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  1. Hello Everyone! My name is ChipDail! I’ve been in this community for around 5 years, and cannot express how much Gaminglight gave me! Im extremely proud to see this community grow and glad for the memories and friends I have made over the past years! It was surprising to me how a server in a game called Garry’s Mod could give me so much experience, emotions, friends and love! I appreciate every single person that I have met over the years! Gaminglight is one of the longest and memorable stories in my life, but unfortunately every story has an end, and this is the end to my story. Over the last couple months thoughts about leaving got over me, and as much as I would love to stay, there are a multitude of issues why I am leaving, unfortunately today is the sad day when I will be leaving! The worst part about this, is leaving friends behind, as Garry’s Mod is mostly the only way we keep in touch! I want to say a HUGE thank you to the SMT team of Police RP, for putting up with me over the years, and thank you for being you! As Jimmy once said “ChipDail is a Great guy, Just don't make him angry”! Thank you Drippy for being my BIGGEST mentor on gaminglight, from being my Commander to Head Of Staff! I might show up every now and then, but I am not sure if I will fully come back. SWAT has been an entire life for me, growing up, and seeing myself and people around me change. It is really sad leaveing like this, and I hope I fill find the time to show up. Of course the Beloved Mentions (If I missed someone out Sorry, there is a TON on people I can mention) @Jimmy James Thanks a LOT for all the work you have put into the server, and putting up with me. You are always helpfull and understanding in any situation! @Drippy My Biggest Mentor, and Good Friend, A Trustworthy Person! I Can not express how much you have helped me in my growing in SWAT and the server. We went through a Lot together, and seeing you up on the top as HOS os INSANE to me! Will Miss you A LOT! @Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikey! You minecraft clips will always stay with me! @Techy Its been a LONG journey together! We started SWAT Together, but I am the first one to go, "Its Blinky Time!!" Is what I hear 24/7 from you! I trust you will look after SWAT as best of your abilities, and maybe do better than me . When are we going to play VR? and You owe me 50 Pounds! @Soul Its been awesome serving with you Soul! You are a Very cool dude to talk to, and we always had fun on the server! Good Luck in SWAT! @Trumpo You are an Awesome friends, and I am extremtly glad we have met! Good luck in SWAT, and Do Well! I am very proud to see you rise this far! Love you Brother @Azrael_ Radio Man 2021/2022! Both a very serious and very mingy person, you always know the right path, and you are 2 or even 3 steps ahead! Good Luck, and Don't stop! @Myan I know you for a VERY long time, and the amount of effort you have put towards the server as a whole, is highly respectable! I know I can always rely on you, and you will always be open to help and a mutual conversation @Ecott Mr Ecott Man! Thank you SO much for the help you gave me, even when starting in DOC! I am sorry for the consistant late messages, but they where worth it. We need to get ARK working someday @SolomonSolominge! Suprisingly not as big of a minge compared to Techy and Ice. @Will Big Man! Coffee Man! Picture Man! You name it, too many nicknames. A Great Friend, and you helped me a BUNCH from the first day we met. Of Course building the town in Minecraft! Will Miss you loads! @Saint :)Mr Sixx! We have served for a HUGE amount of time side by side, both on PRP and SCPRP. There are loads of stories We could talk about! Highly Respect you, and always look up to you! I hope we meet again some day E-11 Commander Sir! I will miss you A LOT! @Kman Kman Brother! Unfortunatley you left the server a lot earlier, and I have missed you ever since. We have gone through a lot together, from crying nights, to laughing nights! You are someone I can really trust and relate to! Hope we will meet soon! @Lime King Floopa For EVER! You are one of the funniest and friendly people I have met! I appreciate the help we give each other, and the warm welcome you gave me into FBI! @Behappy Happy Happy happy! You know everything I will say about you, so instead of writing 15 essays, I will say I MISS YOU TOO MUCH! I hope we will spend more time together! @SmaugI am extremley Proud of you! You have outdone yourself, and Its great to see how much you have risen. Keep up the good work! @Travis Sandman Mr Deputy Warden! Always in my heart! We always got Snap and DMs to chat! You are the first to find out the urgent news! @ICE Mr Minge! It felt wierd ever since you self SWAT and GL, it felt different without you, and I wish to get together someday! Miss you loads! Honorable Meantions: @Mathew @[email protected]@YDKids @King @Balloon @[email protected] @[email protected][email protected] @Freeze @Nimo Love You All! SWAT For The Win!!!
  2. +Support -Highly Experienced -Mature -Knows what he is doing MJ, will get his job done, when needed and is a experienced command member -Support/Concerns -Activity Lacking -Do not see you take initiative as command MJ, You need to show yourself more as a command member, rather than a robot who just follows orders. Make sure people know they can trust you as command, listen to you, but also be respectfull.
  3. +Support -Mature -Friendly -Extremley Helpfull -Always Gets his Job Done Right! I Highly Respect Trumpo, and know he will do a great job, and a PD Colonel -Support/Concerns -Activity Lacking Trumpo, you are a INSANE Command member, however, your command activity could be much better, as PD need to see command precense on a daily!
  4. S.W.A.T For the WIN!!! SRT Who?
  5. PoliceRP Finally Evolving, we take over the moon!
  6. What you want to see? - Personaly I would love to see something like Weed or Meth cooking be returned to the server! I have spoken with multiple people on the server, and a lot agreed it would be cool. As the main example I will give an example of Zero's Addons. Why should we add it? - I know that PoliceRP wants to focus more on crimes outside basing, such as bank, general stores etc. However, sometimes you want to base and make money, but money printing is just too boring, you just sit there and wait. Meth or weed addons require you to do something to make that money, and then sell the product to npc's around the map. What are the advantages of having this? - Making limited jobs specifically to do this will ensure there is not too much basing, and only a specific amount of people will be doing this, to ensure there is still major crime happening. Another advantage is that it will encourage more base buidling, and more RP raids from government. Who is it mainly for? - Criminals/Possible new jobs, to make money, even if its a little amount, it would be fun when basing. Links to any content - https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-grow-op-weed-script https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-methlab2-drug-script P.S: I know Zero's addons are not the best for big servers like GL, as they could be buggy. These are just the primary examples, and they are the most popular. I just want to try suggest this, if there is a chance.
  7. Chip&Dail

    Bosco 48 hrs

    Sounds Like a Blacklist to me
  8. People concerned about his capital letters. BUT HIS BIO THO! WTF! Bruh, do you really need to state EVERYTHING? Might aswell get that extended car warranty out there.
  9. SCP Name: Lime K1ng Class: Floppa Procedure: Try and Pet, If it dosent work, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
  10. o7 Sad to see you go ;( Keep in touch, the Minecraft Realm is always there
  11. Accepted Dry | Kman Denied N/A If Accepted please contact any FTO+ or be removed. If you were denied you may reapply in two weeks.
  12. -Support This was a Planned Bust operation against you. Behappy did the advert, and then gave me eveything back. He helped me contact SWAT. Behappy can confirm it was a planned operation against you, and he was aware I called SWAT. Techy told me he did not mean to start shooting, and there was a lot of shouting in teamspeak, and he admittes he should not have shot. I am sorry for going AFK as I had some connectivity issues, and my PC Restarted itself.
  13. Not Going to Start Causing Arguments but will state this! Yes, Police take it Slowly BUT, weapons dont take 30 bullets to kill a person, and Maze bases and fading doors are NOT a real thing. You are trying to remove something from tac, then how about we make crim 2 shot to kill instead of 30. You ignored EVERYTHING in my statement, except for the part with shield pushing. Look at the situation as a whole, not as something you want to change, because you are angry that Gov are doing a better job. We Train for tactical breaching, and have better precision, which is why we do better. If we Restricted Maze bases, and make crim die realistically "2 shot them" then I will Totally Agree to remove shiel pushing. As of right now it is a suggestion to nerf tac, to benefit you, because you cannot kill tac.
  14. -Support You are talking about "Realism", Then lets make Crim take 2/3 shots to kill like as you mentioned "In Real Life" and Balance it out a bit. Lets give Gov more OP Equipment for Base Rading, as they would have "In Real Life" to Add "Realism" Shield Pushing is a tacitic Adapted SPECIFICALLY to this game for tac, in order for it to even be possible to raid bases, as "Maze Bases" and ETC are NOT a thing "In Real Life" You want to add "Realism" to a GAME, which is already as close to reality as possible. Funilly Enough, shild pushing is a tactic IRL. Please understand, you are trying to do this to "Nerf" Gov Jobs, when gov and crim are already balanced out a LOT, but SMT consistently. Its MUCH harder to raid a base then to defend, which is why we have a armor and weapon advantage as stated above (And not always now) Shield Pushing and Rushin should ALWAYS be allowed and it was always a tactic used by gov!
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