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  1. -Support Since Gambling has been introduced onto the Server, I believe it is morally wrong to allow virtual money to be bought with real money. As this will be entitling gambling which is a serious addiction and not to be taken lightly. It may also be illegal in some places and I believe the current system is fine. So far gambling is fine since it's all virtual money.
  2. +/- Reasons above. I think the focus on 682 should be getting a better swep, because as everyone knows, the SWEP is pretty bad
  3. I like it, I feel like you got the idea from this video But, I agree with everyone else, I'm too tired to give revisions, but I think it needs to be reworked a little better. -/+ Support
  4. +Support Add a sub-branch. SWF: Special Woofer Forces
  5. - Support Reasons above, and Почему большинство этих русских, это то, как вы видите братство?
  6. My apologies, I believed this is not made clear in the CC Format Post. It just states that the CC starts with 1 Secondary and 1 Primary. If that is so, From the initial 10 that I paid to make tfa_csgo_deagle -> tfa_csgo_sawedoff ($10) Source: May I use that to change tfa_csgo_g3sg1 -> tfa_csgo_deagle?
  7. I replaced the secondary with another primary by paying the 10 dollar fee. These are just replacing 2 Weapons for 2 other Weapons.
  8. Ingame Name: Redacted Hunter Reaper OM6 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11202452 Job Name: Coldsilver Hunter Gun Change: tfa_csgo_sawedoff - > tfa_usas ($10) Gun Change: tfa_csgo_negev -> tfa_m60 ($10) Total: ($20)
  9. I also agree with this. +Support of you can't purchase in-game currency with real money. Gambling Addiction is real and a serious problem.
  10. I miss E11, Especially the Drill SGT days