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  1. Yeah, I am not saying it needs to be a paragraph, just a simple explanation instead of the vague three completely unrelated reasons that are put in for every post. Something as simple as "denied, this add on will cause lag" would suffice, just something so we can find better alternatives to denied add ons instead of trying to figure it out.
  2. I do understand where you are coming from, but even something as simple as only putting one of those three reasons would at least give us members some kind of closure as to why our suggestions get denied, instead of stating all 3. So if it would lag the server you could write, "The SMT team for this server has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons" Instead of writing that along with, or the benefit of the server, or a private reason. It helps us as a community know what is and is not plausible for this community when we know this. And I do understand you get repeat suggestions with the same addons. But what I am saying is sometimes there are alternatives out there that are lighter on resources that could work that we simply won't suggest if we think it is because SMT thinks it would not be of any benefit to the server.
  3. Please don't take this the wrong way but with having a specific reason as to why a suggestion is being denied, for example, that specific add-on causes severe lag or has a bug that would ruin the server, and you state that as the reason, it would help us find a different add-on that serves the same purpose and thus in the long run help you do your job of update the server and save time searching around for add-ons. Of course I am not talking about the suggestions that get -supported into oblivion, those are obvious as to why they are denied, but the genuine suggestions that the whole server +supports, but for some unexplained reason gets denied, and it disheartens the people who suggested it and those who gave +supports believe their opinion does not matter.
  4. Pliskin

    Add ATF

    No more departments please -support
  5. What you want to see? - SMT writing actual reasons as to why suggestions are unable/are unwilling to add to the server Why should we add it? - This will give members of the community a chance to refine their suggestions to fix any flaw with their suggestion and re suggest it to where it won't cause issues, the current cookie cutter response of "The SMT team for this server has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason" Is way too vague to go off of, people should be able to know why their suggestion won't be added instead of being left to guess why it won't. I am not talking about the suggestions that are all -support, but rather the suggestions that have a ton of support behind it only to be denied by SMT for an undisclosed reason. If you tell us why it can't be added we can find a different resource that is compatible and get something amazing added. As it currently stands people can't improve their suggestions because they don't know what the problem with it is. Even something like Denied, This would cause server instability would be better than stating all the reasons and not pin pointing a specific one. What are the advantages of having this? - People will know why their suggestion was denied and will be able to modify it to something that can be accepted. Back in the day it would be like Denied, would cause too much lag to the server or Denied, this would break other plugins we own. These allowed people to find different addons that would not interfere with the server! Who is it mainly for? - The entire server Links to any content - N/A
  6. They can do the same thing in-game on radio?
  7. +1 Support (But modified) Tactical Units should still be able to have the MCU but should definitely be more restricted instead of using it as a replacement for the bearcat like it is right now Should really only be used during Martial Law and Bank Raids
  8. +1 Support This is actually a bug and should probably be made into a bug report instead Government should not be using EMS cars
  9. This would actually do the opposite, It would increase the need for Dispatch, as each government agency would be in a different patrol room as they are now, so the Dispatcher would need to either move to another channel to dispatch somebody (Which is basically already a thing since each division has their own radio station besides patrol 2), or have multiple dispatchers in a room in PD to coordinate dispatching with one in each GOV room.
  10. Just having to be in a PD Patrol room while on patrol and not having to speak in it makes the channel pointless if we have another means of communication. to have/ enforce a rule to force people to use it. At least by making it the Radio, it gives the Patrol Rooms a purpose instead of forcing people to be in it.
  11. What you want to see? - Radio for Police possible moved over to Team Speak only Why should we add it? - Personally I think it is kinda repetitive to force Police to be both listening to the in-game radio and the patrol room at the same time. This could also make dispatch more vital and active as they would need to switch to the Tactical rooms or State Patrol channels to dispatch them to calls, or have multiple dispatchers sitting in a room in PD telling other dispatchers they need a certain unit dispatched. What are the advantages of having this? - Reduce lag caused by the radio (if any). Give the patrol rooms in TS a purpose instead of just being a rule to be in it. Gives Dispatch more of a purpose. Easier to moderate the radio by being able to kick people off the channel who are screaming on the radio. Who is it mainly for? - Police Links to any content - N/A
  12. -1 Support Unmarked cars already exist in the Police Department, it is a Lieutenant+ thing unless it was removed If Corporals were to get is it could be abused Too many unmarked units and not enough marked units if we made it that low Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure the FBI have their own skins on their cars and should only be going unmarked if said car does not have a skin
  13. -1 Support! I know I don't usually use memes for my response buuuut... While it may sound good, a good chunk of panic buttons are mistakenly pressed removing the yes or no will increase that number by 10X with how unknowledgeable our OFCs are