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  1. Name and Rank: 2LT Whiskey Reason (If personal state "Personal"): Personal I Promise to speak to an Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): Understood
  2. +support Very good soldier, just needs to tone down on the side conversations on radio Rangers Lead the Way (good luck)
  3. As most know, I am the a ghost of gaminglight, I played for years and I disappeared for months without an explanation. I have been through thick and thin since my apartment was broken into, I lost everything but yet I still played. I work 2 different jobs, and in my free time I sleep. Life has never been so stressful, I decided to finally give my resignation after months of disappearing without an explanation. This is not permanent, I do plan to visit time to time. But I need to get situated right now. I will miss you all and I'll be back in the future... LT Whiskey
  4. Name: Whiskey Rank: PVT Callsign: X730 Reason I should stay: I'm a pretty cool guy. I know what I'm doing and how to do it correctly. Concerns: There should be a CI medic. Or make a medical division in all, I think it would enhance the role-play in that aspect.
  5. Whiskey

    VII Family Report

    +Support BAN THEM NOWW!! Super mingey. That whiskey guy shot during negotiations because there was 1 minute left which means they don't need to negotiate anymore. Wow evidence is clear.
  6. Another one bites the dust.. Sad to see you go ;-;
  7. Gone But Never Forgotten.
  8. Sad times. Hope to see you again soon.
  9. Name: US 501st 1LT Whiskey Rank: 1LT Roster Status: Trail Period
  10. Whiskey

    Update on LOA

    What thought would be a few days turned into a few weeks, failing an AP class currently. Don’t expect seeing me back on in a few weeks
  11. Whiskey

    Whiskeys LOA

    Won’t be on for a few days. School is getting me stressed out
  12. +Support -Good Soldier -Active -Good Communication
  13. +/- Support +Good soldier +Good communication +Follows orders -Not very active -Needs to be is ts more often.