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  1. Sleek new format. - Support tho' Old one looks better.
  2. - Support New format looks super slick.
  3. Making multiple Dimensions wouldn't really fix the problem tho. Because from experience, all you need is that one guy that will make it his life mission to figure out the pocket dimension. And He. Will. Figure. It. Out. A solution would be that the exit changes from the room you're sent to every so often. So there's no clear cut way of getting out and it's mostly chance.
  4. Research are not safe from SCP-049, his file was updated. Please read over the interview at the bottom of the wiki page. Disregard if it's a Server Rule.
  5. - Support This ain't it, Chief.
  6. Major -Support. Why are you not allowing CI to kill more MTF when they come trying to get our Boy Scout Cookies. -Post made by the High K/D Gang. No but really, +Support it's fair for CI to have an opportunity to RP their capture.
  7. + Support Tactical Resets are no longer a thing. R.I.P. Returning the E11 Way.
  8. /securecontainprotectfoundationmultipurposesitezerofivefacilitywidecommunicationschannelforessentialpersonel
  9. /foundation /mobiletaskforce /chaosinsurgency Also, +Support.
  10. Top 10 Suggestions of all time +Support
  11. - Support I don't see how the "No utility kills" is even a thing. If you're employed by the Foundation, you're an enemy of CI. If you don't want to die from CI, then hide. Most of the time, we're not even there for you. But if you get in the way, then you die, because you're a Foundation employee.