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  1. My Daughter : Father, i appear to be hungry Me, Daddy : Hello there Hungry, i am Father My Daughter : Ah, Father, you have bested me in this duel
  2. WTF you mean "For some odd reason"? jk JK my dude, welcome to the Retirement Home buddy You'll always be leading Hydro Squad in my eyes Goofball *hades
  3. what button do i press to accept application?
  4. So, one of the main reasons i'm leaving SWRP is because after 4ish years and 2580 hours of gametime. Garry's Mod is boring After searching for a decent gamemode i found MilitaryRP. I joined and was instantly welcomed into the community and i stayed for 1 and half years before i reached the rank of Reserve GEN. I was getting bored of MRP and heard of the new StarwarsRP server coming out. I decided to join and i was there since Day 1 of Imperial. I was the Marshall of the Starcorps and then we transfered to CloneWars. I started at PVT and then joined the 501st, my new haven. I worked SO hard for the 501st and reached the rank of CPT before i was promoted to Commander Appo. After that i decided to become Ahsoka Tano, the 501st Jedi Commander. I resigned as Appo and became Ahsoka. After i spent a while on Ahsoka i joind ARC, my 2nd life. I also spent a small time in the Venator Crew branch but resigned from that due to boring RP. I then became a Brigadier General for the 501st. Then the new Attack/Specialist/Defence thing was intoduced. I started as Defence then switched to Attack. That lasted for about 1-2 weeks. I was then removed from BG due to inactivity where i exclusivley mentioned to Soul and numerous community members and In-Game CO's that i was returning to school and was going back to Weekend activity. I find these actions audacious that not one of High Command attempted to contact me before removing me from my BG rank. Surely HC should be at the peak of communication and not remove a General from his rank without talking to them beforehand. I'm making this clear, I DO NOT WANT MY RANK BACK. I'm tired of Garry's Mod and it's insanely saturated. It's too old to enjoy anymore. I'm dissapointed that i was removed after 1 week of not being on the server/TS. BEAR IN MIND I CONTACTED HC (Soul) AND VARIOUS CO's THAT I WAS RETURNING TO WEEKEND ACTIVITY. Enough of my rant, time for my thanks I wish all the best to all of the people listed below : Caboose : I love you for what you did for the community and i respect you 100%. You made me as a Gamemaster and granted me with a chance, i was wrongly demoted in my eyes but in they eyes of SMT, apparently not. You kept me on the server and now you're gone, i'm coming with you Soul : You were my brother since Starcorps dude, i remember commanding the Starcorps into battle and we actually more effective on ground rather in air xD. I wish you all the best in becoming LTG and one day, General. William K : We had our ups and downs, but i consider you as a friend. I disagreed with your promotion to HGM but looking back to ImperialRP days, you deserve it. Keep the Gamemaster team alive for as long as you can. Deadcan : I doubt you'll read this but you will always be Daddy. "i'M pLo kOoOoOoOooOOOOooNNnNNnnNN" Gaur : I'm pretty sure you hate me along with the rest of SMT but i can understand why. But i don't care what you think of me because i'm past that. If i ever come back to GL, lets start fresh All my 501st : You guys made the server for me, i remember the day when there were 15 501st on at once. We ruled the server guys! Keep ruling... Green/Mace : We had our differences but i beleive we are now friends, i hope that stays the same b Link/iGodHydon/Loonk/Lank/Lornk/Lonk/Larnk and any other names he gave himself : You were good in Imperial, but i rarely saw you in CloneWars RP. #AlwaysMyLTG Ruthless : Anakin and Ahsoka forever, and try not to touch up Lor xD Mike : I am the best Lawyer ever, don't you dare challenge me Eman : Good job on beating Nimo to SMT Hotshot : We are the Sexy British Boiz :3 Jano : You were literally one of the most funniest guys i've ever met. Add me on Steam : "Fuurlix" Nimo : You did good kid, you did reallll good... Daft/Draft/Donk/Dooft : You deserved more and deserved to be taken more seriously GuyScience/Cody : One of the most wholesome guys i've ever met, you're gonna go far kid Zoid : You're a good ARC CMDR and can probably get BG one day, get it bby Wolffe : Lets play Scum sometime my good Canadian friend. BTW your voice is hot Goofy : You were a decent dudebro for Hades Squadron. keep on Memeing I could go on for pages and pages but for everyone else that i didn't mention, i honorably mention you Troopers! Be Advised! This is Fuurlix/Kai, signing off for the last time. Good luck out there troopers and i hope you make it back to the Venator in one piece. If you don't, i'll uppercut you
  5. The bunks are not really a top priotiry, each BG/MG would just have branches assigned to them. Bunk rearrangement is unneeded
  6. My thoughts : Have 3 BG's and 2 MG's Each BG/MG has 2 branches assigned to them seen as how we currently have 9 branches We could have one more branch added (41st possibly) so it would make an even 10 The LTG+ have ALL branches assigned to them obvs . Leave ya thoughts ,3
  7. Well rip. Have a good one Jerry, you'll have a rank in the 501st, dw mate
  8. GuyScience, talk to me if you want anything to happen w/ your branch. I just got Attack BG so i can manage your worries. I also updated all the Attack-Related TS Channels, take a look
  9. -Support Judging from the comments you have been minging, and i agree, you have been You have not used any king of format, looks messy You are not a good CG from what i've seen from you In-Game. You don't know RFA's and have to ask people for them You are not fit for CG, re-read the rules and then tryout in-game
  10. Before i start this application i am apologising for my actions previously. All i ask in return is that the SMT have no grudges against me as a person and staff if i get accepted. I want this entire thing to be behind us and not brought up again unless absolutely nessary. Thank you Gaur and the other SMT for letting me reapply. Another thanks to Gaur for not banning me for the stupid mistakes i made. I am working on my personal life (drinking, smoking drugs etc) and i'm cutting back loads, so go me? I don't expect anything from the community in terms of support but anything is appreciated. In-game name: Defence BG MO Kane 1776 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94519744 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Brigadier General Have you donated to the server?: Yes, $180 Have you been banned on any GL server before?: Never Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: No warnings, the ones i've had are all either invalid Do you have any experience as a staff/gamemaster on any other community or server in the past?: I have been a Super Admin and a developer on a previous community called Werewolf Gaming. I've also been an Admin on MRP and a Senior Gamemaster on SWRP How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I have a full understanding of Lore. I've watched the entire Clone Wars TV show and am rewatching in to refresh myself ready for Season 7. My favourite episode is The Fight for Kamino, the battle was memorable and i loved the inspirational speeches on both sides. It stuck in my head after i finished watching Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: I want to become Gamemaster again because i feel useless without the power to make people happy through the events i make. I also want to become Gamemaster again so i can continute my Storyline Event. I have made over 13 parts before i was demoted and removed and i don't want that all to go to waste. I want to become a part of the Staff Team again if i'll ever be welcome again. I feel like i was one of the best Gamemasters at the time (Not being to egotistical) and i would love to give the community my ideas and events again rather than standing by. I'm made to entertain and put smiles on peoples faces. I swear to be a better person and Staff Member from this post onwards. My personal life should have never been involved and i won't let it again. Sorry for my actions towards the community and Staff. Once again, thanks to Gaur and SMT for not taking more drastic actions and banning my dumbass and Thank you to the community for the support so far but don't feel obliged to give me support, i keep my personal life to me now...
  11. -Support When i've seen you in-game you're not all that serious You don't know ranks. When i walked up to you as a BG you didn't salute me for possibly, 30 seconds. I don't expect a salute but you were not doing anything You're not that much of a leader plus you don't have a mic Pretty bad application, add ALOT more detail You gotta make us think you can be CMDR of CG. One line isn't gonna cut that You're warns aren't good for CG. Baton abuse and Minging? Thats pretty bad for a CG...
  12. I will be taking an LOA from GamingLight Starwars Roleplay due to reasons listed below READ IT ALL PLEASE It will be about a 3-5 day LOA, depending on how long i take to calm down, i feel it is the for the best for me to take as much as time off as i need, so yeah... I am being attacked and i cannot take it. Recently i was demoted from Senior Gamemaster due to saying that Gaur didn't know what he was doing. The new Head Gamemasters are William K and Jaeger. I was extremely against this and Gaur avoided me it seemed like. I eventually got to talk to him and he said that the new HGM's were chosen by Zeeptin, Gaur himself, Eman and Fame. I was told by Gaur that Zeeptin chose Jaeger because Zeeptin happened to be on the server when Jaeger was doing a good event. This is no reason to promote someone fresh and new to HeadGM! Jaeger was added to Gamemaster about 3-4 days ago and he is now HeadGM. It's outrageous. The 2nd HGM is William K. William has been inactive for about 1-2 weeks with NO LOA. He has been on now and then but rarely. He is still GEN and was just promoted to HeadGM. HE WAS NOT EVEN PRESENT FOR THE MEETING! I've had enough of the SMT for SWRP. When Eman became Head Admin he detached himself from the rest of the community and i have not talked to him since because all he does is sit in his room. Fair enough he could have a reason to do so but he should still talk to us as a community. When i was talking to Gaur, he said this to me : "I do not care if the Gamemasters are not communicating, all i care about is if they are doing good events" I agree with the events part but for the Gamemaster team to function properly it needs, NEEDS, communication. If we don't need to communicate why do we have meetings that are MANDATORY? I'm also leaving because now that i'm a Brigadier General i am in the hands of SMT/High Command. That means that my state as a BG is completely up to the Staff that now hate me. I would have worked my ass off, leading troops, giving orders, staying active and everything else that comes with the package of being a General Rank. And due to the Staff Team having pretty much full control over my rank that will not be recognized at all. I was doing a storyline event earlier today and i got the playercount up to 50+. The highest it's been for quite some time now and what reward do i get for not only 1) Restarting Story Events but 2) Getting the playercount up. What reward do i get? I get removed from Senior Gamemaster. As soon as i started to revamp the story events, this happened : https://gyazo.com/43c800358e92a3fc569941044ff20e41 That shows the past player activity for the past week and it has peaked at when i am doing Story Events. Essentially what you've done is killed off one of the main sources of Playercounts. I intended to do over 15 parts of my Storyline events, but thats now called off. Obviously other SnrGM's+ can do other Storyline events and they might be better than mine but only time will tell, but according to the data right now, I was the best thing in terms of events to happen to the server. Overall i am just heavily frustrated at the actions of the SMT and what they've done. I do not agree with their actions but what can i do? Complain? I'll just get ignored. Anything else i try will not work. So thats the reasons for the LOA. If you wish to talk to me, i probably will either be on Steam, SC or Discord. Maybe TS if i feel like it. If you have my details, hand them out to people whom you think i trust. This is your new Brigadier General, Recently Demoted SnrGM, ARC SFC, and Masterless Padawan Fuurlix, signing off for now...