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  1. -Support ~ High ranking staff on a FiveM server, won't be able to put as much effort into GL ~Activity is not even staff-worthy, much less admin worthy
  2. What you want to see? - War dogs getting more power * perms like: strip, model, hp/armor, ability to spawn entities, making votes, and most of all, being able to touch props without them phasing (this gets really annoying) Why should we add it? - To better allow wardogs to run events without needing a superadmin. It is currently difficult to get much done, because there is a lack of ability for what we can do. What are the advantages of having this? - more events can be run, bringing more to do for the players, who we so desperately need right now Who is it mainly for? - War Dogs Links to any content - No content needed
  3. +support ~I'm gonna be honest: I didn't actually read it. But I'll assume antrontel had a reasonable TL;DR and that awg isn't just spitting bs
  4. Just to note here. I will be able to be on most days; even during the school year. If anything is needed ingame, I can be a reliable source. - Vice Commander Archan
  5. solid standpoint to have
  6. -support ~ yeah, honestly; this appeal could have been handled better. This idea is well explained by just about every other comment
  7. I was never striked or anything, and the MilRP ban was appealed as it was false.
  8. It certainly is sad to see a higher up officer go, especially now, but we understand. The U.S. Army salutes you.
  9. well, you apparently can. Like I said, I never played PoliceRP. There is no reason I should be banned. Also, (from when your profile was created) you probably wouldn't know Valkyri3, it was likely him who banned be. He had a lot of issues with me, I have a hue history of unfair punishment from him. Mind giving a reason, Because there should be no reason to -support in my opinion. It's literally banning a player who hasn't done anything wrong, with no reason. Well, there isn't. Unless you prove one, it would be appreciated to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.
  10. Archan

    Weekly Events?

    It might work to get people on. If we do run events then too, it could be a good revival. I would love to help set something up if i'm needed.
  11. how about like a santosRP, might be fun. Possibly instead of having 1944 or Mil
  12. In-Game Name: Archan Steam Name: [GL|M] Archan SteamID: Are you a Moderator+? Yes How often are you on TeamSpeak? Basically whenever I'm on my PC, I'm connected Do you have a working quality mic? Blue Yeti (Yes) What timezone are you in? U.S. Centeral Why would you want to join our Support team( 100 words+) I want to be able to help out the community however I can, that is why I joined staff, but MilRP isn't hitting high player count, so I'm not doing much when on there. With that being said, I still am able to give my time to help any player who are in need of it. I figured that the support team would be a good way of doing that. It would also look good for the server because users will love being able to have faster support times because there are more available support team members. On top of that, I don't want to see GL loose more players like MilRP did, and getting people quick, easy, help when they need it will keep them here. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? As stated before, I could be yet another addition to the team, to help everyone get support within a faster time frame, and be another mind to add to the knowledge pool if someone else didn't know something that I did. I have a lot of experience and a lot of time on GamingLight, so I know a lot about the various servers, how they run, and also just Gmod in general, so I could help with non-server related issues as well if someone asks. As far as quality support goes, I don't loose my temper easily, and keep a calm head when dealing with people, so I can always make good calls for what to do and when to do it. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? Something like: "Hi {their username}, I'm Archan, with the support team. What seems to be your issue?" Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability? I have, and I do