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  1. This was way back when, But with Gbombs 5 (Or something like that), There was a Hazmat Suit that was an entity and a Suit Remover. Depending on the SCP, like 035, 008, etc. etc. The Suits can be placed in the airlock to SCP-035, in the Closet in SCP-008, Armory, And the Old SCP-173 Room that Research took over.
  2. Questions Your In-game: Tick Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:11202452 The admin's name in-game: Catsro The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: Powergaming Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): I don't have it at the moment, Hopefully his testimony is enough, Was just a misunderstanding Why do you think this warn was false: I was TP'ed to the 106's PD by "??" who was a E-11 Commander (It was Jeffe just having fun and I was having fun, And he was going to bring me back right after) and I messed around by doing /advert [E11] *Static*, You know playing along, then I got warned by the aboved. It's all fine, I explained and he apologized. I'd like the Warn removed please Any extra information: Nope!
  3. Kratos™

    Removing PKs

    - Support I believe PKs are necessary as it provides an incentive to not act out stupidly. For the CI, I don't think CI should be held to the same standards for the PK, simce I understand its annoying since CI revolve around raiding. I believe NLR is enough for CI. This is more in part of Foundation Personnel who purposefully display idiotic behavior that doesn't really break a server rule requiring Admin Intervention, but should still be punishable. If you truly value your life and name, them the threat of losing it should be enough to prevent illogical decisions. - MTF E11 VCMDR Tick 106S
  4. -/+ Support I support the addition, But wouldn't it be better to have a Hazmat Suit Entity that equips a Hazmat Suit instead of having a Player Model put in?
  5. - Support From what I'm understanding, it sounds like a General Specilization for all branches, almost like Undercover DEA Agents going for a drug bust. My main reason I - Support is because Internal Security is A1's Job. (This is OOC) Besides protecting High Value Targets, A1 pretty much know all and make arrests if info of anything Redacted or else gets leaked. - MTF E11 VCMDR Tick 106S
  6. This is the wrong section to post this. The current tab is SCPRP >> SCP
  7. I understand the concern. My solution to that would be that instead of it being centered around Events like other HaloRP Servers, this would have a more TDM vibe to it, Granted, events would be possible. The players will be the ones to coordinate mini events, I would say something similar to small fire fights and little XP Events that grant them either Money or XP, for completing an Objective. Also, this will coincide with the development of Halo Infinte and MCC, and as it develops further, it will self advertise for those players that want to roleplay in the Halo Universe. This is based on the trend of newly releasong games garnering popularity with it's subsequent development. And I believe this boost would allow for quick development of the playerbase. And the Community the sustainability. Thank you for the question and for reading over the suggestion, feel free to contact me directly of you have any questuons. Please excuse my grammatical errors as I'm at work and typing on my phone.
  8. Good Morning everyone, I would like to apologize for any formatting errors as I'm typing from my Phone. After being with this community for a bit, I saw that it has, from a User's perspective, a infrastructure in place that not many servers have had. Lately from the observations that I have seen, like all other sister servers. That the player count has dropped, this being made evident by the community announcements urging for the player count to be brought to 60-80, while others run 130 players on a good weekend. I believe that, there are servers that have been misused in the sense of potential revenue for the community, for example, the Zombie Survival Server. I believe that I understand the thought process, but I believe that the vision to be misguided, to no ones fault. As you all know, or atleast most of us know, Halo Infinite will be releasing possibly next year, and the MCC will be releasing "when its ready" on PC. Now you may be asking yourself why I mention this, I wholefully believe that this is a good potential Avenue for both profit and community growth if we open a HaloRP Server. Now, my vision would place the Server in a sense of.... TDM Roleplay, similar to which the SCP RP Server is based on. And I would even argue that the server be placed in the SeriousRP category. Or a Semi-Serious Category with Serious RP regiments. How would this work? Simple, well, not so simple, but it will be easy to understand. The Server would be placed in the timeline that coexists with the Fall of Reach Timeline or possibly, Halo 1-2 Timeline where the Covenant and Humans were in brutal conflict but the Covenant weren't easily blasting the UNSC. I also believe that this allows for the most regiments and donation positions possible as at this time, New tech was being discovered and the Spartan 3's have had field experience along with ONI research towards the Spartan 4 program, albeit, this wasnt until around post Halo 3. This is a suggestion that is in it's Alpha Stage afterall. As stated before, It would work as most Roleplay Servers fall under the problem of, unless there's Event Mods, most of the time, People are standing around doing nothing, introducing 2 factions, The Covenant and the UNSC would open up the avenue of things to do with little Event Team intervention, possibly just XP rewards for King of the Hill and such on the Home Map. Now financially speaking, The Zombie Server can be reused for the HaloRP server so it wouldn't be too draining on GamingLights funds, also, I believe that the avenue of donation options for this are pretty wide and could allow for more income. Note, That I do not believe that we would be making money off any resources used. But for the spot of using that oppurtunity, similar to how many players pay to play as Obi Wan Kenobi on Starwars RP Servers. I only ask that if this were to come to serious thought with the SMT, That I be included in the planning process, I of course will go on record to state that I do not want compensation or recognition if it becames a profitable success. This is purely for the possible enjoyment of the Gaming Light Community. I only have a minor request of the SMT if this discussed further. I am always available to speak in Discord or Teamspeak when I am home, but anyone may reach me on Discord. Thank you for reading and I hope you consider the Benefits. - MTF E11 VCMDR Tick 106S
  9. + Support My only gripe with it is it's lore. SCP-1000 is literally just Big Foot. It doesn't have any type of Pseudo-Disease. It was a cover up for the Termination of all SCP-1000 Instances. I would actually bring forth that ability to allow SCP-1000 to be knowledgeable of it's pending Termination. Which would make it want to destroy the Foundation but primarily Escape. Due to SCP-1000 being a Sub-Species of Humans, The ability to use tools, guns and such would give it the ability to escape, including teaming with either SCP-035 or D-Class as it just wants to escape.
  10. - Support The only reason, That I'm not supporting this is. Coding. For this to work, there would need to be a Coded Swep that makes 035 function like a Mask which when equipped replacing the Player who put it on with the 035 player. I don't believe l, and I say this with respect, that our current Coders are able to work this in. There would be no other way that I can see this working because if you kill 035-2 and just have the admin tp the player back, it'd give Mods an unnecessary workload. As I believe 035 should have been added in this way from the Get-Go, with the ability to Lure and Urge you to put him on as the SCP was designed. So I support the idea, but I don't support the execution if it's not a Swep that was made from scratch to work with 035. I would also like to add that I personally believe that the server would benefit from an actual Coder. Not saying that the ones that we have are bad. But someone with more experience in like custom sweps, etc.
  11. Well, Unless you Buy Levels, then it's indirectly making money off 173
  12. + Support The new rule basically neuters E-11. There's no chance for the Branch to expand and grow if "They are not in active RP until they are called in" This effectively gives no incentive for those who have donated for the appreciation of the Server to enjoy their investment. For those who states in regard to the "2 Life Rule" this does not bring forward a solution, as it merely passes along the problem to another Branch. The branches need New players, not ones that are already in a branch because it's counter-productive. Ex: Nu7 is flagged up as their Current Job, the Server has 5 Nu7, and DEFCON 3 is called. Now that DEFCON 3 is active E-11 may flag up, this causes 3 of the 5 NU7 to flag to E-11, Still maintaining the overall MTF count to 5. so there is no change, thus making the 2 Life Rule invalid. For those who states that it's closer to Lore. The server is chop full of Server-Lore. it has made exceptions to all branches, all SCPs, Research, D-Class, etc. So I don't understand why in this case, E-11 is being thrown the book. This also makes the Job of High Command alot harder as they get questioned, why E-11 hasn't been active. Thus trying to achieve the same results or better, with less supplies. This has been my TED Talk, Thank you for attending.
  13. I think it's about time I input one of these. As the resignation of Jeff made me realise that I too was burnt out, and the demand to become more active on E-11 has forced my hand a bit to choose between the two. That being said, I am immensely proud of all of you. I have seen a good number of you start off as Juniors and then into Low Command. Your tests were always fun to read and watch you both grow in-game and IRL. Do not mourn my passing, but see it as a Lesson. We are made to pass down what we have learned to those destined to replace us. I only wish that the next person to replace me be as loving to Research as I believe I have been. Both to the quality of the tests, along with it's player. Help each other, teach each other, you never know if the next Research Assistant will be your leader. But it is our duty to guide them. This is Ex HCZ Assistant Manager, And Foundation Doctor Simon Glass (Tick) signing off.