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  1. Name: Ryan Rank: 1SG Length: Until June 28th Reason: Really busy with school, have a trip to montreal
  2. In-Game Name: Ryan SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447576353 Rank: Moderator Length of LOA: Until June 28th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): School, Just trying to finish everything and also have a trip. don't have the time for staffing currently.
  3. Name: Ryan Rank: SGT Callsign: XR6 Steam name: [GL] brian™ Discord ID Name: ryan.g#9957
  4. False... thats what we have now and less ranks or more strict officer apps needs to be added
  5. With lots and lots of officer applications being accepted there is getting to be a MASSIVE rank gap. between PVT and 2LT there is a 12 rank gap and command doesn't hand out promotions as fast. Also some officers don't have enough knowledge and leadership ability to be that much higher than everyone. Yes, I agree promotions shouldn't be easy, but there is just way to much to go through and recruits will get bored. The ranking system i suggest goes as follows PVT PFC LCPL CPL SGT SSGT Tech. SGT First SGT Master SGT Officers are fine* Thank you
  6. What you want to see? - The addition of a rule that prevents jumping and hopping around. because its hard to hit anything and that has NO realism, what so ever Why should we add it? - because its hard to hit anything and that has NO realism, what so ever What are the advantages of having this? - More of a balance on the server doesnt really make sense Who is it mainly for? - Whole server Links to any content - N/A
  7. ryan_tfk

    Squad System

    + Support for sure it is a good addition and makes coordinating attacks and leading squads much easier. On top of lots of teamkilling there is also knowing who is in your squad
  8. +Support -Has experience with leadership on SCP-RP -Overall Good App -All in All nice guy would make a good officer
  9. Im Going on LOA until June 15th don't remove my class for inactivity it is CI Specialist on SCP-RP
  10. ryan_tfk

    Ryan's LOA

    Name: Ryan Rank: PVT Duration: 5 weeks until June 15th Reason (If Private That Is Fine): School , Grad trip, lots of assignments, too much
  11. Name: Ryan Rank: SGT Time (please specify): Until June 15th Reason (if private write N/A): School, Grad Trip, Tons of Assignments little too much to handle CI on top of that
  12. No, i already have the custom class. the only thing extra is the 100 armor and two other guns which all together is 60$, no keypad cracker btw. sorry for not mentioning that. *edited*