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  1. Well Fuck You're gonna leave this up to me huh? Well shit, thats a lot of pressure to fill the shoes of the All-mighty Caboose I'll miss your dumbass but you will come onto TS now and again to check up on us, right? Can't do this shit alone... Good luck in collage and hopefully finding a Female Accomplice that is slightly attracted to you so you don't end up being a lonely boi and turn to Ahsoka for your sexual needs Anyways, on a serious note, good luck in your future endevours and you need to come back after collage, like, NEED to. From your personal fuck-pillow, Fuurlix
  2. We want your Event Ideas! Recently the Gamemaster team has been slowly running our of ideas and we've been doing events that WE think the community want instead of asking the community what they want. If anyone within the community have ideas for events leave them below using this template : What type of event should it be? (Simulation, Space Battle, On-Ship, Off-Ship etc) : How many parts should there be? : Should there be actors? : Any suggestions for maps? (Corusant, Nar Shaadarr etc) : A rough script for the event : If the Gamemaster team likes your event idea/script and the event goes successfully you'll be credited at the end of the event Thank you for reading and suggesting your ideas and Thank You from the rest of the Gamemaster Team!
  3. Closed The person was talked to and the issue has been resolved. Thank you for the report, Victus
  4. Well rip. I understand why you are leaving GameMaster and possibly GL, but make sure you still stay in contact with us! I miss you ;_;
  5. Read and understood by a British Dude Bro
  6. God it hurts to see you go bby, i hope to see you soon!
  7. Fuurlix

    Arm Swep

    Huge +Support! I've been looking for something like this for ages. This could be used when the troopers are saluting, then told to stand at ease which would be when then use this SWEP. In the RAF we all saluted, and when we were put at ease, we would transition to this pose. This would greatly improve RP and immersion for everyone, this needs to be added.
  8. The Merchant was on dude
  9. Through the months i've known you Daft, this is just another attention grab. STOP doing this and leave if you want to. If you want to stay don't make a post on how your life turned around and you're staying, just come back and don't cause drama. I'd like to know these select few GM's that didn't abuse and actually did events because the entire GM community all do events, we all are selfless! We actually put the players before ourselves because in most of our events we let the players have a choice! If you keep doing this i'd like to see if you get removed/banned/blackisted from GL because this has to stop. You wanna talk favortism? Remember the time you pulled your 91st out of PT JUST BECUASE THEY WERE 91ST? Remember the time you never removed your FRIENDS from points of command because they were your friends? They were inactive at the time and shouldn't be there High Command people never skipped ranks, we had to work our way up just like you did, they just did better than you. You made the 91st a Minge Branch, you were the reason they were dubbed "The Minge Branch". Now that you've left, they're doing alot better without you Daft. Take that and actually think about your actions.
  10. I will be resigning from Fleet because of the reasons listed below 1) Fleet is too inactive to put time into 2) Fleet is never promoted. Other Ex-Fleet members spent over 3 weeks on Fleet and were never promoted. It's almost been 2 weeks and i've not yet been promoted 3) Fleet are needed, but their job can be done High Command (VCMDR+) 4) Low ranks are not taken seriously around the ship unless you enforce it. E.g, telling people to salute you. Overall, i don't want to have to waste 50% of my time on Fleet if it won't be recognised. Fix Fleet, and i might come back, but most likely not DS MO Engisn Stone, signing off...
  11. Finnaly he is resigning. Thank the lord He just want to play 5M
  12. Right now from me it's a -Support -I haven't seen you on SWRP in about a week and you're applying for a Commander Position? It's a joke -When you do RP it's mostly minge and something we don't need on a SeriousRP -You don't even have a RP rank above VCMDR! What? How were you allowed to apply? -If you get your act together then i'll change the -Support