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  1. It seems if no one plays the server anymore or ppl are barely playing it. Did it go down or move servers?
  2. Name: Ninja In-Game Name: TheCanadian How many warnings to do have: 6 (Over a year old) Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum): I have been playing the server for a while and more than I used to. Doing so I have seen how much EMS are called for by other people or me. While there is not a lot of EMS on at once, revives do take some time. Doing the things I do as a criminal I need the EMS a lot. It does take a EMS some time or they won't come but you do have the people that get there in a nice matter so you can go back to having fun. I would like to join the EMS so I can not only save the lives of others but do so in a quick manner. Now I know a EMS has to wait until a code is 10-4 but there are others that could still use help and I understand that window that I could use to work with and I would use it as much as possible. As of all of this I ant to thank you for reviewing my application. Can you attend the meetings on Saturday at 6pm EST? (Mandatory): Most likely yes, If I cannot I will contact someone in advance.
  3. Every time I log in it gives me a connection problem, can . someone help me plz