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  1. -1 Support! I know I don't usually use memes for my response buuuut... While it may sound good, a good chunk of panic buttons are mistakenly pressed removing the yes or no will increase that number by 10X with how unknowledgeable our OFCs are
  2. All you have to do is google, Florida Man go to tools, custom date range, enter your birthdate, (no year of birth required) and find the strangest headline you can find and post it here! Mine is: Florida man in Spider-Man mask steals bottles from liquor store, deputies say 'Fast Eddie' arrested on burglary charge
  3. It stops people from screaming over radio and unnecessary radio traffic, the only problem with it is the massive inactivity from the people who are in it.
  4. +1 Support The ability to spawn money silo's when very little PD are on ruins the economy.
  5. I had it worse I got them removed on my birthday so I was high for half of my birthday
  6. The problem lies it that it can shred through people with 280+ armor in seconds that is the definition of broken. And IDK what you are saying about 'cops win all the time' currently criminals are winning a majority of the shootouts lately and that includes bank robberies and house raids. I am saying that the Negev should not be able to kill the entire PD in seconds it should still be a good gun but it should not be able to kill that efficiently!
  7. Money should have nothing to do with whether or not a weapon should be nerfed the problem is that the weapon can mow down a group of police in seconds. That is what makes the gun broken and in new players perspectives pay to win... While yes the weapon should be somewhat strong, it should not be able to do that much! That is broken! This is only my opinion do not get offended if you do not agree with it!
  8. I wanted Marshal 5 Parballe: 1 Hat:0 Sorry I did not put that in my original request
  9. Sounds like a job for the US Marshals!
  10. -1 Support Easily abused No way to warn people going off of name unless you get them to admit you did which is impossible A script does not even exist for this You claim it is also for FBI but how does it help FBI if they cannot go off your name which would be the only realistic way of finding out. Would encourage the use of stealing police cars to blend in which is against the rules.
  11. Neutral There should be a limit to it, if there are less than 10 gov online you can return to a panic button where you died ONCE, if there are more than 10 gov on then you cannot return to a panic button where you died.
  12. I am currently having a few issues with my custom class, firstly, I spawn at spawn instead of at the PD. Secondly, my playermodel is missing the vest and instead only has a badge. Lastly, the color of the class is green when it is supposed to be black.