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  1. Hell Yeah man! i'll try and say hi work has been a bich soo yeahhh
  2. That was the good shit.
  3. Mhmm the good old days
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    Sup <3

    Sup Boi's how are things?
  5. just a little quick side note... I've known Nimo for a good 2 years most of you if not all of you have known him for like 5 months??? idk but the point is over the 2 years he has changed i'm sure @th3 and much more known Nimo for a long time and he was "WAS" a little shit sometimes but coming back to 2018 almost 2019 he has proven a lot of people wrong over the past 2 years... anyways most of you are just -Supporting cuz you have a grudge on him or you just don't like him.... But i'm saying that he has changed a lot to being a little shit in TS and to messing around in game to him knowing that he missed up and he will try his best i'm sure to start fresh a new start... All and all he is a good kid and we have all messed up on this sever or just in general.
  6. Past tens "Were" he has changed as a person..... And he was staff for Star War's RP...... not PoliceRP (not that i know of tho well he was way back when... but he came over to SWRP.) Everyone has dissed a lot people if you say you don't then ur a lair.... Anyways he's a good kid give him another change
  7. Lmao how are you still a SM you've dised so many players and done so much mad stuff to SWRP + Support Your a good man you just need to know when to say something and when to not jump...
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    SWRP Memes!

    Don't have you name on it "Jackass"