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  1. In game Name: Jake SteamID: STEAM_1:1:121181679 What date did you start playing the community: I do not know the exact date but going off of when my forums account was made some time December 2016 When did you create your forums account: January 21, 2017 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Moderator How many warns do you have on the server: Three What timezone do you live in: EST How often can you be on: Almost everyday except when I have events that get in the way Why do you want to join the Event Team: Personally I want to join the event team because I think I can bring a lot of ideas for events on the server as well as making it entertaining to play the game when there may not be as many people on by doing a fun event. Another reason I would like to join the event team is I want to help make the community closer by possibly having co-operative events with Russia and the United States working together. I believe that both sides have there differences and in events you can bring them closer together to not only be better friends but possibly create a stronger bond in the community. What is an example of an RP event you would host: I would do a event where the RU and US have to join forces because a group of traitors from each army have been assassinating assets of each army. this makes both sides mad at each other until they notice that there has been a strange number of members of each army missing. That makes them decide to join forces and hunt down the opposing force.
  2. I agree COL is a good rank to get more expirence
  3. Accepted ~Please Speak With Chief Operator + For Training
  4. !Jake!


    Could have asked on discord but you can do a HC app which is basically if you want to help out more could be given a officer rank
  5. -Support -Not Active Enough (even if on weekends) -Not A Lot Of Detail In App -Dont See A Lot Of Events
  6. ACCEPTED Please Speak To COL+ (Me) For Training Congratulations!
  7. USMP/DI Meeting Date: 1/12/20 (Sunday 6pm) Please Use Format Bellow If You Can Not Attend Name: Rank: Reason (If Personal Say Personal):
  8. USMC Branch Meeting Date : 1/11/20 ( Saturday 4:30pm EST ) If You Can Not Make It Please Use Format Below Name: Rank: Reason (If Personal Say Personal): NOTE: This Is A USMC Branch Meeting Enlisted Are Encouraged To Come
  9. !Jake!

    Pfeiffers LOA

  10. * on phone * + Support - good troop - has mic - has plenty of experience because of how long he's been Col with out a VCMDR ~ USMC MPCC DICC VCMDR Jake
  11. * on phone * + Support - active - good troop - shows great leadership skills - should be seen in majcom ~ USMC MPCC DICC VCMDR Jake
  12. * on phone * +/- support + Active + Shows respect to any higher ranking - some more effort in your application would be better
  13. +/- Support + Active - Lack Of Experience - Not Seen Leading Troops - Lacks Respect ( USMC VCMDR DICC MPCC Jake ) Should be seen as a CPT to test being a career officer