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  1. Accepted. Please talk to a COL+ as soon as possible for your training and whitelisting. Welcome to the Officer Ranks.
  2. Accepted. Please talk to a COL+ as soon as possible for your training and whitelisting. Welcome to the Officer Ranks
  3. Accepted. Please talk to a COL+ as soon as possible for your training and whitelisting. Welcome to the Officer Ranks. (His trial period ended today)
  4. Accepted. Please talk to a COL+ as soon as possible for your training. Welcome to FORECON.
  5. On hold Waiting for more support
  6. Thanks for the time Vice. People get on between 3-5 pm EST from what I've seen, RU gets off after 1/3 of a war regardless of how fair US tries to make it and US stay on for 3+ hours leaving them with nothing to do. When 50% of US go onto RU to help it nullifies the feel of war because it's the exact same people and exact same tactics regardless of what job, class or health. After seeing what time this was at it's leaning more to a - support from me, but my others points remain the same.
  7. + support It would be even better if you would sell the cases or open all of them at once if you had the right amount of keys.
  8. +/- Support + With 17 players on and a PVT they should not have been doing what they did - You could have stepped in and told them to stop and they would have stopped + With 2 RU on, and yourself on US there are no fair or fun wars to fight. If it was equal this would not have happened. - Not intentionally throwing names around but Darky was online at this time, he would have stopped them if he thought they were minging or breaking rules - That was not a official kidnapping and it was Tigersden that retrained Shadow Neutral: Personally it seems weird why there was no audio and looks intentionally chosen with no audio Neutral: If Shadow was AFK then this seems wrong, but if he was there then he would have stopped this if he felt that it was wrong Neutral: If I knew what time this was at then I would have more things to put on this post, if it was after 10 pm EST then it would be "minge hour" Neutral: A lot of Staff members spawn things off-duty and spawn vehicles to kill people so that mean almost the whole staff team would be getting punished for that, when the tank spawning to kill players happens it only to end thing quickly if the staff member is getting really annoyed I'll add more if and when I get more information.
  9. - Support There is no need for a vehicle radio in the middle of a desert where we are fighting constantly and when we need very important radio call outs that could be victory or defeat.
  10. What you want to see? - I want to see Honey Badger (ma85_wf_smg33) and Bravo (cw_g4p_m98b) for sniper (It will use FORECON Scout), FN - Scar- H (ma85_wf_ar11) and Fabarm stf 12 Spetnaz shotty(ma85_wf_shg37) (To change the Crewman job name to US Marine FORECON: Rifleman) and their pistols would be the Sig Sauer P226 C (ma85_wf_pt14) Why should we add it? - We should add it so that FORECON is used more and attracts more players What are the advantages of having this? - So that the players that have worked their way up to FORECON can use the classes other than letting the jobs sit there. Who is it mainly for? - The members of FORECON. Links to any content - N/A, already on the server.
  11. Hello Marines, Marine high command will be hosting a MC meeting, all officers (2LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted Friday (8/14/20) at 5:00 PM Eastern time. Enlisted are welcome but not mandatory. If you are not able to attend this meeting please fill out the format below. Name and Rank: I promise to speak with an officer to get the details of the meeting (put understood):  Reason (if private state private):
  12. [GL] bahremu

    Dakotas LOA

    Can I get an update on this LOA?
  13. Sorry about the excessive amount of LOA's, I'll be gone from 8/6/20 to 8/9/20,.
  14. Ingame Name: Major General Quinn SteamID: STEAM_0:0:90955128 What date did you start playing the community: February 2018 When did you create your forums account: June 20th 2019 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Champion How many warns do you have on the server: 1 What timezone do you live in: EST How often can you be on: Daily Why do you want to join the Event Team: I want to join the event team because I want to make more events that will hopefully bring more players to the server. I also want to be able to let the players have fun regardless of how many players are on the server. What is an example of an RP event you would host: Briefing: Each side will go to their debrief and will tell their troops that there is a very important piece of intel (located at hotel 2nd floor) that would lead to the world supplies of uranium. (Cave) Both sides would have to work together until the waves are over, then RU and US would have to fight each other for the uranium. Set up: Put around 20 props in cave at key points in the area. Place 15-20 npcs down around the area every wave. (There will be 3 waves and the difficulty will be raised each wave) Put 5 uranium crates down in the back room of cave.