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  1. Please understand that DT's have only been on for a Week. And they are not in any way trying to remove duties from other Guarding Battalions. As stated in the DT SOP, We prioritize Thrawn and Moff and then the non-special HC Spots (Currently None atm), The only time that DT will guard a lower ranked Fleet member is IF there isn't already a Guard from either Nova or Shock assigned to the Fleet Member.
  2. DENIED Reason: At this time, Due to the Player Count ot would be counterproductive to allow transfers as it will only harm thr established regiment. Therefore, the only possible entry for 'Transfer' of any kind are by being trained as a Deathtrooper and then speaking to me about it. If you need clarification or additional assistance, DM me on Discord. Thank you for expressing your interest in Death Troopers.
  3. -/+ Reason being because Death Troopers were just recently added in and the SOP hasn't been released, I was already thinking of a Solution. Altho I agree that things may be shuffled around Death isn't just a Guard Detail. But were considered the Special Forces of the ISB. Death Troopers were not even frontline troops. 501st and Nova would be enough to serve as frontlines (Along with Stormtroopers). It makes sense to have Shock Guarding lower ranked fleet and other unauthorized areas, Bridge CP, Engine Rooms, Hangar Bay. I'm unsure about making Medics Regimental, altho, their numbers have been pretty low and making them Regimental to be able to give them more opportunities to play as medics. I agree with Engineers being integrated into Fleet as it would give Fleet as a whole, more things ro do. I'm unsure with the Starfighter Pilots being integrated into Fleet.
  4. Hello there! I was looking at the Models last night and saw that there are Bodygroup options and are clickable and it'll show in the preview. However, upon closing the Bodygroup Window, The changes do not reflect. Was wondering if this is a Bug, or possibly User Error. Thank you!
  5. - Support Mostly because the Server is fairly young and would bit more beneficial to the Server to focus on expanding the player base within the pre-existing regiments. This however would be a nice implementation to possibly the Shop or when the Player Base expands some more, would be great tk come back tk this Suggestion in the Future.
  6. Gotcha. Also +Support for the 1st and 2nd. However, I -support the last one. My main reasoning is because I think it's causing alot of subdivision in the Medical Branch that doesn't have the substained Player Count to keep up with. I would suggest that the 3rd Suggestion be intergrated with the 2nd, so that since ERT are in charge of Transporting injured troopers out, they will also be knowledgeable in basic first aid, which they can then call over another Trooper to help. Altho, Personally, I'm a bit against having other people who aren't in Medical do Medical stuff, because I don't want that activity get diminished from the Medics who, with my interactions, have been doing beautifully.
  7. + Support My only personal quip is that it uses Clone Armor instead of Imperial
  8. What passive RP Model would it be if this were to come to Fruition, I wiukd say maybe like an All White Imperial Officer model?
  9. +/- Support I will be saying something a bit controversial, but bear with me. I agree that providing a form of Customization to players who have a Saber would be a welcome and fun addition. I believe that if the changes are purely cosmetic, that they can be included in the GL Store as income for the Server. This allows for continued support of it's upkeep and any paid scripts for the future to be maintained. This is something that I believe, if priced right, can provide alot of help when it comes to revenue.
  10. + Support This truly will be a welcome addition, altho. I disagree that a sort of NPC Dog Fighting background is needed as this will provide a substantial amount of Lag for players which will only add to a Maps Optimization Lag. However, this will give Star Fighters more of a contribution when assisting in Open World Maps, and will also provide a new threat to Ground Troops. If for examples, Bombers are needed, then the Event Team can quickly fly one in themselves and not have to focus a enemy pilots for the other small ships.
  11. Kratos™


    -/+ Support This seems like a very worthwhile Addition that could be added depending how it would react with the Server. However, I am -/+'ing because of "Note: iNPC will try to only affect the regular HL2 NPCs. That means that NPCs made by other modders (unless they are reskins of regular HL2 NPCs) will usually not be affected." This means for the Add-on to shine, we would have to use the HL2 NPCs, which for some it's doable, but depends on the Event. I am leaning towards a + Support, and pending a bit more explaination on it's implementation, Will change my offical standing to reflect it.
  12. + Support, I wouldn't say it for Human characters, but for Aliens and Driids, this will fit nicely with the "No Sound Spamming" Rule
  13. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 501st PV2 Tick 6498 (Number may be wrong, Will double check when I'm home) 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Death Trooper Commander 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I've had multiple in different Commander Posistions in the Past, I have done all from being General Kenobi in a Clone Wars Server, To a Spartan II Commander in a Serious Halo RP. Unfortunately, being 24 years old and it being a long time ago, because I went on Hiatus after a stressful period of my life and being Director of the Halo Server, I forgotten the specific Community Names. The ones that I can remember is Astral Networks, later renamed Delta networks that was run by a Owner named Xowlek. I was also the Vice Commander in the SCPRP Server until I retired on 10/1/19. And I am the Current Head of the SeriousRP E-11 Regiment "REDACTED" in SCPRP I believe that I am suited for this posistion, not merely on my experiences but because I understand the inner workings on managing a Server, and mostly on how Player interactions work in terms of getting them to stick around. There is a fair amount of players on the Server that wish for a much more serious aspect of the Star Wars universe and I believe that I can provided that as I have only Commanded in Serious Roleplay Servers. I have also always been interested in the Lore behind Death Troopers and what they represent, which is what it is to be loyal to an Empire. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? As far as I am aware, SCP RP is my main server pre-resignation and I believe I had either a Month or 3 weeks accumalated time. And on Imp RP, I believe I have 1-3 Days, I am unsure and I will check when I get home from work 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The way I run my branches is best described (As cringey as it is) in the matter of a Stern Dad. I take the Commanding Posistion very serious but I am able to create a healthy split personality between the stoic officer and the loving "Father". I understand that the responsibilty of Command will need me to be firm in my actions, but I understand that we are all playing a Game and in the end of the day, there is another person behind the monitor who has emotions and needs to be respected. I believe that I use this platform, of Commanding to reach out to the Community and help however I can emotionally. As a survivor of Suicide and Depression, I live by the rule that everyone needs someone to talk to, and I believe that I can provide insight to those struggling and from personal experiences, teach those on how to handle situations and for them to understand that they're never alone and that my Door is always open to them. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I have a record of being a Good Commanding Officer who is both knowledgable in their field but also caring. This spans from the first time that I took a Commanding Posistion as General Kenobi when I first started taking Roleplay Seriously. I believe that I can be a helpful asset not only to the Branch of which I command but to the Community, even if it's just someone that listens to people's problems. I understand that the Command Posistion is something that is not to be taken lightly and besides commanding, the Officer is a representation of both the Community and their Branch and should be a sort of Rolemodel to the Community and it's players. 7. How often can you be Online? : As an Adult I do have responsibilities that I must attend to. I am a Store Manager who has to manage an entire building but leaves me enough time to be involved in the Forums and the Discord. I am also in a Relationship and go the Gym, However, I tend to be online the times where I can when those things are not realistically taking my time. That being said, I consider myself to be active or possibly as Active as I realistically can be. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : To my knowledge I do not have any warnings, if I do, it might be a False Warning that I obtained in SCP RP when a O5 Council Member was playing around with me and I was playing with them back, I was teleported to SCP-106's PD and adverted (In comms) /advert [F] *Static*. This prompted a Mod who was unaware to quickly warning me, but after discussion and an Appeal, it was removed (To my Knowledge) if need be, I can present proof of this if needed. - Please excuse any format errors as I am typing from my Phone, will touch it up when I arrive home, currently at work -
  14. "Death troopers were an elite variant of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers designed for stealth, espionage and lethality. Operating under Imperial Intelligence, they served as protective details and bodyguards for significant Imperial officers and members of the Tarkin Initiative, as well as special-assignment commandos." Source: