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  1. Yes, but they're not scaled because Gmod doesn't handle Scaled Playermodels well and you get people stuck inside of you
  2. Maverick has been nothing short of a Model Death Trooper. When he joined my Battalion, from the start he was responsible and respected quickly by his peers. He was quick to take control and prove that he can handle the responsibility of Command. He's reliable and he gets shit done. Major +Support from me.
  3. Katze has been nothing but a massive help to me in watching over the Roster and being a Rally Beacon for all other Death Troopers. He was one of the first to enter the Death Trooper Ranks from the ST Battalion and worked his way up through the ranks. His weird Cat humor and mannerisms will surely be missed. As a message from me, Thank you for all that you did. You are a smart person who I know will raise above your classes. You will always have a Home here with us. Cheers.
  4. - Support Let me explain why in my opinion, You're not ready. You're a Wonderful Person and a Great Trooper, but in the time that I spend at work, idly look at the forums, unless there's more than 1 lemon, You seem to have been moving around Battalion to Battalion. Now, I understand if you're testing the waters and seeing what you like, but to me it meams that you're unreliable in the sense of if I had you in my Branch, I'd already be expecting you to leave when something cooler came along. My suggestion is even if you don't get a commanding position, you should still stick with the Battalion that you want to command, showing everyone that you're sticking with your Battalion, expresses that you're in it for the long run. A good Commander, besides being open with their troops and others, stands by whatever Battalion they're in, through the good and the bad. This is all my opinion, and in no way shape or form does this reflect how I feel about you as a person, so please do not feel discouraged.
  5. Kratos™

    Droid rp

    #DroidLivesMatter #LetClaptrapLive +Support, if they're actively trying to Roleplay, whether or not if they sound silly.
  6. This hurts my eyes, I think it would be beneficial to everyone if you remove the white highlight, because yellow on white is extremely hard to read when the background is black.
  7. + Support Would only benefit the server. Even if pitted against Janitors, Janitors < Majority of the Server.
  8. I believe this was already suggested and denied because Igneous couldn't make it work, Hopefully it's fixed because it would be really cool
  9. Kratos™


    + Support for Daddy Krennic
  10. I'm going to attempt to simplify it by what I think this means. Basically make all D-Class models use the ones in the 2nd link. And just remove the 1st link from the download so all D-Class look the same (besides the head that they use)
  11. - Trooper gets Blasted, falls into a Coma from a Heart Attack - Medical: -Races down the Hallway in an ambulance, smashing other troopers out of the way- Medical: -Screeches to a Halt and runs out, spawning the gurney which clips into the elevator and begins to spasm - -Troopers screaming as the elevator goes up and are shredded by both demigods of Deaths- Medical: -Resets gurney and places original Coma Coma Trooper on gurney- -Gurney gets stucks and flings across the hallway killing Thrawn and a Deathtrooper- Medical: -Retrieves Gurney and races back to Medbay, running over recovering troopers- Medical: -Arrives at Medbay and unloads Coma Trooper and Gurney begins to spasm when trying to fit through the Medbay door- -Coma Trooper suffers multiple bone fractures and internal injuries on top of blaster related injuries- Medical: -Clips gurney into Medbay and treats Trooper- -Coma Trooper has bled out 10 minutes ago- Medical: Success. Okay but in all honesty, if this could work, is not a paid script, and doesn't cost lag, I think this wiuld be a great addition to any roleplay server. Big +Support on my end.