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  1. +Support -Def Needed at this point!
  2. -Support Has been very mingy lately at the point of people getting really mad And has been disrespectful
  3. -Support -Horrible Application -No experience
  4. +Support Great Leadership Dedicated to SF Great Person OG Gang!
  5. do not reply in your own app it will be denied
  6. -Support No effort in application not enough experience on the server
  7. -support Inactive app looks really rushed no effort in app no hate towards you tucker
  8. +Support +Amazing non mingey guy +Great at following orders +Great person to talk +Experince From your son Lemon
  9. +/-Support Needs more experience on the IMP Server Good App Never seen you on the server Probably should have more time and get to know more people on the server Doesnt have a poll
  10. -support Inactive No clue who you are never seen you on the server
  11. Mega+ Support For however ive been on this server and for however long you've been in DT i have not see you once off that job you are so dedicated towards DT and thats what a Branch needs you are the perfect fit for that VCMDR spot you are such a great person and just an amazing guy you have dedicated so much time towards DT like its kinda crazy you are not a minge one bit you are friendly you know what your doing this most people in the GL Server and the support you get from other people is amazing to cause it brings out that your a good person you do deserve this postion more then anyone Good Luck Friend -Lemon