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  1. HUGE +Support Very Friendly Helpful and hard working person. He is always there to do meeting always there to look after everyone and the one who works A LOT. At the same time is very kind and helpful person no matter what!
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    Video Title : "Me Showing of my Negev"
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    Translation: Go Fuck yourself, Fucking Idiot, Fucked your fucking gay family, Bitch, FUCK!! *Russian Slamming his table* Boom Boom Boom!
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    Hello UMC

    Haha Liked it..... Or not
  5. Event Name: Get away Trucks Event Details / Rules: This event is similar to GTAV Missions. there would be wound 5 to 10 trucks going around city and depending on the amount of cops 2 to 5 of them would have illeagle substances in them such as weed, class 3/4 weaponary, or illeagle supplies. The goal for the Gov is to find the trucks with the illeagle substances before they get to a base. The Gov Can not Randomly traffic stop and have to give info to each other at all times. If the truck sucseeds to escape, Tac and FBI will have to find the hideout of the truck and try to raid it. Is the Event mainly for (Gov, Crim or both!) Mainly for Gov and a bit of Crim
  6. Ingame Name: OG ChipDail/SM ChipDail 1B25/Trooper ChipDail 1T Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:9081632 Job Name: The Russian Lord New Player: STEAM_0:0:9081632 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:9081632