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    Create an SCP!

    I thought I’d make a fun thread that people can continue to post to over time. Objective: Create as many unique community SCPs as possible! Rules: 1.) All SCPs will begin with the letter “A” followed by 1 - 9999. Ex: SCP - A102 2.) Cannot use an already existing SCP from the original game or one created here already. You can use traits from other SCPs, just no exact copies. 3.) No double posting, at least one other person must reply with an SCP after yours before you can post again. 4.) Follow GL rules aka no racism etc... 5.) Must format your creation as such: Item #: SCP-A102 Object Class: Euclid Description: blah blah blah Special Containment Procedures: blah blah I will create the first SCP now. Item #: SCP-A25 (aka The Dust Cloud) Object Class: Euclid Description: Origin is unknown. SCP-A25 was first discovered by [REDACTED] upon entering a barricaded home on the East side of [REDACTED]. The object takes the form of a dust cloud approximately 1.5 meters in diameter. It seems to only be able to traverse in 2-Dimensional space, it cannot move vertically. Researchers at Site HA12 have discovered that when in contact with D-Class personnel, SCP-A25 completely surrounds the test subject blocking off researchers ability to view the subject. After a short time, SCP-A25 returns to its original form and moves away. The D-Class subject appeared to have been completely decomposed and all that remained was the skeleton of said subject. The bones of the subject are masked in radiation and are dangerous to be around for several hours. Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-A25 is to be kept in an air-sealed containment chamber at all times. Upon entering SCP-A25s containment chamber, Foundation Personnel are to be equipped with Level-3 Hazmat equipment. If item SCP-A25 escapes containment, Foundation Security is to use a backpack vacuum to recontain the item. Breathing near SCP-A25 without a Level-3 Hazmat mask will result in the inhalation of the item. It is unknown whether or not the SCP is sentient. However, it is attracted to carbon dioxide which results in termination of living subjects near the item without proper equipment. It cannot be separated. Attempts to separate half of the dust cloud for testing in another containment chamber resulted in the immediate relocation of the other half into the new chamber. It is unknown how this occurs as the half left behind fades from view immediately after being separated.
  2. Krafty


    Welcome to GamingLight! Come check out SCP-RP sometime as well, we’d be glad to have you!
  4. Wait there’s a freaking Minecraft server?
  5. I’m pretty sure SCP-RP. However I’ve played good for over a decade so maybe I’ve forgotten an experience on a different server.
  6. February 2015. I have 3 warns from 1 day 4 years ago, all for reason “TK.” I’m pretty sure I joined policeRP or something and ran over other cops. I don’t exactly remember, but I’ve played on GL servers since then. I just never got involved in the community until now. I was an admin at GarnetGaming and a division leader at Hellsgamers at the time
  7. Name: Krafty Rank: SFC Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I am active everyday and always train when there are trainees. I never break the rules and follow orders. Any Concerns?: People need to close the doors behind them.
  8. And now you're a mod! lol
  9. Thank you for letting us all know, this is pertinent information.
  10. loooool, well hope you don't get banned here
  11. I think I was there for that. Was hilarious though xD
  12. I’ve played on other GL servers and just randomly decided to tryout scprp. Loving it so far after over a week of playing!
  13. D-Class is a love-hate relationship with security.
  14. The first day of summer vacation for kids. A platoon of teenagers formed over the horizon in cell block D. Security forces never saw it coming... it was a blood bath filled with the piercing squeaks of adolescence. “Sir, please don’t cross the line,” I pleaded as the elevator brought up an insurmountable number of D-class plebeians. God only knows the chaos that ensued as security personnel were beat to death, bare knuckled into the concrete. Our characters were dead and our ears were deafened... that was the first day of summer vacation, never forget.