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  1. Pliskin


    It makes the air HD We need this!
  2. What you want to see? - Snipers have limited numbers like the tank or jets have Why should we add it? - Having a team full of snipers is entirely one sided and is absolutely no fun to the other side who is trying to actually leave spawn without dying the second they get passed the line. I feel the use of Marksman should be limited like the Tanks and Jets are limited for balance purposes. What are the advantages of having this? - Players won't leave the server because the match is entirely one sided. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  3. In-Game Name: Pliskin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:126924731 Custom Job Name: Diamond Dogs Special Response Squadron Color of Job: 137, 207, 240 Job Description: The Diamond Dogs Militia's Special Response Squadron. These members in specific deal with higher risk situations with the gear to do such. (Criminal) Model: Model Path: models/metal gear solid 2/gurlukovich_mercenaries/gurlukovich_big_shell.mdl Weapons: Primary: tfa_csgo_negev Secondary: tfa_usp Also I would like a Medkit
  4. Pliskin


    How do you not see the difference??? the air is in HD!
  5. models/props_interiors/Furniture_shelf01a.mdl
  6. For some strange reason the Shelf is a Blacklisted prop, I don't believe there was any issue with it so I am confused as to why it is blacklisted.
  7. Pliskin


    +1 Support Does not cause lag Small File Size Better Graphics
  8. The United States Marshal Custom Class currently spawns at Spawn instead of at a Government Base such as PD.
  9. +1 Support Saves time. Helps players not have to spend X amount extra because you can't type your donation amount. I don't see why this isn't already a thing.
  10. +1 Support Would save time for both Players and SMT Isn't too much work to implement (I think) No reason why we shouldn't be able to see our full purchase history.
  11. What up people it's me, ya boy! It's been a long time (over a year) since I have last stepped foot here and almost 2 years since I have been actively participating in this community. I hope to stay this time. A bit about myself I am 20 years old, I used to be SWAT Low Command back when Myan was the commander and even before him. I was a Major in PD for about 2 ish months but was removed from the rank because of private reasons. I was around when the Sheriff's Office was a thing and was in it until it was removed. I also used to be staff but I would rather not get into that for personal reasons. Anyway I hope to see y'all online!
  12. -1 Support Warn was 100% valid. You're lucky it wasn't anything more than a warn as you were told multiple times to stop.
  13. -1 Support No Evidence Witnesses do not count in Admin Reports
  14. When in Prison the doors to the Cells all say "Press F2 to purchase this door". But Prison Cells are unable to be owned so the prompt should be removed off the Cell Doors if possible (Or have it say Government like the other doors)