I'm back (hopefully)

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What up people it's me, ya boy! It's been a long time (over a year) since I have last stepped foot here and almost 2 years since I have been actively participating in this community. I hope to stay this time.


A bit about myself I am 20 years old, I used to be SWAT Low Command back when Myan was the commander and even before him. I was a Major in PD for about 2 ish months but was removed from the rank because of private reasons. I was around when the Sheriff's Office was a thing and was in it until it was removed. I also used to be staff but I would rather not get into that for personal reasons. Anyway I hope to see y'all online!

Police RP
SWAT Reserves MSGT 12-R United States Marshal CC Diamond Dogs SRS

Military RP

Russian Core Master Sergeant Russian MP Junior Inspector

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Welcome back!

SCP-RP - Assistant Head of Research | MTF Omicron-9 2LT JL6 O5 Researcher

PoliceRP - Senior Patrol Officer     MilitaryRP - US Marine CPL

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