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  1. Name:Irish In game name:USMC PVT irish Rank:PVT Will return on Christmas break.
  3. Man, going back i realised 90% of the officer i knew resigned, i mean we lost FUCKING BANANAS FOR CHRISTS SAKE! Who else will help me build my 15 seater quads?
  4. Apapparently i was demoted because someone didn't put me on the roster, bobby said i promoted myself, and then i was demoted 7 ranks.
  5. Probably won't be back till around Christmas break, in the process of moving atm.
  6. Alright, alot of you dont rember, me (much less care) I've been wanting to come back but i highly doubt the community would like that. So im asking you. My marine bros. Should i return?
  7. I strongly but respectfully disagree warwinner, you've shown me you like to flex your rank on anyone who will listen. Also, ive had a few more than dumb orders that have caused us to tie or lose a war.
  8. Huge +support -capable leader -smart and a tactical -often seen leading with ease and efficiency. -best for FORECON