don't even think Lilfrog deserves a strike. He was mature enough to accept responsibility for his actions, he did not try denying the accusation at any point. This is my stance on this report as of now.
  13. +support Helps me out as t-mod, even before I was t-mod I saw him active and frequently on the server. Good luck man.
  14. Name: Hang Discord’s ID/Name:Mr. Hang Man#5319 Rank: Operations Supervisor Ideas for Janitors to grow: As stated above CC needs a broom. Other then that one of the ways we can encourage some kind of growth in janitorial staff is more cooperation with other branches such as security and MTF. One of the ideas stated here was very good, having security call janitors after a riot or having MTF call janitors after a CI raid is a wonderful idea. Cooperation with researchers for cleaning of containment chambers is also important and vital for roleplay of not only janitors but also researchers.