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  1. +/- Support I don't know how many of these you have posted but if you have gotten the go ahead its fine with me, I think that a command spot at the moment would not be suitable but you have been working very hard in marines training people in and making sure that when ever there is a chance to get someone in you do it. I honestly see that you have learned from past experiences and really tried to improve your name on the server personally I think that you should be put as a higher officer role such as COL or LT-COL this is mostly because if you were given Vice Commander it would be a big learning curve and personally I think that you get a lot of experience through being a COL. Overall I think you do deserve a higher rank, just not to the point where you are spiking valuable lessons and information If you need to contact me or have any questions about what I have stated please feel free to private message me on the forums, Discord(Declan#9463), Team speak Good luck!
  2. Accepted Please speak with an LTA In GRU For Training Congratulations!
  3. !Jake!

    Vice Ranger Application.

    +support Although your application does need work you are a very active, dedicated, well-disciplined, and respectful soldier all you need is work into the app and you are fine! Good Luck!
  4. Thank you for letting me know and I have edited and further improved my application
  5. What is your in-game name?:Jake What is your steam name?: [GL] Declan What is your steam ID?: STEAM_1:1:121181679 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes I have co-owned 2 severs and have been staff on multiple others as well a senior moderator on mil rp at the moment What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) : not sure exactly but 3-5 years ago What date did you make your forums account?: January 21, 2017 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)?: Senior Moderator How many warns do you have on the server?: 1 on Mil RP Have you donated?: Yes What rank are you applying for?: Admin Have you read the staff guidelines You will be tested on it: Yes Timezone: EST Permission (Admin+ need this): Manger Scoot, Head Of Staff Richard, Super Admin Emoo, Super Admin Shadow Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length): I believe I deserve this rank because I am very dedicated to the server, over the years of playing on the server I have seen that the community is close and almost everyone knows each other by name personally I would like to put my self out there more and show that I can help the community in a bigger way even if that is just doing one more thing to help out all around. I think that everyone plays a roll in the community and people try their best to help out as much as they can and that is what I'm trying to do by putting my self out there. Another reason is because I'm always trying to learn new things and further develop myself in always I can this could range from multiple things like becoming support. Lastly I have always wanted to see the community rise in player's but lately we have not been getting many people on the server so anything that I can do to help the server I will do. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? When handling a person who is mass RDMing if you go back to the staff hand book it states that if they have killed 4+ people it is a 5 day ban with a warn as well the disrespect to the staff it would be a warning plus a jail and if he didn't let me talk i would gag him while trying to explain what was wrong Do you understand that any and all responses that are not unique and or quote a previous response will not be viewed as an actual answer. Yes
  6. Thanks for letting us know - noted
  7. Major + Support Honestly you are very active and mature you should have done this a while ago. you deserve being in the special forces
  8. The Place Is Intentional and The time is posted Right after Officer Meeting
  9. United States Drill Instructor Meeting Date: (3/6/2020) Will be held in the USMP Lounge In TS Right After Officer Meeting This is a branch meeting which means *Enlisted Are Expected To Come* If you can not come please fill out this format Name: Rank: Reason For Absence: ( If you can not make it please notify me if it is personal)
  10. United States Military Branch Meeting Date: (3/6/2020) Right after the officer meeting we will be hosting this in the USMP Lounge Room This is a branch meeting which means *Enlisted Are Expected To Come* If you can not come please fill out this format Name: Rank: Reason For Absence: ( If you can not make it please notify me if it is personal)
  11. +Support Has been staff before and was doing a great job overall i think he wants the best for the server and would be a good addition
  12. +support Overall I think that you would be a great War dog and help host amazing events even if they are small operations love to see you on the team