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  1. Name: Greg Rank: ss asaic Greg Status on Roster(Active) Why do you want to stay in the department: because i lik3 this department Any changes you want?: yes Bullet proof limo
  2. What do you want to see? - need Jedi Master Cin Draillig fixed light saber/ color and all his stances. temple guards need double sided light sabers (inquisitor saber) / stances Aggressive, Defensive, Agile, Versatile. Why should we add it? - I've been talking to more people to join temple guard this is feed back from are players and I stand by the players this with help with more people joining temple guards this will increase our security forces around the temple. more temple guards for security escorts. abilities we need/want force push and force shield. What are the advantages of having this? - it will help out the Jedi order Who is it mainly for? - Tempe guards
  3. What is your steam name?: godofwater What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:46755780 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: I staffed on police rp long go. What date did you start playing on the community? year in half something like that What date did you make your forums account? not sure I believe it was in 2018 Current rank on server knight How many warns do you have on the server? 2 Have you donated? yes What rank are you applying for? trail mod Have you read the staff guidelines at yes Timezone: EDT Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? I will help out everyone and whole sever How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? well I would bring him to a sit and try to have talk with him and tell him how the sever work and rules if he comes in cursing at me and he's not listing I will call a higher up over
  4. Name and Callsign on roster: FBI SAIC Greg SAF3 Your activity: Active all day everyday when im not working Why we should keep you as a SAIC: well because I play all the time I am on in the mornings I love hanging with all the lower rank FBI. I do my job when its needed. why I should keep my rank because I do the work I yell at people when I need to I believe people think I do a great job as saic ect. 3 Things you should be doing as a SAIC: taking command when its needed. making sure ssa lower are doing there jobs. training pa making sure there not doing things that they should not be doing