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  1. Huge -Support I just got off of almost a month long LOA for getting into a bad car accident and getting hospitalized, I finally had enough energy to get out of bed and to hop on the server for a while, I hopped on DT to show some support and RP while meeting the new members that I haven't talked to yet due to the LOA. During the time I got shot and when I went to go chase down who did it and ask why you were no where to be found, At that point I created a ARDM ticket due to the fact of it was ARDM and with that being said. You have 4 weeks of in-game time on the server. You should know the rules better then most players. I am DT SSGT LJ5 and I had a problem with being shot. Also to mention Why did you still go above and beyond to break them and run onto bridge just to shoot DT? One last thing to mention, Before the warnings were issued Kio got both of our sides and even asked me as well about warning him because of that. I was taking into consideration and gave him a side of things of what he should do and he doesn't have to do so but he can that he should warn you due to the fact of you have a lot of the time on the server and you used to be staff as well. You have to know better then to ARDM someone else. And Sorry for making a big fuss about it but at the time being I just got back on the server after a long while, I'm not in the mood for combat at the moment, I was on for RP and to talk to people and see how everyone was doing. -Rick | DT LJ5
  2. Honestly a really great event! Enjoyed every minute of it, and heard a lot of good feedback from DT as well!
  3. +Support -Very Active -Shows great potential in IC -Very Dedicated to IC Only thing I can say is could use a bit more work to the application as well but other then that it's a good app
  4. Current rank: SGM When were you last promoted?: 12/13/2021 Have to ever been striked in IC: how many warnings do you have, and if you have some, how have you changed since?: No Strikes in IC. I do have a in game warning from PoliceRP about 2 years ago now. How active will you be? Be honest: I am very active. I try to log at least 5-7 hours everyday even with work. I am active usually early in the mornings and active a lot at night as well with events and weekends. During weekdays I am not active as much but I still try and keep my hours to 5-7. I am also in EST timezone. Do you hold a specialty in IC? If not, which would you prefer: I am currently in Scout Sniper as a Vice Lead Are you qualified to train IC RCTs: Yes I am qualified to train IC RCT's and have trained a decent amount since I have been a NCO let alone a SNCO Why do you want to be an IC 2LT: I want to become a 2LT because I feel I could do great for IC. I am hard working and want nothing but the best for IC. I have dedicated a lot of my time to IC and I will keep dedicating time to IC even though I am in other regiments including RG and DT. I am a great leader and can help out where is needed. I am always able to take feedback on where I can improve. As well as I can also listen very well. I like to show pride in my work and make good examples where I can. I may not be the best but starting off at 2LT I can always improve and make IC a great battalion. I am more then willing to put dedication into IC as well as the people that is in IC or people wanting to join IC. I can help improve people in IC. I would also like to set a example to all of IC and have them actually looking up to me or people higher then me by keeping mingery to a minimum because we are supposed to be a great battalion like DT and other battalions. Why should you be trusted to become an IC 2LT: I should be trusted to become a IC 2LT because I am always active and I am working closely with the Vice commanders to help improve the battalion including Scout Sniper. I like to show pride in my work as well as become a great person by taking feedback from people including HC and other people that are lower ranking people including enlisted or NCO's I am always taking feedback on where I can improve or what I can do to show more strengths then weakness' in area's. I am also a loving member that will do anything that I can to IC to improve activity greatly in IC or other things as well to get people to show that they are wanted/needed. I am also a trust worthy person that can and will show dedication to anything that I am set on including like I am set on making Scout Sniper more fun and have people enjoy being in it or having people show dedication to training, and making things more fun while still having seriousness shown. Do you understand that receiving a strike will get you demoted from 2LT: Yes, I completely understand that receiving a strike will get me demoted from 2LT. I want nothing but the best for IC so I will show dedication and to make sure I don't get a strike from a battalion that I love. What advantage would you bring to ICs by becoming an 2LT: Some advantage's that I can and will bring to IC is that I am very active as well as I would be hosting a lot more SIM's/Mission's as well to IC to get people more active as well as getting them to love IC more. I will dedicate time to listen to people on where I can improve on what I am doing as well as what I can do to help improve IC even more. If it means I need to try and get more people to actively join I will do that. I will spend time talking to HC and other's to work out ways to get IC active as well as get people to enjoy seeing IC around and not think we are minge's that just like to mess around and do nothing more then that. I am very active on discord as well so if someone need's to message me about something I have my DM's open and I am very easy to talk to. I take pride in my work so I can show that people matter and I have the skills of Leading from when I was in the US Marines. I was deployed to Afghanistan as well as I reached the rank of E8 (Master Sargent) Before I was Honorably discharged. I have always listened to my soldiers and helped improve them as well. I feel as if I can improve IC like I did my battalion that I was in, in the Marines. Semper Fi.
  5. Looking through logs, and Getting people's sides of it. It was completely accidental, he didn't mean to do it, and everyone messes up at least once in their life. I believe he might deserve some sort of punishment but nothing bad. It was a mistake after all
  6. -Support Didn't show full clip, cut it off before seeing the rest of evidence. On phone so no colors. Will change once I see all of the video.
  7. +1 on Appeal I was in a sit with him and the other person that LTAPPED and said a slur during the sit. While looking through logs why he got banned he was telling someone else why that person was banned and console banned him immediately. He seems like a Great guy and meant no harm saying that to another person
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