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  1. ayyyyyy he remebered................. and didn't call me warweiner
  2. ay man i hope you still remeber me from military rp. I just wanted to say everyone will miss ya. I sure know i do
  3. Ingame Name:War SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117316454 What date did you start playing the community:August 19, 2017 When did you create your forums account:August 19, 2017 What is your current ULX rank on the server:Champion How many warns do you have on the server:About 5 and 0 active Warns What timezone do you live in: EST How often can you be on: Weekdays - 3 pm - 9pm and on Weekends from about 9am-11pm Why do you want to join the Event Team: I Wish to join the event team because, their isn't that many people on either the event team or as a Wardog. Also i Wish to be a Wardog because then I would do event more often. Usually I see a event being held about one a week. This could cause players to get bored because they are just fighting each other. What is an example of an RP event you would host:Prop Hunt. The way it would be played is by multiple people volunteering to be a prop. Once they are brought to the person leading the event, they would have their model changed to a prop ( if that is possible). Once all of them are a prop, they about a minute to hide before the rest of the people participating can move in a find "props". Each round would last 10 minutes ( the length of a average GMod prop hunt game). If all the props are found then, everyone that was a prop gets a cash prize. If only some survive, then only those people would get the cash prize. If none of them survive then the seekers would get the cash prize.
  4. its fine if you dont make the Thursday meetings as long as you make the Saturday ones
  5. In this fourm I asked to have my XM8 changed to an AS50 and have the M1911 removed. Two days ago Zeeptin completed it and no changes where ever made.
  6. What is your Name?: War What is your Main Branch Rank?: USMC VCMDR What is your MP Rank?: LTC Why would you like to be in INSCOM? (75 Words Min): I would like to be in INSCOM so that their is more INSCOM personnel. Usually there is about 1 person With the INCSOM Whitelist and I Want to help out. If their is only one active INSCOM, how are they suppost to kidnap anyone. If we can not kidnap russians then how are wer suppost to get information about their upcoming plans. Why should we choose you over other applicants? (100 Words Min):I think you should pick me over other applicants because I used to be in INSCOM. I should be chosen because I know how to listen to orders well and not take a second to do what I was told to do. I should be chosen because I know hoe this works. I might have forgotten how to do somethings but i'll surly remember. I should be chosen because I know of ways to make people talk ( AKA I have a lot of knifes that can make people answer my questions). I have had past exeprience on INSCOM so if newer people that just applied need help or don't understand how something works I can teach them and give them tips on how to be better. Have you read the Pinned MP Informational?(You will be tested): Yes Have you read the Lockdown Guide?(You will be tested): Yes Have you read the Recruit Training Guide?(You will be tested):Yes What does INSCOM Stand For?:Intelligence and Security Command How Many Warns do you have?(If any, why?):I have no Active ones Do you have any strikes?(If any, why?):No
  7. XM8-cw_g4p_xm8 M1911-cw_m1911 AS50-ma85_wf_sr04 M4A1-wf_wpn_ar02
  8. In-game name : war Job Name: US: Lost Marine Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117316454 Changes: I want to change out the for the XM8 for the AS50 and the M1911 for the M4A1
  9. We did it because our lack of officers. We literally had ONE
  10. No it didn't Tumz is just stating the fact that you are all branches blacklisted. Therefor he can not use your name for his application
  11. I feel like i have to do something on sat but idk. ill notify you if i do
  12. + Support Active Good Officer Good soldier Good Leader Listens to Orders well Good Luck man