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  1. United States Marine Corps Informational Branch General: Quinn Commander: TBD Vice Commanders: Pyro, TBD Promotion/Demotion limits: --Commanders-- Commanders/Vice Commanders- Up to Colonel (COL) --Officers Ranks/Pay Grades-- Colonel (O-6) Up to Captain (CPT) Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) (LTC) Up to First Lieutenant (1LT) Major (O-4) Up to Second Lieutenant (2LT) Captain (O-3) Up to Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ) First Lieutenant (O-2) Can’t Promote, Can train alongside CPT+ Second Lieutenant (O-1) Can’t Promote, Can train alongside CPT+ -- Enlisted Ranks/Pay Grades -- *Any Rank below E-9 Can NOT promote. But can train under the supervision of a Captain or higher* Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ): E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGYSGT): E-9 Master Sergeant (MSGT): E-8 Gunnery Sergeant "Gunny" (GYSGT): E-7 Staff Sergeant (SSGT): E-6 Sergeant (SGT): E-5 Corporal (CPL): E-4 Lance Corporal (LCPL): E-3 [MUST BE IN TEAMSPEAK, FORUMS AND ON DISCORD] Private First Class (PFC): E-2 [RECOMMENDED TO BE ON TEAMSPEAK, FORUMS AND DISCORD] Private (PVT): E-1, Training Rank (Trial Period only) -- JOB UNLOCKS -- LCPL - Medic SGT - Marksman GYSGT - Heavy Gunner MSGT - Pointman MGYSGT - MARSOC Rifleman 2LT - MARSOC Corpsman 1LT - FORECON Scout 1LT - MARSOC Scout Sniper CPT - FORECON Crewmen CPT - Officer Vice Commander/Commander - Commander --Officer Duties-- Try and be as active as possible! (if any reason for low activity, speak with command about it) Be active on Teamspeak and on the Forums. Act professional at all times. Promotions should be filled out in the promotion form. (CPT+) Use radio to communicate, and do call outs. Host trainings (CPT+) Attend the Marine meetings and the Officer meetings --Special Forces-- --MARSOC-- (Forces Special Operations Command) MGYSGT+ to apply. Activity is required. Be active on all platforms. (Teamspeak, Forums, Discord) You must have no strikes. Accurate shooting skills. (Accurate aim, Recoil control) Able to communicate well.(and also good callouts) OBEY ALL ORDERS --FORECON-- (Force Reconnaissance) Must be MARSOC for at least two weeks Must be 1LT+ Activity is required Be active on all platforms (Teamspeak, Forums,Discord) You must have no strikes. Accurate shooting skills. (Accurate aim, Recoil control) Able to communicate well.(and also good callouts) Be ready for meetings OBEY ALL ORDERS! -- Strikes -- If you receive an Article 15 (A15/Strike): On your First Strike is a Written Warning On your Second Strike you will be Demoted and Removed from Special Forces On your Third Strike you will be Blacklisted from Special Forces On your Fourth Strike you will be removed from Marines On your Fifth Strike you will be Blacklisted from the United States Marine Corps [If you want a strike removed then you have to use the strike appeal format on the US Military section] --Links-- The United States Roster MARSOC Application Format (MGYSGT +) FORECON Application Format (1LT+) Captain Application Format Made by: Quinn
  2. + Follows orders completely +Knows when something is wrong and changes it immediately
  3. Approved by the Marine Branch General Waiting for the Airforce Branch General approval
  4. Approved on the Marine Corps behalf
  5. Accepted Please speak with a FORECON Operator A.S.A.P
  6. Accepted Please speak with a FORECON Operator A.S.A.P
  7. On hold Waiting for more support
  8. What you want to see? - I (and many other people) would want to see youtubers and twich streamers do not receive ranks just for the population of the server. Why should we add it? - We should add it because if we actually want to improve and keep players. If we give free ranks away to minges then we will just get more and worse minges. If the streamers/youtubers actually work their way up the ranks then the server will be a little more balanced and higher in the player counts. If there are minging streamers/youtubers then it actually kills the server, it doesn't help the server. What are the advantages of having this? - The biggest advantage is not having mass minges, actually being semi-serious, and keeping our current players. Who is it mainly for? - The whole server Links to any content - N/A *This is a serious post*
  9. @Sammm I edited it saying the 26th of September.
  10. + Support - He's an active member which would let him solve problems when there is no staff on - He has changed from the past